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Everyone would like to to be appreciated and be loved. If there's a feeling of loneliness and a feeling that no one understands you depression comes in. This is a very sensitive topic. I am not an expert in this topic but I want to share some observations. I have experienced depression myself after my mom died, I know it was really hard and I just want to seclude myself from the world.


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There are a lot of factors that may cause depression death or loss of a love one, this was the depression I have experienced because I had a hard time accepting my mom's death because I love her so much. Sharing this experience, venting out and asking for guidance and help from other people will always help. Steemit helped me a lot in coping up with depression and I was able to vent out to some Steemians and they gave me helpful advice to move on. I am very much thankful to Steemit because of this.

There are some who felt so alone after a break up, who loved the other person too much and can't bear the separation. Sometimes this lead to depression and worst may cause suicide. Some also can turn to addiction or alcoholism.


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Depression may also be caused by emotional abuse, cyberbullying or personal bullying. Ruining a person on social media, spreading stories that are not true and saying negative things about that person will cause a great impact on the person bullied. We may have heard and read stories about suicide caused by bullying and we know that this might have been prevented if we hear out or listened to the person before he or she committed suicide. I have watched 13 Reasons Why on NETFLIX this is a story about Hannah Baker who commitment suicide and the battles she went through before she did that. There were signs and signals, letters she wrote that indicated that she wanted to end her life.

We can learn from 13 Reasons Why , I have noticed the posts on Facebook of those who ended their life to soon, most of them have posts about loneliness or the battles that they are experiencing. Often there are quotes about the problem that they have. If only we have read between the lines and talked to them and asked them to vent out and share their feelings we might have prevented what they did.


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Being sensitive to others feelings is very important especially to our love ones. We must always have a constant communication with them, we must be sensitive and observant on what they share on social media most people love to share their inner thoughts using quotes that they usually post. We often share things that we feel at that certain moment.

We must also be aware of the things we say to other people, we have the right to say whatever we want but it is always best to know and be sensitive if we might have hurt other people with our words.

There are Depression Treatment Clinics who can always give assistance to those who are battling depression. If we know someone who is experiencing depression we can always give encouraging words and send our love. We can also ask them to ask professional help, there are also helplines or websites who helps those who are on that situation.


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Let us always share positivity and love to everyone, be sensitive to others feelings, learn to empathize and not judge them easily.



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