What about the fun?

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Most of the talks are on valuation, the token went down, oh look, it's back up again, omg it's gonna go down, and honestly the same song over and over is kind of silly. I mean, it's not like I'm not wanting the darn things to go up, of course I do, but worrying about it so much, to the point where it robs me of my ability to even smile. Who am I hurting here?

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Not all is peaches and cream

And I'm not making an argument for being delusional or anything that stupid. I'm simply saying that there is always another side to the coin. Meaning that as much as we are going through some rough times, as we all are, specially in this bear market, not all is bad, not all. Can we accept that much?

I've made some great friends, I've had my lols as @themarkymark likes to say. Why would I throw all of that in the garbage because the price is not doing what I want, or because someone, or a group of people angered me? Because let's face it, that never truly goes away, not really.

No matter what you do, there is always contrast. A dark to the light, a frown to a smile, always. So, yeah, I can chose to focus on everything I don't have, everything that is not going my way or I can be grateful for the things that are.

What about the things that suck?

Yes, what about them. How do we deal with them, do we deal with them? What is the answer? I frankly don't know. My life has been and currently is about rolling with the punches. At every corner I meet a new challenge, a new "disappointment" but I try, and the key word is try to meet that disappointment with valor and scrape up some sort of silver lining there.

What did I learn? Did I learn anything at all? am I refusing to see it? I ask myself a thousand questions even though I know to some I will never find the answer to, at least not entirely.

But you know what? there is a little trick, something that we can do about the things that suck. We can ignore them, we can remove the power they have over our day, over the right now, this freaking second I'm typing these words... poof... gone...

Maybe that is the only trick that matters, because of the main question that started this little blog. What about the fun?

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Yeahhh, true that.
Steemit affords you friends you can laugh and cry with when the pice goes up and down.

I think too many people focused on the money making aspect of Steemit, rather than seeing it as a social network. One where you can make friends, chat with people from around the world, and share a little piece of your life. And when you get paid for your endeavors, it becomes that much better.

But the focus should be on the networking side of things. That's how you get the actual gains.


But the focus should be on the networking side of things. That's how you get the actual gains.


Me encanta tu perspectiva respecto a la situación, a pesar de que apenas tengo 6 meses aquí, he aprendido a querer mucho a nuestra plataforma, siento y sé que esto va a pasar pronto, pero mientras... como tú dices, ignoremos a los que hablan mal y son pesimistas.
Gracias por tu optimismo y ánimo, felicidades, gracias a Steemit conozco un poco de ti @meno y de unos cuantos buenos amigos que voy conociendo a diario.

Por tu contenido...

You mean, not everything is cookies and cream. I think times like these, we should look to inspirobot.


dood you broke my internet saying

i like peaches. cookies are awesome, so are friends who talk about books and rek themselves on +urban. i like big pickles and sometimes i suck. things go up and down, in and out. patterns morph into fractals. i think the best advice is the silliest and the simplest.


yusssssssssss!! always look at the bright side of life!!

uncle meno...king of optimism lol, my two hands are raised up in the air for you, permission to drop them? :D


hahahhaha fighting the good fight my friend.

Ignore. Yes. Seems like a good tactic. Nonsense is there to take your mind off it. Its us that stick around that deserve some fun.


the real bitcoin are the friends you make ;)

My fun that doesn't care about Bitcoins price or any other thing is fishing. Once I get out with my fishing gear and start casting left and right I really don't care about anything anymore. That's my loop in time.


awesome attitude brother!

Ha,ha great post! I’m not sweating the small stuff. This is a must share post.

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Rather than focus on the current value I took it as an opportunity to educate myself on the markets (stocks, commodities & crypto) to try and understand why the prices fluctuate so much and boy have I learned a lot!!

I can't recommend this channel highly enough. Nicholas takes a level headed, non-alarmist view and cuts through all the hyperbole:


By educating myself I feel a lot happier about the prices as I understand more about what causes the changes and about cycles (and market manipulation!).
It just makes me more excited for the future as we are in at such an early stage.

Oh and I'm snapping up STEEM at a bargain price and putting it to use!

Knowledge is power (and puts your mind at ease too!).


Thanks for your contribution on Steem, and thanks for you input, I totally agree with you on educating ourselves !!!

"We can ignore them, we can remove the power they have over our day, over the right now"
When the value of the coin determine what you gonna feed your children with, it's impossible not to look at it.There's a wide range of people being on steemit for so many different reasons, that's probably why it's so fascinating too.
I love networking, but I love to provide for the one I love even more. There's always been a secret contract between Steemit and I.
I entertain its users and it feeds the family. The volatility, that we cannot control, will always have an effect on me, until I don't need Steemit anymore to make a living.
The day I can have steem sitting around my account and not touching it, I will be able to relax, and it will be easier to ignore the ups and downs of the market.I agree with @atomcollector on how much we learn about crypto by being on steemit!

I still have fun reading you and others though :)