Lets Increase our "Probabilities" by forcing "Impossible" to take another Step Back

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Exploring the mighty Himalayas Day #3


“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”? My favorite quote by Jim Rohn. Something i carried in my mind while trekking at the Himalayas.
There I was on top of the mountain thousands of feet above land, Thousands of miles away from home, at the Himalayas, the mightiest mountain range of all. I could feel the gentle touch of the clouds. I could look at this world the way it is, Without anyone saying a word. I can see it now, I can look past those things that clouded my mind, I see what we are doing, I see that we are just another specie trying to survive for as long as we could. We as humans do not know our true purpose yet and I want to find out what that is. This world is too vast for our purpose to be nothing. If there is no purpose found, I say we give it one. We as a whole have the limitless potential to do wonders and achieve such greatness. All those impossible things we thought we could never achieve are the things we live among.

Can you close your eyes for as second and imagine a 100 soldiers marching towards a point, then imagine a million,a billion this time.
Now imagine all of these people working on one goal just like soldiers marching to a point.
7,600,000,000 people with unique capabilities working together side by side towards one goal now that's how a world should be. Live not just for yourself but for everyone and everything you touch and feel.
They say people define the world the way they see it, True, but what they dont know is that, it is "their" world that they are defining, not the real world as a whole.
A chain of events, A perfect coordination with combinations of both Physics and chemistry leading to this sequence after going on a infinite possibilities over millions of years formed life. There are infinite planets which didn't make it this far. Earth remains to be the only planet that supports life form so far. Out of the 8.7 million unique species that we know of, we have been the most dominant race for centuries now. We have achieved things that we could have only dreamt of.
We are unfolding new secrets of life each day, by looking into matter closer than ever before; at its sub atomic level understanding the power it withholds. We sailed across all seas and have ascended the clouds but yet to fly through space. There is much more to see and there is much more to learn.

"You and I are not that different my friend."
Let's not waste anymore time dwelling in the field of negativity, than we already have. The damage has been done and we are way off our path.

After all this you should have realized that your problems are just as big as your world is. Its just the people you know or the things you do in your tiny network that builds up your problems just like any other situation in our life. For this very reason others think that your problem is not their own. That is not true.

I haven't evolved from ions, just to live life by the book. I am here to do more than that, I believe you do too...

Home is not this house or is this country I Live in or the planet we Live on, but the entire universe is my home. My four walls meet at the edge of this universe. You are my people, You are my family as I am yours!

I don't need to be a god or a billionare or even the most knowledgeable person for that matter, to see and understand what's going on.

I alone am no more than a soul, bind with me, hold my hand, while I rebuild this world, as the revolution of human race begins with you.

Thank you for reading, For everyone who resteems and upvotes my posts I would like to give away 0.1$ to 5$ worth SBD as a token of appreciation. Thank you for your support

Have a great day!


I am a photographer, I blog about my travel/art life alongside what you see. If you pay a lil visit visit to my blog @awakeningartist , You will see that i love nothing more than nature and art. I seek peace among the midst of everything. And most impotently I love answers.

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I love what you write @awakeningartist. It is an eye opener to everyone of us, no matter where were at, no matter what time of day. If I only have now, I will always love the life that I'm blessed, be the source of happiness and positivity to people I care about, be here, the now. And if I'm given another lifetime, I will choose the same life, the same name, the same person. Let's keep lifting others up. That when we believe in themselves, they too will learn to believe in themselves, that they can be their best version. We are passersby in each other's lives. Let us be happy memories. That when someone mentions our names, we lit a smile on their faces. Much love from Cebu, Phils.

And PS, you always have great photography. How I wish I'm as brave as you, to conquer those mountains. Brave heart.


Thanks a lot sweety!
One must first see the world clearly the way it is, only then can you understand and do something about it.
I am glad to meet you fellas! Thanks a lot for your honest reply :)


Beautiful. Just what I needed to read this morning, worrying about my little life over my morning coffee. I think I need to climb the Himalayas too! Or maybe just the hill above my house. Great to get perspective sometimes. Amazing what literal physical height does to your reflections. Its true what you're saying. I wonder if we all put our heads together here on Steemit if something amazing will come out of it. I suspect though that true change and shift in consciosness will come away from the computer screen.


I really hope we do someday. What a beautiful sight that would be!

@awakeningartist loved it man...aptly written..especially..

"The damage has been done and we are way off our path"

Looks like we be in the same zone of thinking ..hahaha

check this out..



Thanks a lot bugga! nice posts :)

@awakeningartist , first of all, I'm glad I found you here on Steemit ! It was an amazing narration of life and the little things that we think are very big problems of our life. These are a part and parcel of our life and with time we realise what matters is our happiness, our people and our surroundings and with time we start looking at it as the big picture, what really matters and what not. You have captured the basic essence of life so beautifully in your narration and the true value of this write up will only be felt by someone who could actually relate to this. It feels so good to find someone with the same mixtures of thoughts and feelings. I hope to see you someday and will certainly look at the rest of your blogs.


I am glad that you guys understand what i am trying to say, thanks a lot man!