Never Wait For Anything Again

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"Hey there! What are you doing?"

"Oh just waiting for ________."


"Well, because it's not ready yet."

"You know you don't have to wait."

"Of course I do. I'm waiting for it to be done."

"I still don't know why you are choosing to wait."

"I'm not choosing to wait, it's not time yet."

"You are choosing, because you don't have to wait... ever."


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How much of your time do you spend waiting?

Waiting is an activity that can only be engaged in through choosing to do so. We can always be doing something else. While moving through our daily tasks, feelings of frustration can easily arise as we perceive precious time slipping through our fingers when we feel we must wait. Even for those who have cultivated great patience, waiting rarely feels worthy of moments that could be used in other ways.
So just stop waiting. Do something else. Anything else. Find your presence. Waiting is purely a perspective, not a fixed reality. If you feel like you're waiting, then you are.
I, personally, do not enjoy the feeling of putting my life on hold. So I practice not waiting. Yes, I am going to stand in line. Yes, I am going to stay on hold for hours. Yes, I am not going to leave my friend behind while she finishes fixing her hair. But am I waiting? No.
I choose to be doing anything else I'd rather be doing. I might take the opportunity to engage another human in line. Maybe I'll doodle or write a steemit article while on hold. Perhaps I'll delete some of the photos off my phone so I can take a picture of my fabulous friend. Sometimes I'm just thinking.
But do I ever call that waiting? Well, I certainly try to avoid it. What I've found is that doing something else or simply deciding that I am not, has profoundly affected my experience of what I once would have described as waiting. My patience has skyrocketed, my enjoyment when running errands has uplifted, and I find it easier to maintain what I term "the flow".
I invite you to try it on for a while. See how it affects your life. I have appreciated the shifts it has caused in mine. I still catch myself waiting once in a while, but I take that moment to shift my perception and reengage my will in another direction. Refuse to be waiting and see what happens.
I pray you find this useful in your daily life as well.

Infinite Love,
Alexis aka @alexstacy

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Interesting and inspiring thoughts @alexstacy. Although I had never really isolated the concept of "waiting" as you have, I can absolutely relate to the unease that often comes hand-in-hand with waiting. I specifically appreciate your thoughts noting to "find your presence. Waiting is purely a perspective, not a fixed reality". Empowering words. In addition, I accept your invitation to decide to view time that may have previously been thought of as "waiting" as an "opportunity" to do something that brings me greater joy;0) Thank you kindly for sharing this very uplifting post!

Excellent! I'm happy to hear it translated. May you enjoy the experiment in shifted perspective. Blesssss~

No body shut time but time shut every body !

some really good, inspiring stuff... in this posting and your "StarTribe" series. No doubt being in Denver would completely suffocate a free spirit like yours. Pick a county where the perfect Agora3 would welcome both the white man and red man who understand the NEED for Voluntarism. We'll figure out how to deal with "land ownership" and "asset possession" as we have a chance to all confer in person. Howzzzat?

I can imagine the synergy created between you and Lally might be some of the invigoration this movement could use.

Thanks for the view~~~ We will figure it out. All is being revealed in good time. First we have to show up with the will... and the rest will align. I like it! Come visit anytime for mutual invigorations ;-)