Focus on your own blog and success. Thought on Steem distribution.

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There seems to be this notion on the platform lately that if the Steem would be distributed fairly that the platform would be a much better place.

I beg to differ.

I'm pretty convinced that the moment this would happen a part of the community would be selling their STEEM straight away and another part would be buying and given enough time the distribution will be similar to what it is today. (with maybe the exception of the Steemit account).

Every time I read comments about fair distribution from someone I check their wallet. Usually, they are powering down and selling. And I always think......but....this way there never will be that fair distribution that you want.


My view of the whole situation is just different. And I guess that's because my mindset is different.

I think whales are whales not because they were lucky. They are whales because, before they were whales, they spend a lot of time learning about Blockchain technology, and maybe they were active in the Bitshares community or another reason (call it reason X).

So when the blockchain was created they were their first to scoop up a ton of cheap Steem. They had the know-how at the right time. It's not like they were just googling how to make an apple pie and suddenly learned about the Steem blockchain and instantly knew how to mine it.

The fact they have a lot of Steem seems perfectly fair to me.

When I learned about the Steem blockchain that cheap phase was already over. I got on the platform in July 2016. Steem was around $4. It was the first time I realized that blockchain could be used for Social Media. And later when I truly understood the potential of this blockchain I started to write and invest my own money and time.

At that time I started, there were some authors making thousands of dollars worth of STEEM a day. It was a magical time. These authors were on the platform a couple of months before me and were scooping up all that easy blogging STEEM.

Again they were there at the right time monetizing their skill they honed over years. And It feels perfectly fair to me.

In the big downtrend that followed soon after, I was still seeking my blog direction but I realized I enjoyed writing even though I didn't make many rewards. It didn't bother me at all. I just kept writing. Focusing on my blog.

But when everyone started selling I could utilize my own skill I learned trading crypto for years. I realized what was going (panic selling) and I bought as much STEEM as I could. There were others that bought even more STEEM. I don't think this was unfair.

I also kept writing and I never powered down.

And now we find ourselves with the distribution we have today.

And it's fine as long as you focus on your own blog and success. But the moment envy sets in you will have a hard time. But that's nobody's else's fault. That is your own mind.

I wrote yesterday that I believe every Steem token will be precious in the future. And I truly believe that and I always acted accordingly. This is an article I wrote 11 months ago, where I'm saying the same thing.

Now with the announcement of SMT's they have the potential to be even more valuable if that idea turns into a success.

So even if you enter the platform today you still have time to earn some STEEM tokens with blogging. Even though this will be harder each day because the blogging difficulty has gone up (more users competing over a reward pool that is fixed). It's more than you get anywhere else!

Also, I think it's often forgotten that everyone that has STEEMpower is also putting the value of that Steempower on the line each and every day.

This is crypto after all. Even the developers said that there were a couple of times that the blockchain could have come to halt. That's the sort of black swan moment I rather not think about.

My biggest advice to anyone joining Steemit today is to focus on your own blog if you want to make it as a new blogger.

Create content every day and about the things you enjoy. And it will probably take you about 14 months of hard work to get regular payouts. (I think it took me about 9-10 months but with fewer users).

If you just want to have fun on the platform do whatever you want. And that's cool too.

Almost anything goes here.

It's a fun place to be.


The same can be said about the real world, as well.

If all of the world's money was distributed equally today, tomorrow we'd be in the same situation as prior to the redistribution.

Simply because money managing is a skill, which some have, while others don't.

There was a show in the UK a while back where they would give money to poor people, so they can accomplish their dreams.

A poor single mom of three or something was given tens of thousands of dollars, and she had spent it all in a month or so.

No conspiracy, no coercing, no nothing was needed for the poor to willingly redistribute her own money back to the wealthy.

She bought stuff like make up, hair jobs, dresses, and so on.

There's a lesson there.

Interesting. Same happened here in the Netherlands with people winning the lottery. Such a waste of opportunity.

I agree somewhat. Not all people without money are bad money managers but it usually does ring true. Its a fact and statistic that you never really exceed higher than what you grew up around. Its because the ideals and beliefs are so engrained no one seeks to set the bar higher and they fall back on what they know. Not sure if you've read any of Rob Kiyosaki but I think you'd agree.

I think you hold some wise words. I think you are probably the most chillout man on the platform honestly. Putting constant effort in a coazy way.

And I do guess focusing on your blog is the most importaint thing here, sadly I just found out recently, that why I started a daily series ♡

Bu still, Ive been here for like 5 months and you can have a look at my wallet and article quality. Its been soo hard to find aome good people to give support. Good thing the lovely people from ecotrain help me, I guess I owe most to them.

Still, hey, thanks for releasing this, honestly it gave me a bit of moral boost to follow my consistency and better my content.

Hope one day I can reach the point you are at.

All the best of wishes ♡

Wow great advice and very important ones. Thanks I am becoming tired of being low reward on my post. Your post has energies me greatly so thank you so much for your valuable post, I hope in one year my fruit may reap properly. Wish you a very beautiful time ahead my friends.

Let me know where you got the mug from because that is art from @overkillcoin that you can see in his link here

Hope they got permission for it, instead of just took the art and printed it.

@exyle I have learned so much from you and your BLOG. I have to say I look forward to what you post each day. As for the people that get disenchanted with STEEMIT, I say that's OK because maybe this was not a good fit for them. The KEY in my Opinion is interacting with your commenters when you write a BLOG or making sure that your comments are of such substance that there is something that many others can garner from that comment. The UP Votes will come but you must be Consistent and Engaging everyday !

I agree with you, there are exceptions but usually people are were they are because they manage to get there!

People just want free stuff, the irony is that they don't know what to with those free things most of the time. If you don't earn it then it's likely you don't appreciate it.

Cheap and easy STEEM will not be, you are right, I realized it myself when I just came and started to work. Now, of course, there are two ways, you have to invest and buy STEEM or in what I agree with you, you need to maximize your blog, then there are chances to succeed in Steemit . Excellent article, thanks @exyle

You hit the nail on the head there.

I see the same thing and I am baffled. To start, the people who are complaining, how much did they make off twitter, youtube, and facebook? Secondly, people who attack those who are successful rarely know what it took to make them successful. Being an early adopter is often filled with challenges. The risk is much greater early on. Therefore, those who took the risk when others were passing get rewards...then get attacked.

In the end, changing the distribution system will only elicit further complaints. Everyone will not be happy and many will be envious regardless of what takes place.

I concur with focusing upon your own blog. We all can post, comment, and upvote....regardless of SP in our wallet. Over time, things grow. Personally, I believe steem can easily surpass $100 a coin...that means even a 5 cent rewards will become $5.00.

How many google adclicks does one need to earn $5?

Really Thanks for the post. I think we as a community need to periodically have a reality check. Build skills and talents first, and then the rewards will follow......

Excellent advise my friend, that's the way to do it focusing on the blog and just keep doing the good work and in this way we slowly should reach to our goal's and i think this is the right way on which we all have to work and working in this way is not only good for ourself but it ultimately benefits the whole community and also help steemit to become the No 1 social media platform, i also agree with you that bogging becomes difficult with the time but it doesn't means that we start cheating the system, we all have to just stick with the right path and continue our journey in steemit and i know in the end the peoples who sticks with the right path will wins, thanks for sharing good advises and information with us, Stay blessed.

I have been critical of the initial distribution and while I see what you are saying and have you on my auto vote list because I like your content I don't completely agree with what you are saying.

Because a person like myself who was powering down STEEM was pumping more of that money into Bitcoin up until the SegWit2X fork was canceled and then pumped that money over into Bitcoin Cash. So I'm trying to maximize my gains.

The STEEM ecosystem is an awesome thing and we all just want it to thrive. Every community and system has its issues and if those aren't address then a system can end up like Bitcoin right now with over 165,000 unconfirmed transactions waiting.

Will you eventually buy back more Steem with all those gains? Then, I see your point totally.

That is the plan. I personally think STEEM could end up back down at $0.50 at some point and that is when I want to buy back a decent amount. Some of us that have mentioned the initial distribution situation aren't trying to be negative we are just voicing our concern for a long term investment. If we power a lot of outside money up we want to feel good that the community can thrive and we will feel good about our investment.

The STEEM ecosystem has a lot going for it for sure. We fight for it because we care about it.

In recent weeks there seem to have been countless posts complaining about unfair distribution of rewards etc etc etc

My view of this is:

  1. Life is not fair - there has always been a few that have vastly more than the many, and this will always be the case
  2. Steemit reflects life, at least in this regard, and so why should it be fair? - it shouldn't be, and no matter what changes are made, no matter the flag wars, the different initiatives, the SMTs, and whatever comes next, this is not going to change in any material way
  3. If people channeled their energy into succeeding despite the issues, and I include myself in that, then I believe that most will in time succeed

Your post was written more politely, but the summary version is 'it may be fair, it may not be fair but that doesn't matter - if you don't like it, too bad, it is what it is, suck it up'


This is what i like in someone is never give up ever.
Stay powered up and inspired then no one can stop anyone.
Believe in yourself.
Have a good day.

reverse engineered my way onto your profile @exyle aha! came across your Youtube channel and found you on here.

I really like your videos and insight is very valuable.

Would be interested in hearing your thoughts on our latest episode of Crypto Nights, I have resteemed it on my profile!

Upvoted and followed.


I'm happy to say that your view is also mine. You taught me well!

Good post, @exyle You consistently bring up good points and make us think. Thank you!

Thanks, Terry!

If I had money, then I would buy immediately and a lot.
But I do not have the money, but i have pictures ( my Camera and Photos ) I use them to get what I want. When someone asks how I get it, I'll tell, I'll make pictures.
And best of all.... I like photography .

I think while everyones aspires for fairness, in truth, we simply don't live up to it. It becomes idealistic, nice-to-have, and almost utopian. However, in our moments of doubt, some choose to fight, others flight. There's no right or wrong, just a test of faith, I believe.

As the saying goes, fortune favours the bold. One day we will look back and remember those who taught us to hang on when doubt scared others away. I know I will, and I will remember people like you @exyle.

Great post exyle.
The act of creation is a risk in itself. With steemit we can be rewarded for that risk and not be monetised by the likes of facebook and so on.

You arent alone @exyle in thinking this way it reminds me of something I wrote 1 year ago, understanding it from a whales point of view they didn't log into steemit and bang instant whale who knows how much hardwork they have had to go through to get where they are today.

currently due to financial issues i have to power down. i don't want too, i hate it but i have too. i realise that 80% of steem is out there and the value of it will go up when it's more scarce, i get that. trust me i want nothin more to have a lot of steem here for curation rewards and just to be part of the community as a whole but also blogging and rewards currently is part of my escape plan of transitioning to the next place/space - just the nature of the beast. plus, i LOVE writing, sharing. so often times i don't care if i only make a few bucks tbh, it's nice when something resonates with someone thou. i enjoy that! - trust me, once i'm set i'm investing. $1 steem or under is ALWAYS worth investing in.

I am also bit late to the party, but I am glad that I am into this platform and the future of Steemit is likely to be a great one. Of cause you can go a long with building a good community around you and for that you have to have a great blog. I am a frequent reader of your blogs and I am agreed with your most of points.
Cheers and Keep blogging

i just came back here in steemit and this one greeted me. nice post :)

Interesting. I was also among those who thought that the reward should be distributed fairly, but now i understand differently. Even If you distribute fairly some people's conduct will still make it unfair. So it is better people just work hard on their blog so that it can be successful and they will profit.

The concept of fairness is an interesting one. What you think is fair, might be different to what I think is fair, which might be different to what someone else thinks is fair. Equal pay for everybody doesn't exist in real life because we are different. This is life. This is the same on steemit. Sure some people on here might have gotten lucky and now be sitting on a big chunk of steem, but they may have also taken some big risks to get it, be it putting their own money in or simply investing their time and skills in the platform to get it to where it is today instead of doing something else. We all have choices and they all come with a certain level of risk.
This is a good post.

@exyle - Sir, your experience, your knowledge you always share with nice articles.... We can't even think about cheap STEEM again Sir.... Next year with new announcements of SMT, STEEM price will reach to the moon.... So, 0.9 USD for a STEEM is a very good price Sir.... Nice you decided to talk about it Sir.....
To get more audience, I wish to ReSteem your post.

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

We have whales here because they were whales

We cannot arrive today and want to compare ourselves with people who have e been here over a year.

With consistent, we can become what we desire to be.

I side with you, the early bird always catches the worm. I still feel I'm here early enough, though we don't see the 1000s & 100s, that value of the little we have would be worth something one day

Dude you are absolutely correct! I also joined few months back and so far made a good journey here! Like you, I also missed this at the beginning! I have wasted so much time with scammy revshare programs and after all I decided to be here! If I had that loss money, just imagine become a whale is an easy task with current Steem price also! Pas was passed, I can't get it back! So focus ON now!
I like the way you think, and I want to think positively! I see a lot of people are trying to sell Steem at this point! But it's not a matter SMT will change the phase! I wish to see it sooner or later and keep faith on Steem as you do too!


"The fact they have a lot of Steem seems perfectly fair to me." ..I feel the same way! They were there at the right moment in time. Also they are sharing their knowledge to all the people who eventually also sign up for Steemit. It is a great community and you just have to make it fun while enjoying the time it takes to build a follower base and share some nice writings

Totally agree. This is often a solution put forward by people who essentially just want a big piece of the pie for nothing. They would just dump it immediately and run off. Guaranteed they would be back in a few months demanding that the steem was distributed fairly again!!

Well said, @exyle! If everyone would quit looking over the fence with envy and stuck to their own blogs they certainly would be happier. Work steadily on our blog. Hone your writing skills. And in time you too can be a whale...

I totally agree with you, I am trying my best and have some nice people who always read my stories and vote for me. Not because they just vote, they really read my short stories. I will never make a lot of money but I still get some votes so that is all I care about we must work hard and just enjoy this wonderful platform we can get something just for enjoying it.

Thanks for the advice because I hear about a lot of people who leave the site from looking at what other bloggers are getting/doing

Exactly, we need to constantly remind ourselves why we're doing this, not what's the payout of doing it. If you know why you do it, and you help a certain group of people with your blogging, you should be satisfied with that, and of course, strive for even more.

I always loved social media, but it was only in the last 2-3 years or so that I saw the restrictions that come with it!.. I pretty much dedicated a lot of time to facebook,{ I like the idea of chatting to people from all walks of life all over the world} , while occasionally writing poetry on blogspot. So, I was very excited to hear about this wonderful social media network called Steemit, that was restriction free, in which I could incorporate the two!.. I didn't know anything about making on it, until I started to myself, and when I cashed in over €200!!.. i couldnt believe it until I physically saw it in my bank account!- that's when I started looking into crypto.
I am still learning, it can get a bit confusing for me, but like you said I am just here, having fun in the process.. and you are right, it's when you start comparing yourselves to the more successful here , you can start to get envious , and that's when things really start!
So my Steemit motto for today, is 'let be' and have fun in the process , & maybe one day things will start happening exactly how they are supposed to!

Thanks for the post. I think we as a community need to periodically have a reality check. Build skills and talents first, and then the rewards will follow.

That's what i am trying to do didn't even give up in between :)

We never had an opportunity to meet at steemfest but I am glad I stumbled across your account because it has further enlightened me about the steemit platform and how older users of this technology think about where it might be heading. It also prompted me to create my first post.

What do you think about Jerry Banfield's suggestion to grow steemit in a similar way to how Dash has recently grown, i.e using budget proposals?

I have been trading crypto since the beginning of the year and considering steemit has such a fantastic and working platform that could grow massively (like facebook) its value has not performed very well compared to so many other crypos. It does not make sense!? Do you have an opinion on this? Cheers

I joined Steem after hearing about it in a conference a few months back. I like the idea and it is always great to be part of a community. It is a nice bonus in addition to investing in the currency.

they complains go about minnowbooster upvotes 200$ per post while it was intented to be for minnows and about alot of good authors earnings cents while rewards go to same people over and over. I cant find anything in this post about that, people go unnoticed and its not good for steemithealth

Great post. I like the comment about envy influencing a person's decision process. So true. Thanks.

Have great perception about the blogs and very sucess

I am very motivated with your writing this, thanks for share your experience @exyle

We now know how to build great trust in your own good. Thank you, you are the spiritual father of this new world

good post
plise vote back for me

So true. The only way to really get by is to keep looking forward and focusing on your own stuff. No one ever gets very far looking to the side.

Great post.

Nice post my friend well done

Great post. In the end you get what you put in.

I liked what you say: "Focus on your own blog". In other words, try not to have "Big Eye Syndrome".

Totally right. I'm happy with they way my account has grown just by trying to write daily and make friends here. Consistency pays off.

great creativity in life @exyle .... love to read your post.thanks for sharing.

It's nice reading this, i've always tought about this before, it's good to focus in your own blog, if only i had the opportunity then

Look at an account named dart and tell me there's not a problem

We cannot arrive today and want to compare ourselves with people who have e been here over a year.

good think dear fm @exyle

Amazing post really nice & mind touch blog😁..I like this👌.😍😍

May be I thought too much of my blog sucess, I too need to learn a lot about bitcoin ,

I think you are a wise person and you think in a logical and unique way
I thought you really deserve encouragement

I also seen your all post you can check now @exyle

In 2020 I will own the same mug. 🐳

Yeah i d o agree even i have seen few people powering down over small amount of Steem ,I guess if they get a hand on enough ,what would have happened.

The way it is ,it is Good enough !

Good suggestion to get success in sreemit.thanks for this blog

Hi @Exyle,

I agree with you. Focus on your own blog and success. I was thinking of starting off with a minimum of 2 blog posts per week. Creating good content and delivering it in a fun and entertaining way.

I think you need to have a lot of patience with both the blog and the value of Steem. 18 months for the blog to deliver regular payout and Steem value will grow as more value is added.

Looping back to buying Steem cheap ...

I read the book Warren Buffett and The Business of Life and he states in there if the masses run in one direction you run in the opposite direction. Buying lots of Steem when the majority is selling makes sense to me. I would do the same.

Good post ...