When things don't work the first time

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My truck needed an oil change. I got what I needed, new oil and new filter, even a oil filter wrench. Popped the hood, undid the battery for better access to the filter. Everything is chilling, smooth like the touch of an angel. I put the wrench on, and tighten it and try to twist it off. The grip slips, I go further inside my truck, and I reset, tried again. Slip. I dried the filter and wrench and tried again. No difference.
It's a beautiful sunny day, the birds are chirping their happy songs and I'm doing good, made some coffee, ate a PB & J sandwich. Went back to the filter, with another wrench, with better grip.

Countless attempts, I take a break. Watched a video on youtube about a dude talking about hammering a screwdriver through both sides of the filter to get it off. Looked at my filter and said fuck no. Walked around the place, looking for big pliers and ending up finding a c-clamp and some sandpaper. Wrapped the filter in sandpaper and tighten that sucker and twist, it came off. It made some dents and took a couple twists to get it loosen and then unscrew by hand and boom! Onto the rest of the process, I was able to finish without any other troubles.
I just wanted to share that c-clamps work great at oil filter removal. Thank you for reading!


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