Time is Fleeting, But Life Awaits…Live Intensely For You to Compete Against Time And Be The Winner....

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Hi dear Steemians, how are you all? I hope you all are well of course!

In this post I would like to share about two the most valuable coins I could find on my journey, these coins are:

1 - Time

2 - Life

I've always been a person who had in mind power if the winner against time.

I started my journey from a very young age and I always wanted to do everything intensely so that by the time I was 30 or 35 years old, my financial life would be solved according to the parameters I established for myself.

But I'd like to make a note of it all: I've never done or accomplished anything to show or compete with anyone. I have always undertaken to achieve my goals to compete with myself.

I never bothered to show or prove anything to anyone. I have always wanted to prove to myself that I was able to achieve my goals as in a race against time because it makes us have to live intensely and this I can guarantee for you that is wonderful.

The more intensely you live, the younger you will feel and the more stories you will have to tell and share with the world if you will.

What were you doing just before opening your browser and coming to Steemit to read this blog post? What were you doing an hour before? What were you doing the day before? What about the past year? Never mind the past, what are you going to do after you are finished reading this?

Time is fleeting. With all its deceptions and tricks, time is a quantifiable entity that swirls around creation in ways that are confusing, but always foreseeable. It was some time ago that I heard a really moving story which I am going to share with you today.

img src

In the year 1977, there was an old man who had been walking with his grandson for some time in the streets. As they were going down a sidewalk, an approaching cart lost its balance and fell on the boy with its enormous weight. In an act of bravery that was instinctive, the old man who had a hard time carrying a 5-kilogram bag suddenly managed to lift up a few hundred-pound cart and save his grandson.

After that incident, claws of depression found their way to the heart of the old man. For then, he had seen but a glimpse of his real potential and what he could have done with the live that was given to him.

img src

Time is fleeting. Do not stand idly by as months and years of your life go to waste as you wait for an opportunity to go after the things you want. That perfect and fictitious opportunity is never going to present itself. You are the one who must create that opportunity.

Ask the important questions. Think about the meaning of your life and the goals that you want to achieve. Think about the reasons that make you grateful of your existence. Think of all the things that you could do with this blessing; the events you can have an impact on, and the lives that you can change.
Dream. Think. Move. Fight.

img src

What matters the most is how these people with extraordinary dreams decide to use their time. What matters is how these people decide to fight off ordinariness in a world that is moving towards it. What matters is how these people fight to the last drop of their blood to reach what they deserve.

When you have dreams, that is in itself proof that god has already given you the capability and competence to go after those dreams and realize them. It is going to be difficult and hard. It is going to be challenging and exhausting. It is going to be wearisome and overwhelming. But trust me, when you grow old and pale, you will not, for a single second, regret the trial of the road.

img src

It doesn’t matter how old you are. So long as there is life in your veins, and so long as you can breathe, you are capable of doing great things that are unimaginable to those who have decided to be ordinary.
Time is fleeting. Decide now. Are you the person who is going to use this precious entity to realize your dreams or are you going to live out the rest of your days in regret, waiting to die a remorseful death?

A Big HUG!!!!


Important Note

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Hi there! I really appreciate the post, not only the obvious time and energy put into it but its' actual purpose. I'm new to Steemit so still figuring out everything but just wanted to let you know you've VERY MUCH earned the upvote and follow. looking forward to creeping on your account for other posts like this! it gives me an idea of how I should be formatting mine as I'm trying to do the same thing!

"Include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!"

Thank you so...! Included! Regards

pls follow back, jst followed you. Am new here n i love your posts.

Appreciate it much. Posting about ‘how to beat the Sunday scaries’ tomorrow :-)

thanks for choosing me

Solo hay que tener diciplina y fuerza de voluntad... si no tienes la voluntad para sentirte mejor.. deberiamos encontrar amistades que quieran disfrutar un estilo de vida igual que el que queremos nosotros.. y asio compartir gustos para vivir una vida mas saludable y feliz.

For a while I was offline but coming on today and seeing your post.... I just had to read because I know I'll definitely learn something.
Thanks so much. Indeed, if we don't discipline ourselves and use our youthful strength wisely, old age becomes difficult and full of regrets. I really hope and pray youths take note and use their time and resources wisely and capture opportunities as they present themselves.
Well-done sir. Keep up the good work.

You are welcome sir.
Keep up the good work.

I love your publication, especially its way of being included in this community, I am new to steemit and I am grateful because I feel that I learn from each member of this community. Include my profile in the list #Vzla

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hey check me out :=)

Please remove me from this list. While I am grateful for the mentions, your excessive posting is becoming somewhat spam like.

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Done! Excuse me, but I just don't understand what you mean by excessive posting. This is my hard work even with my busy life I just give my best always and his concept of comparing with spam is wrong. But alright, every person with his head and his judgment even if wrong! I wish you the best!

Please forgive me, I don't mean to offend you. You listed names in a footer of some sort meaning that every time you post an article, they get a 'mention'.

Every time I am mentioned, I get a notification. You have mentioned me 8 times in the last two days. Many of them were with the space of the last 12 hours.

Please understand my frustration here.
Once again, I mean no offense.

Your articles are of excellent quality, and add value to the block-chain as intended, so I don't mean spam in the sense of poor quality at all but the frequency in which I was getting mentions was a little overwhelming for me.

It's not my intention to create enemies here on the block-chain and I know that your intentions were good, so I hope that we can still be friends.

Keep on creating great content. I hope that this clears up any misunderstanding.

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No problem my friend, I understand is that words when written may sound different from when spoken and this often creates misunderstandings. But I was not offended by your words, don't worry and know that you have my respect as I respect all the people who contribute to make this community a respectful, generous. Thank you for your words and as I said above I wish the best for you and you will always be welcome! Regards @chbartist

Yes! Thank you. I was worried. I don't want enemies here. Keep on posting great content.

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Most non violent way to end conflict, I’m impressed 🤷🏽‍♂️😁.

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To some degree I understand and I agree with @shaidon

You're creating huge amount of content @chbartist and it's really kind of hard to follow. Didnt you consider slowing down and posting no more than 1 time a day?


@crypto.piotr, I respect your point of view but I have a very busy life. I command 3 companies and I still have my artistic career in my country. My schedule is not regular and I have to take advantage of a few days that I am free of appointments from this very busy schedule and do the posts. For me it is impossible to schedule a post every 10 or 12 hours or whatever. I have to write when I can and I have given my best to the community sharing experiences that I have lived and am living. It is rare that I have the time of day to post. I only have one night since I work 16 to 18 hours a day. With all respect @chbartist

Thank you for your kind reply @chbartist

Personally I found your content very interesting. I hope you didn't mind that my opinion doesnt go along with yours. You're very popular as well so you definetly know what's best for you.

I only spoke up as one of your followers. Sometimes amount of content you create is more than one can read. Perhaps Im just a slow reader :) Anyway please don't mind me and continue great work. I will continue supporting you as I value your work a lot.

Is any of those 3 companies related to crypto or blockchain by any chance? Im dying to know :)

you're very responsive which is absolutely great and steemit community surely will benefit by having you here.

if you would ever like to keep in touch and support each other closer, then drop me a message [email protected]
This will allow us to communicate easier.

No pressure of course,

Cheers, Piotr

Hi @crypto.piotr, about your comment, no worries, I didn't feel offended for any moment and I could not even feel it because when people have respectful dialogs this can't offend them. And that's exactly the point here, you write very kindly too and I really appreciate it and a lot of people don't understand the difference of dialog and attack talking disrespectfully and this persons I ignore or send flowers LOL. I'm giving my best here and nothing better than our conscience be at peace. About my technology company, LOL. No! the company is not related to blockchain or cryptography my company development e-commerce , softwares, apps, digital marketing, satellite transmission, web television and developments related to telecommunications in general.

You are not a slow reader like I said, my life is very busy and you will rarely see me make so many articles in one day but on this particular day I had more time to devote to my blog.

If you want to talk to me, feel free. It's only you send me a message through steemchat search me over there. I can't always respond at the same time but I will certainly respond if you write to me.

Regards and always wishing the best to you and to all!

I have so say here but I would just like to mention that I've been reading your posts very carefully and they are very meaningful and deep. I enjoy reading them!kee up the good work and always value content more than quick money! Take care stay safe :-)

I can only say if i have one hour to live, what will i do with it?
That will be a compass to find my route in life

Hi, I like what you posted. I see time as just a concept and see it as malleable with our perception of it. Life is the only coin here and now in this manifestation in this moment. So I feel life is the only and most valuable "coin" . It is great to find and read such great Bloggers as you and other. Very grateful, Keep going, everything is good :)

Time is not important...only love is important; and sharing this great post is a true expression of kindness. l0V3 4LL, s3RV3 4LL.

I’d have to quit Steemit.
I mean, the irony of all this great advice is that we are getting at it from a source that has somehow turned us into potato couches (I know some people are more mobile than others, can steem from cell phones, work places, etc; not all of us have the same options).
For those of us who have been forced by circumstances to turn Steemit into a source of income, a livelihood, it is very difficult, especially with this crypto debacle, to keep growing in Steemit without having to sacrifice other things in the real world.
I am struggling to find balance, to take care of family and friends, while at the same time doing this, which I love.
If Steemit were more profitable now, it would be easier to combine virtual and real world, but in order for whatever we do here to be financially rewarding we have to devote a huge amount of time to interaction, reading, voting, commenting, and researching.
I’m sure there may be more practical and efficient ways to do this. I have not found it yet.
In any case, the advice is great, but I think that were we to realize our plans the way they are conceived, most like that would imply sacrificing other things or people.
It’s a tricky catch 22.

Brom steem is not something we can expect immediate return instead we have to invest time to get return out of it and you can't depend on it for survival. You need to do some other thing for basic necessities.

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Of course, I do. And now, more than ever, I understand how unstable this whole business is, but the irony is that in order for you to aspire to grow here you'd need to devote so much time it leaves little less for a regular occupation.

I understand what you mean my friend. But life shows us paths every minute and we have to make a decision. I can honestly tell you from my experience that there is not a way where we can have everything at the same time. There will always be seasons that we have to devote more time to something that is shown to us. I did this in all the seasons of my life because this is the only way I found today to be free and do whatever I want with my time and that is what I wish for all of you. But as the old saying goes. No pain no gain! And believe me, I'm not just talking about money. Regards

Absolutely. You are right. There is a time for this and there is a time for that... After 21 years teaching, I want to think that this time (weeks, months, who knows) will be well invested. I am enjoying this and it is providing me with motivation and perspective.
There are lots of great people here who generously contribute their time, talent, and life experience to helping others. That is priceless.
There is gain, even in the pain :)

Exactly my friend! Let's go together!

Hey thank you for the mention, loved to be the part of this. and yes Dream. Think. Move. Fight. is the most inspirational set of words I ever read. Lots of appreciation to you.
And for instance As I have read certain comments. I seriously do not find the posts to be a bundle and difficult to keep up with unless or untill they aren't with strong or meaningful content. I find @chbartist post to be meaningful no matter if they are so many. If I am learning something I would love to read 100 of them.

You deserve @praditya! Regards

Time ... is something that unfortunately can not be returned, it is something that happens hastily and that if we do not take advantage sometimes we can regret it ... that's why we have to manage it wisely. The work is good, but there are people who spend their time just working and do not dedicate their family ... to their children, on the contrary there are others who only think of parties and do not work in order to guarantee a stable future, as For example, buying a home for when you want to live quietly ... in short, everything must have a balance, know how to manage our time and dedicate to each thing the time necessary to lead a healthy life, complete, productive, happy and blessed.

Saludos.. te dejé mensaje.

Whaoh...! This is an incredible post. ... You see, time waits for no man the best you make use of your time the better because as seconds run off,as minutes passes and the hours click on, we are all getting older and the fact is understanding your purpose and driving towards your dream should be paramount. At the beginning of each year I make out my new year resolutions well I am afraid I have not being about to keep to all of it . It hits me so hard that I am growing older I have not reached my financial level and score my life goals. However, I am not discourage and I am very focuss and resolute in meeting very goal. I dont consider myself a failure I just know in a matter of consistent mindset of success I will surely arrive at my goal. Best regard @chbartist. Please kindly include me in your community I believe we all have values to share and contribute to everyone in the community.

I appreciate the two coins of life
Time and
Every person have dreams in life but those who work hard and keep focus, they get success in life.
Those who want comfort without hard work they never got anything in life.

Success is the name of continuous struggle. Success is for those who work hard.

I really appreciate your efforts towards building a strong community in which everyone is getting support from people.

Have a good day from @coolguy222

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Great my friend. I also appreciate your effort and your contribution. Regards

I started to question life and myself after i was 27 years old. Now i am 34 years old. but i still question life and myself. Because whole life is a unknown. I think about time is that limit our life. So i try to don't care about time. Only i try to focus what i want and my family.

The most important thing for me is the place where you feel happy and is to be there. This place is timeless for me. As i say above i am 34 years old, but still i am feeling like 25 years old:)) My opinion don't care time, just focus your life and experience.

Thanks @chbartist, have a nice day to you and to all steemians..

Thank you for your words! Regards and have a nice week!

Thank you so much to create and provide this nice friendly place

Great concept friend! Have a good day!

Oh my goodness.. I did NOT expect to be mentioned in anything, lest a post by yours truly. I don't even know what to say. I honestly don't feel like I deserve any shoutout XD

You are always being so thoughtful and proactive, kind and uplifting for everyone in the community. That really means a lot for a lot of us, as you can clearly see from the many loving comments on this list. Before coming here I was feeling really down -- I was comparing myself to someone else when I really shouldn't have, I should have been focusing on how grateful I should be for everything I have in my life right now, than thinking of someone else's position and putting myself down.

More than anything, I should be defeating the negative side of me, and returning to feeling love and pride for others in every step they take.

I don't got a lot of pals or friends. I'm a pretty lonely person :'( But every kind word that I am given means the world to me, and I do my best to never forget that, and to always give it back as much as I can and more, so anyone else who feels lonely and down can feel like they are acknowledged to <3 My only hope is that the small comments, maybe only a minute of my day each, can bring some warmth to someones heart and make them feel validated, and noticed!

My one dream in life is to feel content and peace. I don't know how I will get there, but I will do everything I can to do so -- Make friends, succeed in career, succeed in school -- and I hope that for everyone else, they can find a way to achieve content and peace as well! I am only 23 years old, so maybe I don't know that much of what is worth pursuing and what isn't, but I hope my dream is worth the fight nevertheless, and I sure will not waste time seeking it out!

Thank you @chbartist !

If you call it coins then i must say both are precious because if there is no life then nothing is there. And in life too we need use time properly. Waste of time will surely cost us a lot which we will realise later.
Liked the story about old man and how he managed to save his grandson though he was not able to realise his potential. Sometimes situations takes out the best from us and this story is perfect example of that.
Other side, like you said our community is growing and even i am happy to see that people vote each other abd thats a great motivation for all of us as a community. If i look at few recent posts then can see more than 10 upvotes in most of the comments. As you say value is not important but the attitude toward the comment matters and it motivates the person to write more and more.
Looking forward to see increase in votes. A salute to all people who are part of @chbartist family. Have a great weekend.

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@alokkumar121 I'm glad to see you can see the growing upvotes and thank you for your kind words. Have an excellent weekend too.

We must be good stewards of our time and our life so that it will always be fruitful and healthy. And that is done by dedicating time to our dreams and aspirations.

Good see you Juan! Great words!

Most of us are not very futuristic. They have short time view, may be i'm included. So to ask thyself the meaning of life is meaningless to them.
But we should, coz we will get older one day and at that time if we don't gather something to peace our soul, what would be the worth of that life?
Thanks for the great post.

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Thank you for your great words!

You are always welcome. Thanks again.

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Today I'm not going to ad my opinion on this blog I'm here just thanks to you for your mention in your blog
In really very thankful to you for considering my little effort and mentioning my name in the list

Realization of what are your dreams and goals is really a beautyful thing.then only you can know the importance of time and life...

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Great post 👍 thanks for sharing this post.i like it this post.i appreciate your valuable post..

I myself have wasted time by procrastination. Excuses made by myself to myself seems to be never ending. Things only get moving when I kick myself and say this has to stop..... now it is much better. I am more disciplined and try to achieve things on my own for my self advancement. The wasted time has gone by and now I look forward to the beyond.
I shall dream, I shall think, I shall move and I shall fight.

That's right, my friend! Never give up! Regards

Our journey does not end until our last breath so we should never stop seeking balance and growth to improve our experience while on this earth. We are blessed to be capable for much more than what we know; both physically like you mention, but mentally as well. Many studies demonstrate that we use only a portion of our brain power so imagine the capabilities if we extend our experiences and journeys with our available effort? No limits!

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Hi @chbartist

I also had a plan to be financially "solved" and ... well. That was a great plan and it kind of worked until I felt in love and started losing control over my own money hahaha :)

the more stories you will have to tell and share with the world if you will

Im only 41 and I realized already that many of my life stories are nothing but a blur memories which are slowly fading away. Sometimes it makes me wonder if I will have any interesting stories to tell by the time I reach my old days.

People believe that your money can be taken away from you but your memories cannot. I highly doubt it already. How is your memory? Still sharp?


Hello friend, do not think that. Nothing can be taken away from you I say this because money you can lose and gain again but your mind no one is able to control, just you. Get up and do not give up, and I'm not necessarily talking about money. Find a goal for your life and start working on it now and I'm sure you will have many memories to tell. Regards

I wish to be as optimistic as you are @chbartist

Unfortunatelly I did many years of boxing and muay thay and my memory is not as sharp as I would like it to be. So I think time and age will take away most of it from me.

Get up and do not give up, and I'm not necessarily talking about money.

Dont get me wrong.

I actually did quite a lot in my life. I've travelled via land from europe all the way to China. I've spent years doing boxing in thailand. I've seen half of europe, sleeping very often with homeless people at the train stations because of lack of money.

I've been to middle east. I witnessed people killing others. So I've seen beauty of this world and I experienced cruel evil as well.

But again: memories are somehow dying and I cannot do much about it. All those years being punched in my head is already taking a tool.

And sad part is that hardly anyone cares about my stories. People want to be heard, not to listen. That's just how it is.

Right now my goal in my life is to establish safe future for myself and my beloved partner. I hope this goal is good enough :)

Thank you again for replying to every single comment. I truly appreciate and Im glad to have a chance to get to know you.


Sir we should use time wisely.
Thank you for your support.
I reallt appreciate.

Thanks for another admonishing post. I always read your post with a mindset that I'm here to tap into your wealth of experience and improve my life.

Please include my profile in the list, because I do or want to be part of all this with all of you!

Have a great day!

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Thank you friend! I included! Regards

Another quality article, and what a way to end. You read about this topic so often, but for many differing reasons daily life takes over and you forget. And you know what? You are right, it's time to start moving towards the life you deserve. Onward and upwards from hereon, keep the articles coming!

Time is something may of us haven’t grasped, because it’s always going and moving forward.

Sometimes time also speak to us in vital moments urging us to make use of Him and in those times we should listen to the voice in our giving us hope when we are in a state of despair.

When we grow old we will look back and see all that we have accomplished and we might look back in regret that we haven’t fully utilised the time we had when we were young.

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Exactly! Great words! Have a good weekend!

Person of any age can dream big and still achieve heights with continuous efforts and constant perseverance and strict time management. This can become true only when the person realizes his/her self worth.

I've always thought about life, why, how, how I ... watched, talked with a lot of people.I tried to understand,. I read very well ... and came to the conclusion that it is necessary to work on it constantly, it's time to live every day as if it were the last.😏

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what will you do if you know you only have 7 days to live?

Human being has one command attitude that makes them takes time and life for granted.
While they young , they scarified their health by eating and drinking things bad for health.

Then suddenly when they get bad health , they realise how important to live with good health. If they realise this sooner by keep asking the question above , i believe they ll take care their time and health .

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Muy buena reflexión, sin duda tú esfuerzo en escribir esta hermosa historia es notable. Espero y siga creciendo tú blog ¡suerte en todo!

La vida es un camino que se recorre de muchas formas, y en el avance vamos tomando y dejando paquetes. Estos paquetes son las experiencias, las cuales desarrollan en el individuo las aptitudes y actitudes con los cuales la persona afronta su entorno.

Por su parte los caminos que se recorrieron; las decisiones tomadas, pudieron habernos llevado a vivir buenas y malas experiencias que en el andar de la vida nos transladaron a encrucijadas donde fue difícil decidir que camino continuar.

Sin embargo, si revisamos la informacion acumulada, y utilizamos las experiencia y las potencialidades alcanzadas, seremos capases de recuperarnos frente a la adversidad, expandiendo el sentido de resiliencia, que por su parte nos permitirá desarrollar la fortaleza requerida para afrontar los retos y tomar esos nuevos caminos; De eso se trata la vida!.

Para concluir, es importante desarrollar alianzas que permitan elevar nuestros logros en función a metas alcanzables, en este sentido es fundamental hacer amistad con personas que tengan metas semejantes a las nuestras, de esta forma podremos tener apoyo en los momentos difíciles; una mano amiga que aunque sea un gesto insignificante nos de una palmada en el hombro diciendo: "tranquilo, esto pasara, solo levántate y sigue adelante".

It is important to use our time the best we can since there are stages in our life where our opportunities are at our highest and at our lowest. Health and time varies from person to person, but it is a person's natural source of wealth. Helping others is a great thing, but we cannot neglect to help ourself when we decide to help others. I have experienced friends and family that have devoted time to helping others, but let their own opportunities escape them.

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Me Gusto mucho tu contenido, verdaderamente es muy genial

This life is a life of abundance, and as we have our troubles, we also have our blessings that can help us light the way in the darkness of the roads we walk

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That's right, that's why it annoys me when people say that they are too young, too old, have too little energy or time. What you are talking about is a way of looking at the world of a happy man, the winner.

I'm fine, hope you are fine too, where do you get energy, inspirations, thought, feelings from to write such a wonderful writing? " tide and time waits for none " we got a remember this at any age, hope your writing definitely will help us all .

Thank you for your kind words and comment! Regards

Time as they say is money. . Good work done sir.

Thank you once again, sir, for making this blog post. Many of us just wandering around in making our lives and in the end, we had just lived a wasted year of our existence.
This a reminder that we have to use our time wisely, and have to redeem the time that we had lost. It's great that we can know our potential and make the best of it with the time we have given to do it.

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Good see you friend! Thanks for your great comment!

que franco eres. muy lindo de tu parte. yo soy nueva en Steemit y me he sentido desmotivada. he escrito variedad de pots, pero no soy muy votada y eso desmotiva mucho, claro que no debo dejar de escribir, pues me doy cuenta que mientras mas se escribe, mas se es conocido. yo sacaré mi tiempo para seguir escribiendo, se que los blogs en su diversidad, siempre dejan un mensaje,,,, y ese será uno de mis motivos... escribir para darme a conocer y me puedan VOTAR y así me puedan AYUDAR... YO TAMBIÉN AYUDARÉ CUANDO TENGA PODER DE VOTO....ir

Muchas gracias, sus palabras son encantadoras. Saludos

Inspirador y motivador al 1000% amigo mío, muchas gracias por compartir, De verdad vivir la vida, vivir como tal, más que una necesidad es un imperativo, no hay que caer en la rutina de vivir por vivir sino aprovechar al máximo cada instante como que vivieramos con una sobre dosis de adrenalina, muchas gracias de nuevo

Bardzo wartościowy artykuł . bardzo fajnie się czytało . Dzięki

dziękuję bardzo

There is a phrase that says: "Surround yourself with people with the same objectives as you and you will always be a successful person" Include my profile in the list, because I want to be part of all this thanks!

Very inspiring as usual @chbartist
May we live long and feel young

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Fantastic post.

Life to me is its own form of venture capital.

Time is the asset we inherit the moment we are born, and every second spent living is paid for in time. Why is time so important to us? Well... because time carries with it the key to our prosperity: our potential. Potential is equal to time in that the more time we have, the more potential we have, and vice versa - yet to utilize our potential we must spend our time to do so. Time spent = chance to reach potential.

That is the gamble we make throughout life, that is what truly gives time its value - in order to reach our potential, time is spent, but not always is our potential reached. Sometimes people spend all their time failing to reach their potential, in fact only a select few are able to fully realize, some others only partially.

It is easy to state that prosperity is equal to the amount of potential one utilizes throughout their life, and prosperity is the great dividend we all seek but few experience.

Seek prosperity - envision it, and invest the time you're given wisely in order to attain it. Don't be discouraged when time is wasted on failed ventures for they serve to orient you toward the path that leads you into prosperity.

Some people succeed, some people fail. That is life. The rest is up to you.

Simply the best comment I have read so far in this post. Thank you very much for your words.

No worries man, I look forward to reading more of your posts.

Only we can fill the glass that was given us to complete our task here on earth. We can fill it or leave it half full..it is a choice!

We all have great potential and lots of capacities but we welcome realize. It happened with me that I lost many opportunities because I was not familiar with my own. I was pessimistic and had a notion that outstanding performers are something special. But, it was my fault. When I contemplated and began to realize things as they were used to be, things changed greatly for me.
I realize that what someone can do , can also be performed by me. I realized that I have a potential to do what once I thought needs something extraordinary. We are all alike. We have some shortcomings but we also have lots of possibilities. We should not think that something is beyond our capacity. No one is special in this world or we can also say that everyone is special in this world. It is just a matter of attitude.

Good see you @akdx and very great words! Regards

Thank you dear!

Your posts always make sense in a positive way and i really appreciate how wonderful you write.

Just amazing love how you frase !

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Time waits for nobody

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When I had no job, I did art. Now I just walk the dog and than I'm off to work. (because u asked what the reader is going to do)
I'll try my best to pick up the pile of mistakes I made last week and then I'll be home, walking the dog again, play a game or two and off to sleep.
I find these motivational posts weird and puzzeling, because I think they don't reflect human nature.
For this answer I delayed my own posting of art and now I'm out of time xD so, I'll post it here.
Have a nice day everyone, fighting your own monsters3 bears.JPG!

Really cool content 👍

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Hola que buena reflexion para las personas que solo nos conformamos con lo cotidiano. Vale acotar que los propósitos, sueños y metas, solo lo podemos buscar y alcanzara nosotros mismos. Felicidades

When you have dreams, that is in itself proof that god has already given you the capability and competence to go after those dreams and realize them.

Yes, I agree that dreams are are inspired by GOD via the Spirit, imparted into the spirit of human dwellers...aka...we mere mortals.

Life has taught me that no matter the plans we make, the timing is very Divinely Orchestrated. We can't see the obstacles, and we can't know the Divine Purpose as succinctly. Sometimes, God will position us in a place for years, perhaps decades for HIS Purpose.

Those who fight instead of flow become dejected and defeated. Those who give their best, and accept God tweaks the rest, (for His Good Pleasure) are more malleable, and are more flexible with the rolls and blows of life.

I am a great observer of people who see things that happen as for a greater reason that we may not always understand; yet, acceptant of the fact...knowing when to resist, and knowing when to fight.

Never quit is a significant mantra for life endurance.


You pointed out two things that always bugged me: You are your own enemy.It's you against you. You are the one who is establishing limits to your dreams. The other thing is time. You cannot have your time back therefore don't waste it. Remember the Death Poet's Society "Karpet Diem" my friend...

Invisible mind is more powerful than the visible body. God created all of us with equal potential, but we will not be able to realize this fact until and otherwise we overcome our inferiority complex and comparisons with those who achieved everything.

We will have to keep on trying, trying till the last moment of our life. We may commit mistakes/failures, but should not stay idle because it is the BIGGEST FAILURE than any other thing.

A fantastic blog @chbartist Sir about TIME and EFFORT, which are the two sides of a coin called LIFE!

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