There is a man with Liontiasis in Balacan province in The Philippines, who is asking the world via Steemit, everyday, for help.

in life •  last year

I sent @cryptopie a parcel.


In the hopes that it will help verify his identity.

There has been controversy over the identity of the user known as @cryptopie.

Perhaps because he appeared asking for help in the most unusual of situations.

There has also been speculation about his condition.

As I attempted to assist him, we embarked on the difficult task of acquiring legible documents that could be used to source specialist medical treatment, and to property identity who he is.

I have revealed parts of my life over more than a year. I would like to believe that I have established myself as a believable steemian.

When my husband revealed I am sick and papa-pepper offered help, we sent papa-pepper verification of my treatment, illness, medical specialists expenses.

I wanted to believe that if @cryptopie IS who he says he is, that we could help him.

So before sending the obscure bundle of gifts, I sent verification of the items featured in past post to Steemit's trusty Papa Bear papa-pepper.

I think we all agree Papa is the real deal.

I finally sent a little parcel to the peppers too last week. It will be post marked from Australia and should arrive this week.
Just a small token of my thanks.

To risk a little by believing and continuing to believe is the only way I know how to live.

Steemit risked believing in me. At my lowest time I found sanctuary here.
I still do


The steemit community support I received when my husband revealed I am sick was a lifeline during difficult times.

I am still struggling with ill health, but to know that this platform has provided a place for me to BE, is a blessing.

I am so grateful to this platform.

Sometimes people have asked me, Why do you trust that your money will go where you think it will?

Steemit trusted me, and I am not only grateful for the support, but I am so amazed by the trust.

We have little to lose and so much to gain by keeping a belief in people.

I have been through a time when my most treasured memories were proven to be built on wickedness.

When you find goodness again through such misadventures it is something to be treasured.

I found that belief when I met Kevin and Mark.

They took a great risk trusting me. I was a relative of a person with whom they had zero trust. Who had hurt them terribly.


I ran marathons for them. I gave them my heart and soul in the hopes of healing theirs, and they ended up healing mine.

In this photo I am wearing the shirt and medal from the final marathon that week. I referenced it in a post over two months ago.

This photo features in one of my earliest posts, over a year ago.

I graffitied on the shirt and even sewed on the little felt girl that you see in my profile pic.


This is one of the photos I sent to papa-pepper.


I sent Arnold a bundle of undisclosed items. Included with this marathon finishers shirt and medal were items that have featured in my posts over the past months.

He received the parcel at last.

We had given up hope that it would arrive.

I am pleased to share these with you today.

Items from my thrift shopping post many months ago.

@cryptopie's photo
And a broken bottle of Vegemite. Sorry dude, that's terrible.

A card I made and posted on steemit 3 months ago



Inside, a tiny drawing from a post inspired by the #tinyartchallenge.


It features my horrible arthritic, hypermobile fingered scrawl (Which has graced a lazy self indulgent poetry post from time to time too.)

I am mistaken for being naive or idealistic sometimes.

I'm not.

My eyes are wide open. I see when things look questionable, and I also can't close them to things that are not OK.

@surpassinggoogle is often quoted-

Everyone has something to offer.

I am almost completely housebound.

I have my good days, but I pay for them after.

Maybe this in itself presents an opportunity. To be able to spend some time, online, finding purpose within my own frustration.

I spent my days emailing.

philanthropic types

Everytime I asked @cryptopie to provide me with documents, he did.







It has been frustrating for both of us.

Sometimes it seemed like we weren't on the same page.

But when I asked for photos of doctors or verification of places, he would borrow a camera and risk offending a specialist doctor to verify the visit.

The address he put up with a Google Map to his home is where I sent the parcel.

When he posted about receiving it we again had some issues to work through.

As I said, we are sometimes not on the same page.
I messaged him


Why didn't you do a verification photo with you in it man?

I messaged him with a WT? Style message and he sent me this photo pretty quickly.


Along with a derogatory comment about his appearance and permission to share the photo.

My parcel did reach the man with Liontiasis in The Philippines.

In his posts he has listed his doctors, facilities, treatment history, date of birth, home address, health progress, updated treatment plan etc.

He desperately waits for someone who might know someone.

I have tried to be that someone.

But I am limited. By my own health and by my resources.

Steemit is a new frontier. It offers an opportunity for people like Arnold to hope that they can change their circumstances.

It is a new frontier because it relies on trust and risk.

But aren't some things worth the risk?

I believe in steemit.

I believe that at the root of the word humane is human.


People are capable of doing SOMETHING.
What we choose to do is only limited by the amount we are willing to risk and trust.

There are some very talented people here.

If you have the time and the ability, the information @cryptopie has offered, daily, for months, could be collated.

Proven true, we have the collective that is capable of doing something to help.

Steemit offers equity in a world that is sustained by inequity.

Liontiasis is itself the face of inequity.

In a country where basic health is a right not a privilege, the 15yr degeneration of his health that resulted in his disfigurement would not have occurred.

Google it!

If the calcium levels and endocrine imbalance had been identified in a simple blood test, and appropriately treated, he would not be disfigured, but managing the burden of a chronic illness like so many of us.

Seldom do I consider that my daily existence with what is now refereed to as a chronic illness, a privilege.

But compared to many fellow steemians on this equal platform. I am very lucky to have access to medicine and doctors.

He and I live in very different worlds. The things I have available to me, as hard as it has been, is not a reality in The Philippines right now.

Clearly the growing group of talented Filipino steemians is evidence that the country has great promise. But right now, they need our help to help him.

Perhaps I haven't proved without a doubt that the person who is making every post is the very same person.

That is true for all of us

He has a mother who works every day and who would give her last breath for him.

This is my mother yesterday at my appointment.


This is Arnold's mother


His words speak for us both.

She is always there


With him, waiting at every appointment.

As he tries to get comfortable on any chair available.


This was me yesterday. My mother was sitting opposite me. She drove 60kms to be there.


We are not different

We are humans.


@papa-pepper has verification photos that can be compared to the first photograph in this post and to the images in @cryptopie's post.

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I am glad that you went through the effort to verify that @cryptopie is indeed exactly who he says he is. The items in the photos match the ones that you sent me on September 11, 2017 and I believe the items to be genuine, since only you and I knew what you were sending.

While I am much like you and would rather be able to simply trust others and believe them, we know that far too often people choose to deceive others for financial gain.

Now, because of your successful verification of the identity of @cryptopie any steemian who would choose to help out can now be confident that they are not being scammed or taken advantage of.

Upvoted FULL POWER and I'll resteem this too to help this post and update gain visibility.


Thank you! I have been upvoting his posts when I see them, my gut just told me he was for real. My vote is worth a flippin' penny. I am SO glad you are championing his cause!


Thank you for helping me with this post verification @papa-pepper. I wish to reiterate what I wrote to you in steemchat.
People admire you because you are not a faceless fat cat that steems without a conscience. I started here not long after you. You have worked very hard and created the pepper brand. All the while maintaining your core beliefs and values, and while succeeding you have not only referenced those beliefs but have demonstrated them, lived by them.

Balancing compassion and transparency with you personal boundaries is not easily achieved.
That integrity is valuable and admirable.

Thanks again Papa P for continuing to consistently do your thing 😊


I intend to help in any way i can, please how can I be of help? I dread his look on wheelchair.

May God heal him, but he might have to do it through us!

I am also wishing that your health would improve soon Marg
I know that you are smart enough to handle your medical situation as well, we just need to get informed on all things so we can well deal with them.

I would consider this a lifetime of debt from your wholehearted kindness to an uninteresting individual like me.
Nothing I could say but what a Christian would utter for the very best of you is God Bless you and your family. May the Lord God Keep you and his face shine upon you.


Thanks for being so open and honest in your posts, and for verifying yourself for us. May you be blessed as you continue in this life!


Hi @papa-pepper
I want also to express my gratitude about your assistance for my cause.
Thank you very much from my heart.
May God bless you.


you are doing a Wonderfull work. god bless you!

Marg, thanks for all your efforts to help Arnold. Been quite busy with promotion efforts, sad events within the community, and my day job so haven't really visited him again. Will set aside time to see him before Christmas, and chat all about this verification effort. Hope you are keeping well yourself.

Love from all of #SteemPH - Steemit Philippines,



Thanks for being such an integral part of @cryptopie's quest to get treatment. You and @dandelion visiting was a the integral moment. You took a real risk visiting a stranger, who is now your good friend.
U remember the post you wrote about the things that you are grateful for since steemit. Meeting @cryptopie was listed.
The Filipino community are amazing in the way you support each other.
I am OK. Thank you for caring about how I am doing.
Have a beautiful Christmas with your family.

It has been a while hasn't it? @girlbeforemirror I am so glad it did finally arrive. Hopefully this will inspire others to help Arnold aka @cryptopie

Stay well @girlbeforemirror and thanks for your efforts helping Arnold.


Yes it has been a while. Interesting how it arrived shortly after I lodged an inquiry via Australia post. It was tracked to Sydney airport then just stopped.
It turned out OK in the end though.

Thank you @girlbeforemirror for your continued help for are an amazing person.


You have done a lot for many people through your charity networking.
I sent a package and some emails that frustratingly didn't amount to much.
I hope I can now pass the task in to some more able people.

You have a big heart @girlbeforemirror
God bless you and thank you for your continues support to @cryptopie

Stay strong. xoxo hugsss


I had an echo of my heart last week. The doctors were worried that it might be enlarged because of my connective tissue problem. Turns out it is regular sized. 😊
Thanks for the positivity you shine sunny girl. It is always a pleasure to catch some of your rays. ☀🌻💕


Ohh what a good news. I'm so happy to hear that.
I know you're a tough woman and a fighter.
With God's mercy, all things are possible.
God bless your beautiful, healthy heart.
Sending you some sunny hugss xoxo

This is a great effort you have put to proving this individual is indeed genuine with the steemit community. I hope more help begins to flow to him both financially and in kind. Wish you fast recovery @cryptopie and great job @girlbeforemirror


Thank you for your encouragement and support

@girlbeforemirror your mission to help @cryptopie is so inspiring. I've been following g his daily diary everyday. I may not have the money that he needs but I'd like to make him feel that he is not alone in this. My friend is undergoing dialysis and I can relate to @crypotopie a lot. I do hope that you get well soon too. ,


Sharing his story and supporting him is a gift in itself.
Thank you.

I've been following @cryptopie story for the last few months.
If there was some way to rally some big votes on a single post, that would help him out tremendously. We need some whales to come together and upvote on a post dedicated to his medical expenses. It might just be a few hundred dollars, but I'm sure that could help.

You both are wonderful beings and deserve more in life. May God bless you more than most people in this world including me. I pray both for your health. You've touched my heart with this post I feel like breaking down.


Thank you for your kindhearted message. You made me reread it and have a little cry too.

I hope he gets adequate support like you have done for him, you are a wonderful human with a heart.

Thank you for what you've done for @cryptopie. I'm hoping for the best for both of you.


Many thanks

How can I be of help please? I cannot turn my face away from his illness.


Thank you for your offer to help.
Discord Philippines channel
@luvabi @steemitph @immarojas @dreamiely are all working with others within the Philippines to do what they can.
They need someone outside of their country to raise his profile and get his story to the right people.
I am not good at using discord. I think made a link to the channel. If I did it is a first.

Good luck my friend we hope to see your present in hand of cryptopie.
Best regard @galberto

A warm thank you from us who loves @cryptopie.


I am glad he is surrounded by people who care. Thank you

Wow! You really went above and beyond... I wasn’t sure if the postings were real but you have removed that little bit of doubt and really helped his cause gain credibility. Through your own challenges, you saw a need and made things happen. Props to you! Talk about good karma!

The world needs more people like @cryptopie
Hats off to this gentlemen, really.

You wont see such kindness on facebook. This is what steemit is about..


True. People who actually know you on fb do not respond to suffering.
It is only masking true life with selfies, check ins, and pictures of pretend contentment. It is decadence and overpriced small meals on large plates carefully angled in front of costly destinations. Accompanied with personalised advertising that targets the user by trawling your personal information and orchestrating an idea that you are only happy if your friends believe you are.

great work @girlbeforemirror. steemit needs people like you


Thank you for resteeming. I appreciate your support.


you're so welcome


Steemit has lots of good people, doing great things. Thank you for your words of encouragement.

I'm missing something here... who doesn't believe he's who he is? Also, to anyone who says "How do you know the money goes where it's supposed to?" The blessing is in the giving and you, my friend, are blessed with a very kind and giving heart. God remembers these things!


Hi Rich,
Thank you for asking.
Plenty of people are quietly questioning. More than a handful have accused him of fraud or scamming.
@cryptopie has revealed more of his private life than anyone.
I wanted to openly verify for the entire platform so I could pass on the baton. I am not the best placed person to coordinate what needs to be done.
Many people ask me what they can do. I encourage them to ask @cryptopie, he's the person in charge of his care. If anyone has an opportunity, an idea, a connection, an interest, talk to him.
I will of course be a continued support and advocate and much as I can. Prayers and we'll wishes are lovely too, let's put them on the agenda for the community think tank. Everyone is invited.


I think he's mad at me for getting on him for you know what... I've been trying to send him 20 or 25 SBD a month... I was hoping to do better with my book so I could send him something better.


@cryptopie. If rich was caught in the middle of unpleasantness I feel responsible for this myself. He is like me reactive and reacted for me. You can trust that we will both always be honest with you and on the level. We won't treat you differently or condescendingly and if we are pissed off with you we promise that we will not excuse and assume any kind of disability.
He has written this here rather than a private message at the risk of the whole community. I respect that. I would like to see us work through this. This is the sort of straight talker I would want in my corner.
He isn't sceptical of your need, never was. He reacted on my behalf without prejudice, he didn't step around it because of an assumed disability. Just person to person.
Something you both have in common that I appreciate is you have shared personal and painful details of your lives in the hopes of getting something better for the future. You have both become dear to me. Like me you are also both SO stubborn too.
This is an olive branch. Look at his message! He didn't even conceive that people didn't believe you. He harboured no question. Please take the branch @cryptopie.


How could naybody not believe him??? What a bunch of douchebags... they must be really evil themselves to suspect Arnold... I wouldn't want to know any of them!


I love you both. He will see you for who you are too Rich. It is the middle of the night, he is saner than me and probably sleeping.

I am also wishing that your health would improve soon Marg
I know that you are smart enough to handle your medical situation as well, we just need to get informed on all things so we can well deal with them.


I am doing my best, day by day. I have not been as engaged here as I was before and my protracted illness has taken a toll on my family. I will post about it again soon. It is not easy to reveal these things objectively. That is why I admire @cryptopie, he does it every day.


An amazing story of love, humanity and perseverance. Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you for keeping this one in circulation. Getting this remarkable mans story to more people is important.

I am very touched by this story. I admire you. This will serve as an excellent motivation for me to earn capital, so that I can be able to help others. Once again, accept my admiration and respect.
p.s. resteem


Thank you for your lovely comment. @papa-pepper has posted his perspective of our connection and has highlighted another great cause that you might be interested in to.


Thank you for sharing the link

What do you need to feel helped or to be helped, i mean my vote is nothing. I will resteem, but is there any other way?


These connections continue to develop. @papa-pepper has posted today about his involvement. I wrote a response there. I will put another post together soon. Thanks for the support.
Your voting isn't nothing, and a comment if support and solidarity on his posts could be something that helps him though a difficult day. For me it was a genuine lifeline to hear from people.

Thanks for all your hard work and research! Resteeming.


Thanks very much for resteeming 😊


You are most welcome! How are you doing today?

You got my vote. Awesome !


Thank you very much

I'm new here. I haven't had a chance at knowing who @cryptopie is. But what you have done for him is just amazing and priceless.

I don't know if anyone would do something like you did if you came to know about someone on the internet. I'm happy at the same time surprised at your act. Its people like you are the hope of humanity. Have a nice day ahead.


Welcome to steemit.
Just be you and you will find your place. Be consistent and you will find contentment here.
Very hard work, and you may see great success.
Using it to share who you already are is the best way to maintain that.
I have read your intro post. Coding, travel, reading, computer science, gaming. I think you are in good company.
Good luck with your studies.


Thank you! :)

together we can do so much with basicly no effort. steemit is wonderfull


Yes that is true. Imagine what we could accomplish with a little bit of effort and team work.

r u looking for intresting facts around the world then follow me


No I'm not looking for interesting facts. I see diverse and captivating posts all the time on steemit.
A relevant comment on my posts from people who are appreciative of my content is usually how I find people who interest me.

I bid you guys more blessings!
@papa-pepper and @girlbeforemirror
for creating more compassionate world from @cryptopie


Thanks for your lovely words.

Thank you for verifying this. Actually myself I have thought and wondered how he keeps up with steemit despite his illness and thought it was just one of those scammers taking advantage of his illness. Now that you have helped verify. I am sure kind hearted people will do the needful. Thank yhu


Thank you for your honest comment. You are not alone in being cautious and sceptical, that is what motivated me to send this odd collection of items.
Hopefully some strategic minds can come together now to intervene in behalf of @cryptopie.

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OK... I'm a super user. I had to ask my husband to explain what that means.

Wow! God will reward your mum for all be good deeds


She drives me crazy, but she is a good old bird.

i am additionally wishing that your health could improve quickly Marg
I understand that you are smart enough to address your medical state of affairs as properly, we just need to get informed on all matters so we can well cope with them.

i might remember this a life-time of debt out of your wholehearted kindness to an dull person like me.
nothing I may want to say but what a Christian would utter for the very first-class of you is God Bless you and your own family. can also the lord god preserve you and his face shine upon you.

great post my dear ....keep going


Just, wow! 2 amazing stories coming together as one. I am new to Steemit and am overthrown with information left,right&centre.. Then I come across this story, and find myself speechless. Wish the world had more heartwarming people like you guys in it! Bless you both ❤


Thank you. You are very kind. Welcome.
I have checked out your posts. Engaging in competitions and sharing relevant meaningful comments is a great start. I hope you have a positive experience here. Start with no expectation and just enjoy the interactions. People you see making big money have either invested there own funds or have worked damn hard, consistently over time.
Good luck


Thank you so much for your advice, I'm not here to make any money, just loving the concept of "real" content and reward system, hoping to contribute to the community in a positive way someday ;)


Too be honest if you are not here to make money you stand a better chance of sticking around. People who see big pay outs and post in the hopes of attracting that are ultimately disappointed.
Thanks for chatting. I love your name.

I am seeing a post from cryptopie eversince I started at Steemit and I never doubted the situation. I feel sorry but I can't help him financially. What I did was to ask God for help to please find people that could help, I know it is you. For sure God's blessing with be a thousand folds for you and soon you will be healed too. I know you are happy doing this help and I promise I include you to my prayers.