Success is Determined Not by Whether or Not You Face Obstacles, But by Your Reaction to Them

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When's the last time you struggled through a situation? When was the last time that you find it hard to write, talk, or even breath? The obstacles we have in our life show us who we really are.At times like this, the world gets a glimpse of what's truly inside us. Anything that blocks our path actually presents a new path with a new part of us revealed.Obstacles make us learn on what to do next.

Obstacles make us stronger and tougher. Even if it is difficult but we can see it in a different light and resolve to do something about it. It gives us a chance to practice courage to improve our situation, our world, and ourselves. It helps us see our priorities in a different perspective. It also make us do something purposeful. When we know what we're really setting out to do, the obstacles that arise tend to seem smaller and more manageable.

We can't tell the difference between the obstacles worthy of our time and those that aren't if we do not accept them as part of life's weaving. Every challenge looks like a massive mountain we must climb. But once we are determined and persevere, unexpectedly the majority of our obstacles are reduced.

Obstacles make us more creative. Only in struggling with the impediments that made others quit can we find ourselves on untrodden territory. Once we persist and resist we can learn what others were too impatient to be taught.

It also help us find meaning in our lives. There is the event itself and the story we tell ourselves about what it means.You won't have the time to think of your own suffering, because there are other people suffering and you're too focused on them. It gives us the opportunity to change our lives. We need to reassess our existence. And in doing so, we are presented with an opportunity to make a change in our life, if we dare to make it.

If what's up to us is the playing field, then what is not up to us are the rules and conditions of the game. The biggest, baddest obstacles in life are the natural disasters, economic depressions, and untimely death. It reminds us something that's easy to forget - how little control we actually have over most things in life. Yet in the same breath, we're reminded of the single thing we do have control over: our reaction.

These obstacles remind us of the importance of detaching what happens to us from how we react. When we internalize this, we're able to achieve a higher level of inner peace that allows us to love our obstacles even more.

Once we embrace this, all other obstacles reduce themselves to less than impossible. And finally, we're able to focus our efforts on the obstacles we can surpass.

Success is determined not by whether or not you face obstacles, but by your reaction to them. And if you look at these obstacles as a containing fence, they become your excuse for failure. If you look at them as a hurdle, each one strengthens you for the next.

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This is true and some people don't even realize it. There are people all over the world that struggle every day to just get by in life. They do whatever it takes to survive. People that have never experienced these struggles to not understand and take too many things for granted.

Hha my life the last 3 years :')
I had to realize that you can't fight against yourself, or against your own life. Obstacles by definition will keep on slowing down your progress, which is almost always a bad thing.
Great post and great motivation ! :)