Businesses on the STEEM blockchain are becoming real - Earning Steem tokens without blogging

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My Steem Mug arrived 16 days after I ordered it.

I thought that was pretty fast considering it had to be made and shipped from the United States to the Netherlands.

I paid for it with Steemdollars from a store called Steemporium.

What I like about Steemporium is that a big part of the profits from the mug go to the creators of the art that is used on the products that they sell.

The mug looks great. The artwork is part of the mug and not some cheap sticker that is glued on.

It's quality as far as mugs go.


After paying the creator of my Exyle logo with Steem dollars this is the second time I used Steem dollars to buy goods and services on the blockchain.

It's really nice to buy these goods and services with cryptocurrency that I earned on the STEEM blockchain without converting it to any other currency.

I can also find these services and stores right here on the STEEM blockchain and I think in the future there will be many more.

The box looked a little beat up when it arrived so I had some worries.


After opening it I saw it was fine. It was thickly wrapped in bubble plastic.


The lines are from the light, not the mug itself


Earning Steem tokens without blogging

I don't think that everyone on the Steem blockchain will be able to earn Steem tokens on the Steem blockchain through the creation of content.

There is a limited reward pool and the numbers of users are growing.

But by showcasing these examples of early STEEM blockchain business pioneers I'm hoping to show that there are more ways than one to earn cryptocurrency on the STEEM blockchain.

I like to support these endeavours as much as I can because I believe they give tremendous value to the whole platform.

I believe in the future the Steem blockchain will become a social-economic platform where there is room for the creation of content but also room for businesses and the offering of services with the use of the Steem dollar as a currency.

I think that's great.

Exyle logo final _ RGB-04.png

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I'm glad you're happy with the product.
In case you were wondering...we pay the artists 85% of the profits. Obviously we have to make some profit for running the business, but we've gone out of our way to make sure it's the amazing artists we work with that make the lions share.
We are getting more products uploaded everyday and expect to have all of our current products available by next week (had some delays due to my house getting rocked by Hurricane Irma). As soon as we get the rest of the products up, we will be opening the music section of the store.
We really appreciate your business and we're glad you liked the mug!
Being all products are printed to order and we were shipping to the Netherlands from the US, you're right, 16 days wasn't too long of a wait.
Thanks again!
Btw...scanning the QR code on the mug, takes you directly to the artists profile on steemit.

85% is a lot! Wow, very generous. I'm happy with my mug but even happier with seeing businesses on the Steem blockchain! Thank you.

Business and charities on the Steem blockchain are a massive growth area - let's do this!

Good to see you Steemin on !!!! still waiting for the free QC Steemit T-Shirt !, (Just kiddin) lmao ! great to be back on and see you rockin! Talk to you soon on discord ! Keep up the GOOD work bro !!!

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I think it's awesome you're really showing the incredible opportunity Steem presents for businesses on the block chain. We're getting a glimpse of how commerce can and will be transacted in the future.

When you stop and think about it, it just makes too much sense. Being able to complete business transactions from around the world in a mutually accepted currency with no fees on the Steem block chain is incredibly easy and adds tremendous value to the platform as a whole. Your efforts to promote this utility is very important and cannot be understated. What other crypto has a working use case to promote this capability? As time goes on and more and more people understand the true capabilities of Steem, I can't fathom how it can not increase dramatically in value.

Great job brother and have a great weekend and enjoy your time with baby Sam!

Wow awesome mug @exyle, really the color and art work on mug is awesome, well no doubt these little developments really strengthened the steemit community and i am glad that now we can use our SBD to buy products online line through steemporium and it's also nice to hear that steemporium also giving the profit of the mug to creators of the art hence creating a win win situation and this the way to get huge success in any business, well no doubt we will see more and more plateforms like steemporium soon, thanks for sharing.

Oh my, that's so cool.
I love the idea of buying things with steem dollars - some how it just seems so right to pass them around!

I bet you were worried when you saw the damaged box though!!

It was a bit more dented than I liked it to be, lol. But it was all good!

Yes I believe the same, that the future is in the economical side. Maybe because I dont manage to have a lot of SBD just from writing I envision a more familiar future :D Thanks so much for the example, I need a mug at the office :)

Wow that would be awesome! And I think we can use SBD instead of USD in near future! Actually this is a pretty amazing work and a best opportunity to sell products in steemit platform!


Lol, that is a really cool mug, I am gonna check them out!

I think ventures of this type are also needed to be able to grow the value of Steem. The cryptocurrency has a lot more value when you can use it as a method of exchange for real world goods and services.

nice post, well finally the mug is arrived that's great and i really like the art work on the mug it's looks like a sort of whale eating everything, steemporium is no doubt a fantastic induction to steemit blockchain as we can now buy products online with SBD, these things really increasing the potential and growth of steem blockchain and it really benefits the whole steemit community, it also looks like little sam is also happy with the arrival of mug, enjoy your weekend with little sam.

It's a whale with a serving tray full of upvotes for a few hungry minnows.

Absolutely @exyle, imagine if just gets bigger and bigger and have a huge inventory just like Amazon! I am waiting for that time and I'm sure, it will come soon!

We're working on it 😉

You got it! @ghulammujtaba all down the line for sure.

Great to hear this really. This is the future. Need to get some Cannabis and STEEM stuff up there next! <3

If you've got designs, we have room for you in the store.

@jonny-clearwater followed you, going to have to chat at some point about how you work royalties with the store. I sell t-shirts on Amazon and a couple other POD sites. Would be interested in earning Steem.

I'm pretty much always available

This is a good step in steemit, we will be able to buy what we want, pay for it in steem, and help other steemians , a win, win .

Yes, that's what the Steem blockchain does. Mostly win-win for everyone.

Never thought about selling something on Steemit? I need to find out how to do that so I can market my book here and exchange it for steempower/dollars. Thanks for the informative article, you definitely have my vote.

We would be interested in selling your book in our store.

That sounds fantastic, we can discuss that and you let know how it works! thank you @jonny-clearwater

Let us know when it's ready.

I will do thank you, I'm at the final formatting stage now, so not too long. I will be in touch.

Glad I could give you this insight!

Interesting I didn't think about selling on steemit but it's a great idea.
Maybe I will start selling the juwelry that I make!
Maybe that's were the big bucks are for me :D

The time is now. First mover advantage is how I see it.

Yay! It finally arrived!! It looks pretty good actually! I'm thinking about making phone cases to sell, but haven't fully figured out how I should do it yet.

We have iPhone cases, Android is a lil harder to manage with all the different makes and models out there.

Haha Ya, android cases are a whole different story on a whole other level lol

Im probably gonna get one

I started following you yesterday after you were recommended in another post.
Am not really a mug fan, no matter how high the quality - but have to say, I really like your writing style - very down to earth and self-deprecating and humorous



Thank you!

Good to see you've received the mug without any problems. It looks good! I agree with you that more and more people will start to provide services rather than posting content because it's coming harder and harder for new users to make a significant amount for their content. Including me. I think I will start to actively provide my design services for steem dollars.

you should. I used one and paid 250SBD for mine.

Say my hello to Sam..😊 He is a cute kid.. I think you doing well with your nephew..🤗
Also great to hear about Steemporium..
Feeling great future about blockchain.. So, Would like to trade with them..
Upvoted for you..😊👌👍

The artwork really captures a part of the steemit experience :), I enjoyed the joke. It's exciting to see real world application of cyrptocurrencies and of steem in particular. The future will hold a lot of interesting surprises.

Totally agree , blogging is a great opportunity for now, but steemit needs to develope, otherwise it might get stuck. Competitors are not sleeping and fighting for new users will be harder and harder.

While I agree with you that steemit and steemians can workout something of a mutual benefit to generate additional steem token for the benefits of many; I think content creation will still be the core of steemit. Afterall, the quantity of tokens does not have an immediate impact on the value, though it is not to be ignored.

Anyway, great post as always. These posts are the reason why steemit thrives.

I am still waiting for Amazon to take any type of Crypto. as payment.

But until then I will continue to Push the Steemit Envelope.

How wonderful!

I would love to buy one but I keep reinvesting my steem into steem power! I just need an easy way to get fiat in here, maybe I can sell something.

It is amazing that money can be transferred anywhere in the world, in seconds and for FREE!

That is really cool. I look forward seeing what he store has to offer for us all.

It's a wide open frontier out there for those who wish to use blockchain commerce. I think it's a grand idea!!

wow steemit is full of innovative and smart people hence why I am sure that steem price will shoot up especially after the next update. Keep steeming to more success

thx for sharing

Great to see it out in the 'wild' @exyle :)
Glad it arrived safely. It's one of my fav. mugs good pick!

Completely agree with you. For us the future.

I have read your post, I think your post must be read so that our readers can think more broadly about the business we can do with steemdollar transactions. thanks for the information. there is a place in Indonesia that accepts payments with steemdollars on a caffe. can enjoy a cup of coffee by paying for a steemdollar.

Wao nice @exyle. I cant believe you bought it with SteemDollars.

Beautiful mug Exyle <3 btw there are 70 + comments i wonder you will see mine or not <3 btw i saw you taking good care of your commentators thats soo nice of you <3 and yeah sorry for late btw :D

One step at a time, dime by dime,
we're growing stronger than ever.
We're one!

I like the vision, it's powerful!
Nice mug by the way!

Thanks for sharing this knowledge about the steem blockchain, it is really refreshing.

Very interessing post @exyle thank you so much for sharing

If you can buy a product for Steemdollar, its price will grow very much!

I am everyday reading your post and I like it..........,,,,,,,

Thank you for your inspiration! I really like your content.

Very insightful post. I look forward to reading more of your content in the future.

Nice to meet you,
Wow, this is somehow a dream come true after all these years envisioning it coming to our everyday world.
I votes you post plase vote my post thank you
Thanks a lot for sharing, great job as always,
Follow me @jahidhasan
Thank you

We are getting more products uploaded everyday and expect to have all of our current products available by next week (had some delays due to my house getting rocked by Hurricane Irma). As soon as we get the rest of the products up, we will be opening the music section of the store.
We really appreciate your business and we're glad you liked the mug!
Being all products are printed to order and we were shipping to the Netherlands from the US, you're right, 16 days wasn't too long of a wait.
Thanks again! my friend

Why did you copy/paste from what I wrote?

That is a good sign for the growth of steem and your cup is looking really beautiful.

amigo #resteemia at your service

'I believe in the future the Steem blockchain will become a social-economic platform' i believe it too. nice work @exyle

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great initiative.. it is beneficial for all.
Mug looks neat .. Steemit is becoming the think in Block-chain..
Proved to be a partner in Steemit community..

what an idea!
really good one..

the opportunities are many, and you are making the most of them @exyle

@exyle Thanks for sharing your activities with finding up and jogging. The 1st yrs tend to be the hardest. We are at our for six yrs non-halt.Carry on Performing at it. Perseverance and exertions tend to be the keys to results.

That was truly the great use of steem platform so great the quality of the Mug is Impressive truly looks Best and i think everyone would like to get one.
its great to see how this platform is growing and evolving and changing lifes all over with its breakthrough technology i hope the challengers will be sorted along as this will evolve more :)

really it inspiring the steemit world to transaction like you, hopefuly now enjoyed your mug with drinks, thanks.

its lovely.... i'll buy it too when i have too much steem :D

that looks freaking cool and everyone would tensed at first to see the package while shipping but it was very well packed indeed the steem is changing the businesses and that's a good sign :)

@exyle - Oh my goodness, that mug looks beautiful Sir. Love your work. Therefore, I wish to ReSteem your post.

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nice mug and deeply thesis about blockchain and bitcoin.

Another Great one!!

Baby is very beautiful,,,,,,,,,

Wow! I know the nerd who made the art work too...

that's a sweet mug

wow! great idea.

Hi. I'm new here. and this is my first comment for you :)

Sounds great buying stuff with steem :) Pretty soon it shall be available all over ,waiting for that day ;)
and the Mug looks kinda cool


what is his name ???
@exyle so sweet

I need a beer mug asap! I hope there will be some merch at Steemfest!

I'm glad you are promoting places to purchase products using Steem. I made a post about buying jewellery with Steem not too long ago, but it didn't seem to get much exposure. In case you may be interested, here is the link:

Cant agree with you more.

so good info in here, i will check the website that you add--it to your article