All those dead accounts...

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I'm somewhat sad about this I won't lie. I mean, I know that quite a few people have left STEEM, gone to greener pastures (they don't exist, but they think) in an attempt to find cryptopian happiness of some sort. Some, I'm sure will be back, but the numbers... Ohhh! the numbers, they are so freaking high!

img src

I've prepared a visual representation of what is going on with the followers of yours truly. Yes, it's a graveyard. Funny enough, just a few days ago I was celebrating reaching three thousand followers only to find out today, that's not true, not even close.

If you have the fortitude to face the truth, there is this website you must visit. It's going to tell you some surprising information, and honestly you won't like what you see. I mean, yes you will like some things you see, the website is great, but you won't like other things you see, you won't like the graveyard.

What can we do?

I've no clue honestly. Most of my followers are stiffer than a shop-towel left in the sun. As a matter of fact 1/3 of my followers are dead accounts, one freaking third. Don't believe me? Behold the evidence:

Not good my friends, not good....

Are you real?

On a serious note, this is a bit sad I have to say. I wonder how many of them will come back after the cake is all gone and buckets of soapy water are being slushed on the floor. Imagine how difficult it will be to collect tokens a year from now, two years from now. Imagine how many posts one most to to collect 1 STEEM, if it's valued at 10 bucks or something. Now, that would be freaking harsh...

Anyways... I say we flag the dead... I told @steemitadventure and @overkillcoin this very thing. Let's let them know they done f... up. (I'm joking)

How many zombies you got? let me know...

• Couching the Caveats
• Fishing the drafts
• Omg the fizzy water I lurv
• Does it translate somewhere else?
• People have concerns regarding Steem-ua, I get it, but...

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I wrote to four of my dead follows yesterday. One of them is back already and I have messages from two more saying they're on their way.

Maybe we should have some sort of a homecoming event, where we all pick a few people we'd like to see back to nag about it.

· friend – is a bloody brilliant idea

I have ghost followers and dead followers....this is turning into a horror movie!
I wonder if I have any vampire followers.....

Yea I have 999 turn them upside down and they are zombie devils.


oh, we need to kill a new one soon.. make sure you stay on the up and up with the karmas

Checking pulse @meno ... Yep, I'm still alive! 😊

As far my "legion of followers," well ... 29 dead ones out of 299 ...

Thanks for posting this. I always like to say I am an optimist, but a realistic optimist. That is, I like "the good, the bad, and the ugly." Straightup. 👍

You letting us know about this website allows us to perform an occasional "reality check" about how we're doing.

Thanks again!


My pleasure my friend... I'm glad you've checked on the legion hahahahah

38% of my followers are dead. another 40% have not interacted in the last 100 posts and only 28% are truly active followers. it may seem low, but what I would say is that when you are working with redfish all the time, the drop off are way higher than if I was dealing with minnows and dolphins


Well. That accounts for 106% of your followers.

Good thing I know I am not very good at math =p


lol do you know I just went back and made sure I added that up right lol

We can get rid of self voting, bots and the likes of DTube/DLive/whathaveyou votes and let content rise on it's own merit. When a serious content creator finds they are competing with $100 selfie votes on one liner shitposts they will leave. It's simple math really; when all we get is $0.00 for 2 days of work, we will start doing something else. The effect is 2 fold, because besides being content creators, we are also consumers, so other content creators loose followers etc. I've been complaining about this since day 1. Flagging folks into oblivion doesn't help either; it might stop platform abuse, but will also chase others off the platform. Over the past 6 months I have found that my point of view on this is rather unpopular; so be it, flag away. Thanks for bringing this up @meno. Greetings!


What you are pointing out is an awareness of unfairness, rather than disappointment with rewards. Fakebook don't pay no rewards, so leaving here because @haejin gets 5% of the rewards pool makes no sense from a purely financial standpoint.

Dogs, octopi, and crows have all been shown to be extremely sensitive to fairness, and humans more so.

My own motivation for being here has nothing to do with emuneration, and everything to do with free speech, so I intellectually rationalize the unfairness and consider it irrelevant. That's just me, though.

It is a real psychological harm to be treated unfairly, and people avoid that harm in droves. We are social beings, and reckon society should give us a fair shake. Financially, that's not happening on Steemit, and as you point out, fixing that problem will dramatically improve retention.


Hi meno. I did a post on this very thing about 2 weeks ago lol. I am in the same boat 737 followers, 211 dead and 696 ghosts . I have 10 percent loyal followers which I think is about average as a percentage.


we gotta start flagging them... teach em a lesson... what say ye?


I'm bad at math, so correct me where I'm wrong, please.

211+696=907 dead or ghost followers. Of your 737 followers, that means that 123% of your followers aren't active loyal followers. Where do you get the 10% from?


I have something like 70 followers who have commented or voted on my last 10 posts which is about 10 percent of the total. I think most accounts average about 10 percent or so.773 -696 is 77 so 10 percent.
If you have 700 followers dead and ghost will overlap so it will always be out of 100 percent. Ghost and dead could be duplicated as the same user.


"Ghost and dead could be duplicated as the same user."

Hadn't thought of that.


Without even looking I can tell you that of my 900 followers, about a third are bots, about a 1/3 are dead and out of that last third about 2-3 dozen actually follow. I came to the conclusion a while back that to have a genuine 200 following I would need something north of about 4000-5000 followers.


that seems sadly true... but then again, maybe dunbar is playing a hand on this.

It's even more than one third... almost a half.
I'm more than sure that there are many sock puppets and bot accounts among them. The most noteworthy case confirming this is when 1 post brought me about 150 new subscribers in just a 3 minutes.
Of course not all of my dead followers are bots, we are really loosing active users... and it's sad:(


But I'm more surprised by the number of ghosts. They are active on the daily basis but there are no votes, no comments from these people...

What was the reason for them to follow me, if they are not interested in my content? Why not unfollow? FpF? Perhaps the upcoming hardfork with the RC model will make these people rethink their following.


Oddly, just as I noted regarding my own account, you have more ghost and dead followers than you have followers altogether.

There's a simple math error in there somewhere, as I am confident my rewards indicate I have some actual, living followers that do engage on my posts. I bet you do too.

when bitcoin starts mooning again the people will be like zombies on the apocalypse. do we really want fair weather moon zombies?

I have 492 dead followers.
But I look on the positive side.
Even the dead like me.

@meno, Yes, but i always say to many that let's not watch towards the Followers count because many are Bot Accounts or in my opinion Automated Accounts.

And those who are really genuine accounts, many left the platform because, many are driven by the Price Aspect.

But the end of the day we have to agree that Steemit is not for everyone and specially if you don't have patience then this journey is difficult if you are non investor.

But, as platform will grow, for sure we will going to see the growth of the adoption rate and then for sure more followerships will going to increase.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


very well said brother... same to you


Thank you so much. 🙂

I have far, far too many ghosts and dead followers.

(As a percentage of those who follow me, in total)

I'd love to see a feature that goes next to your followers list, based on the above data to say how many are "actively" alive.

Even if it was a percentage.

I seem to be getting fairly decent engagement from my current follower base, which is a bonus.


it makes me wonder if the giant accounts, have skewed zombie ranks too... meaning more so than us... im at a third, right? so maybe if we check lets say the banfields.. they are more than 80% of something... maybe ill check some accounts later... that could be fun to find out.


Interesting algorithm to rank users might be (percentage, day on day, of Number of daily active users who follow user)

So lets say i have 1000 followers, but only 250 were active, my "alive rank" is 25%. Meanwhile, that same day there were 10000 active users, meanung I reached 250/10000 "users", and having a following rank generated on that.

Im not a data scientist, but Im sure someone on chain is smart enough to figure this out!

Personally I know 4 friends who bore account in steemit and never used it. They never made a post, they simply registered and received their entry to the platform. It seems unfair to me because there are many people who could put those accounts to good use.


yeah, that is kind of dumb i have to say... hrmmm

361 ded. Out of 1176. RIP fishies. Do come back soon!

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you killed them eon. you killed them with your indifference.

I have 7 dead followers, and I don't even post.

WTF. I killed them by saying nothing!!??


hahahhaah yes Rodney, bad brit, bad!! hahahha

I'm still rather new around here, and I'm not sure how many of my followers are actually alive to begin with. That being said, with the shear number of dead accounts, I have been wondering if there needs to be some sort of term limit on those accounts. I don't like the idea of taking tokens away from dead accounts, but maybe as @tcpolymath has done there could be some sort of automated message sent to the users presumed dead with a warning that says "%1 of your tokens will be distributed to any and all active accounts you follow. This will continue until you're account is active again or the account has been drained. Repeat this email every month until the problem is solved.

Could be a bit extreme...but still.


that is interesting... at the same time i doubt anyone would sign up for that... I think EOS got a lot of flack for suggesting such a thing. Inactive wallets get their tokens taken away...


Oh, I bet they did. However, its not without precedent. Many gift cards have similar decreases in value over time, and usually after a year or two of not using the card. I think they would be more upset that you were giving their "money" away to others (though I think that's a better option than it going back into the ether). Not saying it needs to be , or should be implemented, but there does need to be some sort of user retention / repatriation plan. Maybe a carrot is better than a stick in this regard, but I still think its worth the thought and the discussion.


I reckon their usernames might be recycled, and their tokens left alone, as a less onerous option. However, I don't like either idea, as if I got stabbed and needed to spend a few months in a coma, I'd be bummed out if Steemit gave my name away.

If there's a way to just remove dead followers, I reckon that would enable us to feel better about the accuracy of our metrics. Again, however, folks returning from comas might feel slighted by being bumped.

I note several noxious bots such as @a00 that are dead followers of mine, and don't mind bumping such as them. I don't mind ghosts so much, as I get all puffed up with self-importance when folks pay attention to me, even if they don't engage. (/sarc)

Wow yeah that is quite an alarming number. In fact, the ghost followers were harder to look at than the dead ones :D. Whew!


btw bro i gotta tell you. We talked smack about you today.


lol oh no, what'd I do?!

Steemit is a community, but sometimes it doesn't feel like one. Jeez! That was depressing, haha. Of the 608 followers that I have, 179 are dead and 502 are ghost followers. Well, it would be worse to have 1073 dead followers XD

Actually, it doesn't surprise me because in spite of having that many followers, I usually receive an average of no more than 15 upvotes per post. Sometimes, I feel that I post for myself and my small town of bots, lol!

THey would be back, we working on price discovery, if the whales of Steem work with us we can achieve great things, but foolish me in trying to suggest anything to them at this point but hopefully Steem or SBD can interest some people... Some of them selling at every rise is part of the problem


we've not had a real rally, not really, not since korea

Maybe I am a Zombie uauauaajajajankalalnsbdjd

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Of my 283 followers... 129 are truly dead. It's sad, but I prefer to see the truth. Thank you for sharing this @meno! I was looking for something like this for a long long time!


well said... i also prefer to know...



oh i see an account with over 500 SP there dead... shame...

I think a lot of people think they can come on here and post a few crap post and get a lot of money. I found out that the hard way when I joined and saw that steemit is hard work. I have to say that when I joined steemit I never posted or anything for several months. I did not have a camera yet.
Now I use steemit everyday.


this is a slow process no doubt, many prominent peeps took months to do anything with steem, to win any coins.


I promote Steemit at work, and sho people how they can earn money, and show them how some of my posts has earned money. But they still don't join. And yet they waste time on instagram.....
I deleted my instagram long ago. I had 900 followers. I was glad I deleted it. However, I should have kept it. It was a good opportunity to promote this platform!

This is my stat 😭, RIP guys.


you must have killed them... how could you?

I'm going to take a stab at this and I'm pretty sure what I say isn't going to be popular. Even though Steemit is about something more, it is still competing in the social media market against outfits like Twitter, Facebook, et al. Until Steemit matches the Google approach to promotion and site management (currently with a C- grade), Steemit is pretty much doomed to be a little fish.

I am even morw afraid to check given that I have a relatively small number of followers. it is really sad to think that all I am writing no one is actually reading

Every day that passes steemit I like it less ("meno", in italian).
The problem is the living, not the dead (I am dying).

Because there are no great readers on this platform.
Active users are authors who want to earn money.
And when they read or comment they do so in order to increase their value.

I have participated with the Italian language within the Italian community and what I have found is only the interest to increase its value. No real interest in the contents. And I think this is common for the whole steemit community.


Non penso che ci siano abbastanza italiani attivi al momento.

your point is well taken tho... i know a few languages, but stick to english for mass appeal.

Interested in my own community and followers, I checked out Spectacles. I have about 1400 followers, and Spectacles says over a third (500+) are dead accounts. Seems reasonable, since the last retention data I saw was that about ~7.5% of accounts remain active after a year. Actually, only a third of my followers having slipped the surly bonds of Steemit seems remarkably fortunate.

However, Spectacles reports that about 1100 of my followers are 'ghosts' that haven't interacted with me for 100 posts.

The math don't add up. Proceed with caution.


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