Secrets You Must Know To Keep Your Car New For The Longest Period

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Many people believe buying a new car brings more comfort than buying a used car, and the new car will save a lot of trouble and trouble, which makes large numbers of new car owners fall into trouble because they fall into the trap of neglecting the car. That just being new is distracting from her attention.

Of course, all this is just a baseless illusion. Even if the car is brand new, and you are the first owner, you must know that it needs your attention and attention, and your interest in your car is in your best interest. Periodic check-up helps you increase the life span of your car, and contributes significantly to raising its value, even if you want to sell it does not lose much of its price.

In the next few steps you will learn about the most important strategies that will help you achieve this. How simple periodic steps can avoid your car a lot of damage, and avoid yourself a lot of expenses in repairs, maintenance and spare parts.

The plan is based on six key elements:
the oil
Check tires
Especially frames that are required to have a certain air pressure ratio, it is not difficult and not expensive, and you must know the life span of the tires, which determines the number of kilometers traveled by the tires, also pay attention to the shape of the tires, and know that the emergence of the inner layer of the frame or some Disagreements and Segments A very dangerous indicator that you should never overlook, you should check the pressure of the tires periodically, and we recommend that the test be in close intervals.


Checking the car oil is like blood!
This is because without this oil the car will never work. You should ask the car repair agent to inspect the oil in your car and know what kind of oil is put in your car because there are types of oil that change after 3000 kilometers. 5000 km. There are some auto factories that confirm that the oil in the factory lasts for ten thousand kilometers, so you should not neglect the oil and check it constantly and note the extent of color change because it is an important indicator of oil consumption, as you must know that neglecting the change of car oil May impair the engine's long-term efficiency, and it is advised not to leave the oil By the end of the entire distance you can change it before the last 500 kilometers to keep the car and its engine.

You should always make sure the windows are clean
And make sure that all lights and mirrors are clean and perfectly sound without any fractures, so as not to be exposed to problems during driving, especially in the case of turns or in the case of return, and also may expose you to legal accountability because, according to traffic laws should be lights in the car and mirrors All in a sound condition so as not to cause anyone to hurt himself or around him.

Braking care
All modern cars are designed to operate at maximum efficiency even at extreme speed. Therefore, it may be dangerous in many cases if the brakes are not working at full speed, then you should go quickly to the service center if you notice any minor problems with the brakes.

The safety of the brakes is not the only thing that guarantees you safety on the road - God willing, do not forget the belts and make sure they work well, and the belt should not be relaxed, it may cause damage when the sudden stop or accidents God forbid, Wrong alerts This indicates that there is a problem with the system of belts and air bags.


Internal and external car care
It is necessary to clean the car and sweep it from the inside from time to time. Interference is one of the things that the buyer cares about. If you decide to sell your car, it may be a magnet or turn off the car, and you must make sure that everything inside the car works well from radios and speakers to lights. The saloon has a seating position inside the car and the shape of the front rack as well as steering wheel.

Exterior waxing is one of the things we recommend to keep your car looking, particularly in times of dust storms or rain, because wax will protect your car and will act as a transparent layer that prevents injury to the outside of the car. There are many types of wax and insulation available. And available to all at varying prices fit all.

Fluid care
Oil is not the only liquid in the car, but there are several other liquids must be checked and make sure that they are at the required level, such as cooling water is the fluid responsible for cooling the car, and many other types of liquids, which must be confirmed weekly, and must do this task Mechanic to be able to learn how to measure them yourself. Also remember that the oil filter must be changed time and time again from changing the oil. Some believe that the filter should change every 30 thousand kilometers, which is the lung of the car, which is also contaminated with oil, so it must be changed to make sure the cleanliness of fluids in your car especially the oil. When talking about this part of the car, do not forget that the battery also needs to be checked periodically, and cleaned if you feel that you need this, and do not forget that in the end it is a depleted battery, and may need to change at one time, never neglect to change and also check Generator and make sure its efficiency.

Check the alarm to protect your car from theft
You have to make sure that it really works and that the car makes a clear sound if one tries to open the doors or the rear cabinet of the car, and the alarm system is also one of the things that enhance the position of the car in case of sale, and should never be neglected if there was any problem in the warning system and to accelerate Dissolve it immediately.

Find out where your car is parked and how to leave it
Also, be sure to park your car in safety areas. These places are where the car is less vulnerable, such as describing your car in the shade, and away from the file locations so as not to endanger the structure of your vehicle. You should also notice that stopping your driving for a period does not mean you do not care about it at all. The car that is stored for a while should be in a position to protect it from any damage. If you are traveling or will not use the car for a while you must put your car in a safe place and keep it Fully covered after cleaning them, disconnect the battery fingers or try to make someone check the quality of the battery every period, so as not to stop completely and force it to change.

You should know that if you do not comply with the above rules, it will cost you more than you imagine, because this will lead to a useless battery, a motor that needs to be fully maintained, and the car may be a refuge for some unwanted animals and reptiles, of course. Very large problems of wire erosion especially if these organisms are mice.

Finally, do not ignore the car's power and prefer the cheap mechanic, because it may hurt your car more than saving it or improving its position. The car, like a member of your family, should take care of it, rush to the doctor in case of illness, and love to see it always beautiful and neat, in this case just make sure you will be an excellent car owner, and always talk about your car.

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