Time to go hunting - a Guzzi SF adventure (G16)

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The hall opened out before them. It was large. Square-shaped. And square in the middle of the three sides that were visible to them was the opening of a large corridor - including the one they were in.

"Okay. What's the play, Guzzi?" asked Jazz. About two hundred metres across the open chamber the fur mountain still blocked that entrance to the tombs proper. But they had been watching the BigYar for the better part of ten minutes and Jazz was ready to shoot something.

"Are you sure there's no other way?" asked Sapphire.

Guzzi shook his head and pointed at the BigYar. "Nope. We want in? We go through it."

Last time he had entered this hall there had just been one FooBar here, only the second one he had encountered, and he nearly hadn't survived.

I've gotta be crazy for coming back here. Schez. I've gotta be crazy for coming here in the first place. And there it was, the question it always came back to. That he still didn't have an answer to. "Why did I come here in the first place?"

Jazz laughed at Guzzi's question, drawing looks of disapproval from Sapphire. "What? You're not even here, honey. That thing wakes up, it won't be eating you for breakfast. It'll be chowing down on us."

Guzzi smiled and held up a hand for silence. "Okay. I think I have a plan," he said, gesturing for his sister.

Sapphire nodded. "Yep, I got this," and without another word she strode into the chamber.

Suddenly Schmeep got up from where is was sitting. "What is she doing?" it gravelled the question in a strangely urgent way.

"Creating a diversion," said Jazz and Guzzi together.

Guzzi continued, gesturing into the chamber. "She's going to get the BigYar to follow her, and allow us to get into the next part of the chamber."

Schmeep Gar looked confused. "Why would you do this?" it asked.

"Because Sapphire is a hologram," Jazz answered. "She can't be killed."

Schmeep Gar's voice was low and grating. "But... she can be killed."

Guzzi and Jazz looked at each other, and towards Sapphire, who was now half way toward the fur mountain.

"No!" and suddenly Guzzi was sprinting towards his sister.

"Schez!" said Jazz. "Get ready for fire support, Schmeep. Full death. As soon as that thing moves." And then Jazz was sprinting towards the corridor on their left.

✨ 👽 ✨

Sapphire blocked out the sudden frustration she felt emanating from her brother. She was about half way to Fur Mountain, but closer now to the corridor on the right. "Yep. This'll do."

Without looking around she withdrew a couple of grenades from her bag, organised them from least to maximum impact and placed them on the ground in front of herself.

Time to go hunting.

✨ 👽 ✨

To be continued...

....Continued from:

✨ 👽 ✨

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Guzzi had been doing lot of hectic stuff lately

  ·  last year (edited)

Yeah he has 🙂
Still, it wouldn't be as interesting if he just went shopping for groceries all the time would it?

Hahaha - at least I hope it wouldn't!

Best story thanks for share i like it

ita very good job

How does one kill a hologram?

Ah - good question. Stay tuned!

you have to scramble their matrix :p

Your stories make me smile. 😊

Thanks larajt 🙃
I'm glad!

Nice story post you have share on steam plateform

Im happy that there was no explosion this time.
And ten minutes were quite enough as well

nice episode but i have to read the first episodes.however this is very nice demonstration given by you.200_s.gif

Intriguing write