Looking at Love with Rose tinted glasses

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Who remembers their first love? We are not talking about crushes and puppy love but deep human love that fills you with so much emotion as you look into her eyes and feel complete. You feel enveloped by it and not wanting to let go of the emotion.


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I've always had crushes and "girlfriends" since kindergarten when I would hold hands and kiss pretty girls. Yet nothing prepared me when I met her when I moved to a new school and neighborhood.

She was not the prettiest girl in class and when I took an unofficial poll she was ranked 3rd prettiest and most number of crushes. How did I do this well even as a kid I was already obsessed with data and so I let a few Slam books made by gently suggesting to a few people to create one.

I was pouring through the data in the books when I read her profile on her likes and saw that reading mythologies was a hobby of hers. Having devoured numerous encyclopedias, my brain was full of myths and creation stories of different cultures and so we had something in common.

We started talking then and the way that she explained and told the stories that she read made me feel that I met a kindred spirit. From that moment on we were inseparable, as I walked her from school to her house even if it was opposite my way home.

We would talk endlessly about Greek gods and heroes while munching on chocolate chip cookies that she would bake. She knew I had a sweet tooth and exploited that.

She was the first girl that made me feel tongue-tied and unable to express my feelings but she knew and we had this "mutual understanding" or MU as pre-teenagers would like to say.

Summers were spent together as we had adventures, hiking and learning new skills. I taught her how to skateboard and pop a kickflip to the utter annoyance of her mother because she would come home with bruises and scratches which she deemed unladylike.

Often we would just sit side by side reading books, hours in silence and let our love flow through our clasped hands. No words were needed.

I called her Summer. Partly because her birthday was on May and partly because she was a summer love.

Yet often with first loves, we drift away and prioritize some things. One summer day she talked to me and said she would need to focus on her studies and I was too great a distraction. It was not goodbye but a moment tucked away in our hearts and mind.

She left me that summer day and I often look back at the memories of past summers we had. Of the stories shared, the cookies eaten, each scab that healed over and the books on the shelves we read together.

I learned this word from @julimattos, “Saudade” When she was describing it to me I thought of my Summer love, of that feeling of missing someone so bad but also hurting when remembering her. A pain and a bliss, a memory and a feeling of both joy and grief.

“Saudade” is a Portuguese word that doesn’t have translation in any other language. The closest in English would be “missing” something, but it’s deeper than that.

If you would like to have it a bit more clear read her awesome work.
Cozy Wednesday - Coffee with Thoughts

Her latest work Feeling Sad? Read This. is immensely beautiful as she has this lyrical property when she writes.

She is a pretty amazing Steemian.


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Can you please stop making me cry? :)

What a beautifully sweet post! I fell in love with the vision of you and her, eating cookies, reading, holding hands and falling in love <3

I've been watching @julimattos since I saw your first post about her and since she joined @asapers upon my invite. She really has something, doesn't she? But then again, so do you Mav :)

My first real love...David Marcoccia, grade 8. I will never forget him. After grade 8 ended, we both went to different high schools and never saw each other again. Well, once, years later, I saw him across the way in a mall and was immediately transported back to my grade 8 self. All the same feelings of love and loss washed over me in a heartbeat. Just like right now actually, almost 40 years later !

Cheers! I've been working on my "thank you" post and keep getting sidetracked by these kinds of posts. I need to wear blinders for a few hours I think :)


Ahahaha well you're always make me feel emotional as well when you talk about Brian.

Ah yes that image is one that I could say define our love affair. Books, sweets and her.

Oh Juli is really awesome and her words are nothing short of magical.

Awwww so we all have that feeling of Saudade. I hope we are giving it justice or else Juli might kick our butts hahaha

Your thank you post did it again and I was emotional. I am very thankful that I met you Lynn.


@lynncoyle1 @maverickinvictus awwee stop it, you guys! Thank you so much for your feedback on my posts, it means so much to me :) It's amazing how relatable "Saudade" is, and I'm deeply enjoying the different points on view on it. haha No butts to kick, only hugs and claps to give :)


I'm with you! Hugs and claps only :)


I am very thankful that I met you Lynn.

Likewise my friend :)

AWWW, Mave!!! This post is everything! So sweet, so pure and beautiful.. That's such a precious love. It's almost like a book romance story.. with the cookies and interesting chats :) Thank you for appreciating my posts, once more. I really enjoyed your take on "Saudade". It's been a maginal journey to have this kind of feedback.
My first love was probably someone I really looked up to , as he is a very talented pianist. I've never told him I liked him, though. I was too shy to say something! Hahah Our lives moved on, but it was a nice feeling of admiration/ whatever it was :)


hahahaha thank you so much Juli. You were the inspiration for making me remember her and write this story :) You have made a couple of people write their take on it.
I remember all those summers of books, sweets and love.

Oh no! Why did you not talk to him!!! Well you gotta write about him at the very least :)


Aww I'm glad! It's really rewarding to be able to inspire, so thank you for that! :)
Haha Naaaaahhhh.. I don't think that's something I'm really into sharing with the world haha :)

This was a really great post. That word is something that I think all of us can relate to on some level. I remember my first love and how when that didn't work out it took a piece of me that I can never get back. You painted a really great picture with your post and I want to thank you for sharing it.


Thanks for the kind words. Steemit is pretty amazing on the level of connection people get reading the stories of others.

I was imagining the moments you both had with the surroundings of blue skies and clouds, meaning lightness from love. You are a beautiful person mave and I feel where you are coming from.
My first love feels like it was so long ago. We connected so well. We both enjoyed wrestling, on tv as well as with each other. We played rough and loved it. He enjoyed bmx and I loved watching him do his stunts. We spent a lot of time outdoors, memories we made spending great days with each other. We separated as my parents moved and I had to follow. I saw him a few years later, we went to a Woodstock festival together and had a blast, felt like we could pick up from where we left, but distance was the killer. :( Life goes on right.


Awww wrestling as something in common that is a rad way of connecting!

I know the pains of doing Long distance relationships and it rarely works. Distance is really a killer.

Oooh Mave! What a sweet first love! It's nice to meet someone whom you have similarities with!

Your first love wherever she is now also treasures what you've had together. :)


Hahahahhaa I am a very sweet guy! Hmm I am thinking if I should write the next chapter when we met again years later.


I'm excited to read that. Pretty pretty please. ^^

This reads like a romance that ends with the couple being together. Life does seem to always have other ideas...

I wonder if you will meet again.


Hahaha that is for another story :p

Ah, first love.

Unfortunately, I can't think of anything remotely like what you just described ever happening to me. At least nothing that I could say was reciprocated. I know there were girls I liked, but who knows if they ever liked me beyond being friends. Not until I met my wife to be. And there, I wasn't tongue-tied at all! If anything, she untied it.

Funny thing is, we don't necessarily have a whole lot in common. Outside of a desire to have and raise a family, and then the love we have for that family, and traveling, and eating her Mexican food, we're pretty different. And yet, it still works somehow. Twenty-nine years later and counting.


Hehe I am reminded of the adage opposites attract when you were telling the story of your wife.

It just works!

Oh Mav! Are you still in contact with her? Maybe it's a romance you can revive =)


That Eve bro is up for another story hahaha

My first true love caused my first major heartbreak.
At a point, I felt that love was mere infatuation.
Great post here...


Most often than not our first love is our first major heartache or we are the one giving someone their first major heartache.

This is so sweet. You really made me feel the emotions and connection between the two of you. The memories you shared with her are those that I would imagine are not easy to let of go. Not many people have such a sweet and gentle love story, you two share true romantic moments. I am sorry to hear that it ended. It is a reminder to us all though that we need to hold on tight to those special moments that we have because we just never know when it will end.


Awwww thank you so much. I was really hoping that I would be able to have people feel the romance I have with my Summer love.

I might share the next chapter of our story hahahaha


You did a great job achieving what you set out to do. Is the next chapter sweet too?

I enjoyed reading your post and enjoyed many things and thank you very much so much


Thank you for reading my post.

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Really well written @maverickinvictus! Great to read your stories, please keep writing them as I'm enjoying them a lot :)