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Hola mi petite fours!! Here we are again with a spectacular beer Saturday and this one promises to trump them all!!

But how?! What makes it so special? What makes this one so much fun, guy?


I mean, what the double T funk?! How can you have mushrooms in a beer? Is someone sailing me down a billabong?! Am I being sold a pup?

I don't mind admitting that when I first saw this beer my arse spasmed so hard it was in danger of flying off and turning into a swan.

Fortunately, for once, that didn't happen.

So, here I am. Languishing in a prison made of Marriage and advancing age with some mushroom beer. Where did it all go wrong?

Ha! Or how did it all become so right!

I am babbling. Today I am full of the babble. Perhaps its the fear of the 'shrooms?'

Perhaps I am also being slightly disingenuous. Both beers are not mushroom-based. In fact, they are chocolate stouts and only one, the big black menacing-looking can has mushrooms in it.

So let me throw myself through the gates of hell!!


Nothing unusual about this old fellow. A Chocolate Stout by name and a Chocolate stout by nature. The label promises lots of roasted malts and chocolate and that's it.

Oh well. Sounds a bit dull but you never know?


Fairly dark on the pour, light frothy head like a tickled snail's vagina. It looks chocolatey but I guess the proof, is in the pudding...

It's actually not bad. Very drinkable and chocolate'y but could have done with a little more oomph in the body. I was hoping for chocolate madness and burnt malty goodness but it is all rather subtle, on the edge of being just too subtle.

I would buy it again though, so, a reasonable 7/10 booms!

And that, I am almost afraid to say, brings us to the contender. The main event. The elephant in the room. The Mushroom and chocolate stout...


A stout brewed to resemble a dessert dish served in a restaurant in Copenhagen. Sometimes I wonder if some people have too much time on their hands. Hmm, yes. I do.

Nothing for it though, let's go, porcino!!


Straight up black topped by a huuuuuge caramel tan head like someone has cut off a rottweiler's thigh and jammed it in the glass.

I am certainly getting the chocolate smell wafting over from this one. Not just chocolate. It's like an earthy cocoa scent. The more I sniff, the more I am thinking dirt than chocolate.

Dirt? I mean, did they remember to give the mushrooms a clean? I fucking hope so.

Here goes.

Gaaaar, this stuff is honking of mushrooms and a dry, dirty, dustiness like a dead man's attic. It's so horribly earthy. It's like belly button cheese and manure and the taste just won't go away!?!

2/10 booms and the 2 is simply for them thinking out of the box. Even if it didn't work. Yuk. I need to drink petrol or something to clean the taste away.

Oh well, looks like I am into my backup beers tonight!!

Cheers everyone and have a good weekend!


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Ohhh I could sure go for some chocolaty beer. The household is still in their sleepy state, so my chuckle had to stay at a low volume. I agree, mushrooms do not belong in a drink let alone dirty arsed ones. Happy weekend @meesterboom

Chocolate beers are one of my faves, I thought the mushroom would be awful but I half hoped it would pleasantly surprised me but no, of course it didn't. Mushrooms in beer. Blegh!!

Agreed lol. I probably would have spit it across the table. I looked at the website and only saw the chilli choc beer. They need to hurry up and add that other one. (mouth waters at the thought)

If I had been outside that one would have been a spitter!!! I do like a chilli chocolate beer, mmmm mmm!

Man!!!! Mushroom beer.

I've only eaten/drunk.... Got drunk/high on beers and shrooms once. Twas awesome, wandered round a field, stumbled in to a ditch, threw pats at a herd of steer, got the fear as I staired at a tree, and flinched as I span around the stars, spiralling into the middle... of the earth.

🤪🤣 Never drink shroom beer... unless you're ready to go down the rabbit hole!

I was quite a shroom-o-naut back in the day, strong beasts, stronger than any artificial nonsense and thats for sure. The rabbit hole was a place of much wonder!

Sadly this didnt live up to anything, sob!!

Haha, your face when drinking the earthy stinking mushroom brew said it all 🤣 Thanks for testing that one out and taking one for the team... I shall give the mushroom beer a miss I think.

It is one to avoid, I almost feel like I can ask taste the earthiness!

Least now you can go tell bear man (whom I’m pretty sure reads your blog chuckling all the way and is trying to think what other wacky beers he can feed you) that the mushrooms in the beer weren’t to your liking 🤣

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I think I would actually like it if he read my blog, the Saturday posts at least. He would be bemused by the Friday ones I am sure, lol!

Silly rabbit... everyone knows you take shrooms with orange juice... or tea... never 🍺🍻🥂🥃🍾🍷🍸🍹

Haha, the juice trick normally works a treat ;0D

Haha it is great to find out about the nice beers but it is way better to watch you suffer and go back for more haha. Thought you were going to cry on that second one.

I thought I might agree a tear too, it was foul enough for it. I kept having to try another bit to make sure it was really as bad as all that!! :0D

Oh my lord I wondered same thing. It's funny seeing the first reaction, but then each try got funnier.

haha agreed.

The resemblance is uncanny ;)

Oh my word that made my day. I miss them stages when things were introduced for first time.

O I agree - it is bad to say but I am hoping for bad beers when I watch hahaha

Piss funny review and good on you for trying a beer with mushrooms...what were you expecting though, it got fucking mushrooms in it!! 😂😂

Hahahaha!!!! My wife said something so similar. I don't know what I was expecting!!! Hehe pretty much what I got!! :0D

Just looking at the colour of it sent a shiver down my spine. Got to take one for the team every now and then though 🤪
I’m a big fan of chocolate stout and will be posting about a particular example this week. I’ll tag you in the post as it is one you just have to try, if you haven’t already...

Please do!! I do like a fellow beer lover! I live chocolate Stout's too, they can be awesome!

Harmonising the natural wut...? 😁👌

The second one sure was one for the brave of heart. Just like a beer which had a pigs dong dangling in it for a bit, the idea might be innovative and daring, one could easily predict though that its taste would be a wee bit terribly awefull.

Mushrooms do taste well in something that has beer in it. Dipped in beerdough actually and then deep fried, served with garlic sauce. And of course with a fine season beer to drink.

Have a great weekend!


Haha, someone caught my gibberish! :0D

I thought that about mushrooms which is whyi thought, get, this might be rather good! I can still see how it might work. Maybe if they tinted it down a bit of maybe if they just wanted them, lol!!

Cheers dude!

Gibberish is my favorite kind of speech. 😄

My beer sure will be without mushrooms or pigs dong dip tonight. A spelt grain one, at least and perhaps a Gouden Carolus, the whisky infused one.


Sometimes its best to be safer! I am on a bourbon barrel dark beer just now, its flipping lovely!

The shop I go to sells the Gouden Carolus whisky one now, it is a giant bottle though. Like a champagne bottle!

That sounds very nice indeed, enjoy!

Great that you can get the Gouden Carolus! That 0.7 liter bottle I know too. After finishing one of those you probably can call it a day, hahaha. One for the holidays.

Still have a 0.33 one, but I let it stay capped for now. Got a Leute Bokbeer, last round, then it is off to a horizontal position. 😁

In that case I think I will aim to get one for a night. It's will be like defeating a dragon!

Sounds nice, don't know how much I've got left in me, horizontal beckons soon!!

great to see you are still keeping on!

Hello!!!! Long time no see!! If yeah, I just go on and on and on!! :0D

to consume with moderation :)) hihi, thx

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Always moderation!

Cheers 🍷

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Damn, I had some hope in mushroom beer, I wanted to believe the words of the bear man, this supplier is failing with his recommendations.
Have an excellent weekend, dear friend @meesterboom

I had some hope too!! Oh well, there has to be the bad so that the good seems all the better!

You do the best beer reviews man! I need you to do some vodka shot reviews 😂😂😂

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I do like a vodka shot but I can imagine the nick I would get in very quickly! Funny though!

In December of this year, us Canadians will be able to purchase cannabis infused beers.

I simply don’t know whether the taste will be better than the ‘shroom brew you just consumed.

But the resulting munchies will be legendary!!

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The munchies will be, if enough of it can be drank!! I can imagine the taste being horridly similar to the shroom beer!!

The tears are streaming down my face. O goodness this was priceless - sorry for the taste in your mouth but this made my day. And then while waiting for you to taste it, the sound of footsteps on a wooden floor just to make it more ominous. This was great.

Hehe, has it was a bad one and no mistake. Horrifyingly, I can imagine many people queueing up to say it was amazing just because of the shrooms aspect. But yuk!!! :0D

I wonder if there are actually people that like it and they sell a lot - guess they will not make it if there is not a market for it or is it something new they tried?

It's something new. I checked online and some people were liking it but you always get that with new things, people say it's great just to be cool. Was fecking horrible!

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This was so worth the wait..... you are maybe not on a high from the shrooms but you surely put me on a high from laughing at that face. Thank you. You are such a fun guy hahaha

Fun guys almost always rule!! Lol!! Cheers!

Cheers! (Drinking this one currently:

Oooo, that looks awesome!!!

Cheers!! :0D

It's a good one! I love 'em sweet :D

So do I! When I hear caramel, toffee or chocolate when it comes to beers I get all smiley!!

Holy crap that beer looks good! lol look at all that great post.

Hehe, so much greatness! The first one was not bad at all!

Congratulations @meesterboom!
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hahahaha brilliant Mushroom Beer ....sounds already awfull...

There is no disguising it, it really does!


Hahaha. That second video is gold. Lucky it was free at least. I hope you didn't drink all the first one so you could cover up the dirt mushroom attic taste.

I had a second of the first which helped wash away the sorry muck that was the mushroom beer!