Our First Banana Sorbet Made with the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!

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Today, my daughter and I tried to make a banana sorbet using the Kevings juicer, which has a blank strainer to make sorbets with fruits or vegetables...


Yesterday, I cut a few bananas that I put in the freezer in order to prepare for today's sorbet session. I also prepared some other fruits for another day.

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Our First Banana Sorbet Made with the Kuvings Cold Press Juicer!

That's the first time that I made any sorbet in my life and first time using the juicer, so the result was not exactly as expected, but still excellent to our taste buds.

These are the frozen bananas.


They were too hard and stuck together so I had to thaw them for about 10 minutes, which was a bit too much...

This is the blank strainer that you put in the machine to make sorbets.


Now in place.


Then we started sorbet making.


Unfortunately the sorbet was a bit too liquid and it was difficult to have it land in each bowl.


As you can see it was not very aesthetic, but we added some small cookies and chocolate to it.


One thing is sure, it was quickly eaten!

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Michel Gerard



cookies and chocolate look tasty but not sure about banana, lol

The banana was OK, no so nice to look at, but good to the taste. Thank you @imran-aslam for commenting.

Wow 3bowls of banana sorbet with cookies and chocolate, this would give my taste buds so much love @gmichelbkk, your daughter is doing a great job helping out most of the time, she is an industrious daughter I must confess buddy.
Congrats on your first banana sorbet made with the kuvings cold press juicer.

Thank you very much @eunireal1 for your kind comment!

Of course it will be quickly eaten. She's already waiting for them. :-)

an excellent sorbet, the appetite even increased) Supported, of course.

@sinilga, thank you for your comment.

That's great multi functional gadget you have got !!

Yes, thank you for commenting @event-horizon.

Best way to make your sunday special...just b with the kids and experiment...at home...lovely👍 ..

Thank you for your kind comment @steemflow.

I like sorbets, too, and even tough it doesn't look aesthatic, I bet the taste was really good :) YOu can never go wrong with bananas. They are naturally sweet and tasty ;) I post lots of healthful recipes on my blog, feel free to check them out if you want. You might get some inspiration :)
Have a wonderful day!

Thank you very much @plantbasedmiri for commenting and I will go check your blog.

so nice
i will try to make this banana sorbet tonight
hopefully i will make it well

i will vote @jerrybanfield as my number 1 witness

upvoted and followed you sir

i am a big fan

@mrposyble, thank you very much for your kind words and the vote for @jerrybanfield.

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What does that have to do with making sorbets and my post?

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