Songwriter Shop Talk Choonicide Episode

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We had another special show last night. Our guest was a no show, that means we had a no show for the show. Wait.... does that make sense? Oh well. In any case, I told my dear friend @krystle we are too stubborn to let those details stop us. An interview music show with no interview???? NO problem.

So, we talked some real talk, the kind that gets realer as it goes. We played some songs from our favorite Steem musicians, all of them on CHOON. Which by the way reminds me, if you are a musician and you are not on choon you are doing a disservice to yourself. And more importantly, we had fun.

Full Recording

A Giant thank you to everyone that came

It was a special night indeed. If you are wondering how does this all work, how do you participate of these amazing shows. The answer is quite simple, you need to get into MSP/PALNET and become part our amazing powerful community.
Until next time my friends

• All those dead accounts...
• Couching the Caveats
• Fishing the drafts
• Omg the fizzy water I lurv
• Does it translate somewhere else?

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Oh rayos, me lo perdí, espero estar la próxima vez, un abrazo amigo. Saludos desde Venezuela


A very wonderful episode really well published Dear