What is Integrity?

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Have you ever wonder why you are attracted to an individual or an object? Are you attracted to an object because of it's quality and ability to perform without flaw? Or perhaps why you are attracted to another person besides LOOKs?

You know what is more valuable than gold or money? Integrity........
Integrity in a person is probably the most respected characteristic of a person.

No amount of money can buy this......

Having integrity is having self worth.

My uncle has shed some wisdom in me. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He always put his friends before him. Despite the fact that he has money, people DO things for him because of who he is.....NOT because of his money. He is a very caring person. He is dependable and reliable. He has integrity.

I have been through a lot in my life. A lot of hardships... There are many things I really don't feel comfortable in sharing out in the public but it is this inner light that drives me forward ---- to grow into a better person.
To have integrity......

I encourage you to be yourself and quit doubting the possibilities that can happen through self growth. Don't let the negativity of the media or what's around you stop you from growing within. As long as you have integrity your ideas, YOU as a person will attract others.

This has to penetrate your core and let it resonate...........
If you are FAKE...people will see through you.

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Integrity is what challenges you to rise to be the best and NOT tarnish yourself.


.....If you are FAKE...people will see through you....
This line caught my attention the most. I paused for a moment and thought it through!
It was a nice piece. thank you

Hi @greenbeans So sorry for my delaysed reply. Yes, I agree 100%
And your post brought me to tears.

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I agree with your statement, I'm just really starting to realise what it is to be myself and not try to act different for people to like me. It's a liberating feeling, but I think a person needs to be mature enough to accept themselves

Everyone is unique.

People need to appreciate themselves and see their own inner self and find strength in it. I always see the inner beauty in people and try to encourage them to see themselves from inward.

Until people can recognize themselves (their soul,) their full potential will always be suppressed.

When people can appreciate themselves, they will appreciate other things in life such as moral and ethical values.

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Yeah right.... Integrity is:

Doing the right thing at the right time in the right place without being supervised.

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