Reminder to the future self

in future •  2 years ago 

Thedudeabides feels too young to be taken seriously !

Tonight I would like to jot down a few things which I hope you also find relatable and would like to discover in your own near future as a thing to reflect upon.

‘When you genuinely want to be an agent of change, nothing can stop you from your path. The realities of daily life are just temporary phenomenons, which come and go.’

At the same time, make your each moment count, feel it, live it the way you want!

DO WHAT YOU WANT... NOW ! Dont let any external force come in between. Be YOU ! Believe in YOU !

Get out and just go crazy with it and feel that pulse of the seed which ignited you on your best level.
Remember that vibe.

Feel that everyday and live your trance.

Dhit bano duniya badlo - STAY YOU and the world will change !

Thats all fellas !

So long...

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nice one man!