Wide-Eyed Hatchling Trying to Survive in a Sea of Sharks

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Since writing my #introduceyourself almost two weeks ago, I have been pretty obsessed with the steemit platform. I've been posting all over facebook in an effort to bring friends over, yet inevitably as I delve farther into it, I am losing steem. (punny)
I knew, from my research, not to expect high returns at first, especially without the aid of bots, and to do it for the joy of sharing on this revolutionary venture in social media. However, I am finding myself even more discouraged and disheartened by the immensity of the corruption taking place within this ever-so-promising portal. I understand it takes time to build a following, and I'm into it, yet the dark underbelly is making itself known.
This article has been on the precipice of coming out, yet I was finally inspired to write it after reading a post from @themarkymark, Steemit Creates Accounts for Scammers and Nobody Else.
I have sooooooooooooo much to learn about steem and am excited to do so. Yet I can't help but feel that my energies may be for naught if real change and protection of the vision doesn't come soon. How can I with confidence keep referring my friends here when I now know what I do? Granted, I still believe it far surpasses Facebook in its societal benefits and potential, so for now I continue to spread the word.
My first post is currently reading at a payout of $61.93. This is somewhat due to the response of my friends already here on steemit, but from my limited understanding of the steemit processes, it also mostly seems due to upvotes from bots that are attempting to advertise their services. I didn't ask for any of these.
Since then, each of my ten posts is hovering around $0.50. These appear to be all from automatic upvote services I have been enrolled in by someone else for whatever reason. I have had only one meaningful comment on any of them, so it seems hardly anyone is actually reading my content. (Thanks @johnnyhurley) So what's the point?
I still appreciate releasing my content to the blockchain instead of throwing pearls to swine(the platform not the people) on Facebook. No one has to read it for me to find satisfaction in contributing to the ocean of information we are creating, however, it does take some of the joy out of it knowing I am whistling in the wind. I am certainly seeking to engage the commUnity here.
My steemit guru, @kennyskitchen, included in his teachings about the destructive nature of bots, and recommended I not engage for morality sake. I have also since discovered the various "bot-wars" going on in here (@grumpykitty). Sitting with the outcomes of my experience here for the past few days, I have been reviewing my thoughts and feelings about participating in such. Maybe, since I know I am creating quality content, I should promote it so as to increase the actual value of steemit and push against the waves of "trending" garbage. Maybe using the same tactics for good purposes is alright.
It's the same daily battle I push up against in traversing the corrupt systems running the lives of the masses in Babylon. Each moment is a choice in how I traverse my morality within the current paradigm presented. What to do.
Currently, I have not used any bots, aside from those gifted to me. I did, just the other day, send STEEM to the project @tribesteemup created by @kennyskitchen since it seemed in alignment, and if Kenny is doing it then it's probably righteous. Here's the skinny on that program. I really do feel @tribesteemup is going to do it's best to contribute to the rEvolution.
The bot I am now thinking about utilizing is the first one I was ever told about through my RL collaborations with Earth Nation, @earthnation. You can find out about it here, @earthnation-bot. It seems to be the bot I've found most in alignment with the highest intentions held for #minnowsupport and quality, rEvolutionary content. @earthnation-bot only supports minnows, those will less than 500SP. They curate everything according to their guidelines in order to ensure this tool is being used for good. So I'm considering it.

img src and a really interesting read on the topic. (p.s. where does using this fall on the line of plagerism in your opinion?)

What should I do? What can I do?
I usually try to avoid the word hope (I'll perhaps write an article as to why someday), but I use it with caution in this instance. The changes being requested by those who really care about steemit must be enacted if there is any hope of it flourishing.
Right now I feel as though I am smaller than a minnow. I feel as though I am just a hatchling in a sea of sharks trying to survive. I am in awe of the surrounding ocean, and want to do my best to grow into a beautiful dolphin that can use its perspective and knowlede to help make the world a better place. I pray that we will find the will and the way to uplift steemit to its full potential (also a word I use with caution). I do find comfort in knowing that I am participating in a system that is "decentralized" and transparent. I promise to continue to learn the ways I can support this process (such as voting for witnesses, curation, and promotion), but if I get swallowed up in the vast and widening abyss of pyramiding spam, I guess I'll see you in the "next best thing".
Please share advice, solutions and positive impact channels in the comments. I will upvote!
Blessed Be.

img src

Infinite Love,
Alexis aka @alexstacy

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For someone who started recently, I think you're doing great.

awww thanks for the vote of confidence! I'm not too concerned about how well I am doing though, just the health of the platform overall.

That's beautiful

You really are doing amazingly well, @alexstacy. It took me two months to get a reputation of 49 but you've hit 47 in just two weeks? That is incredible. 😃

Really incredible.

I'm not sure how that happened, but feeling the blessing. Following both of you lovelies now!

  ·  last year (edited)

Hi @alexstacy

A great piece of writing. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

It is a little confusing when you start out on this platform and a bot comes along. My first reaction is that this must be a bad thing. I'm still very unsure about the whole situation regarding bots and had started to think about giving one a try.

I seem to be having more success, when it comes to replies, when I make comments on other people's post as opposed to my own. My own posts are just not getting the views where as comments on other posts piggyback off of other people's readership.

I have come to the conclusion that us newbies just have to work very hard at producing quality content and interacting with others to build a following. That, along with continuing to add quality comments to other posts should increase our following and Rep. We will then see the views number rise for our own posts.

I've decided to hold off of using a bot for now and follow this strategy. What ever you decide to do, good luck and keep on Steeming.

Cheers, Gaz.

Yes, I second that. That is what has worked for me, I just enjoy interacting with other users on other posts and that has gotten a little bit more exposure for my own content. I don't push it, I just kinda put it out there. Eventually, I know it will find readers.

It is indeed a beautiful ocean full of exquisite creatures to play with. I am satisfied in knowing I am drifting towards the ever unfolding mystery. I'd just like to do my part to clean up the islands of trash that accumulate as a result of greed and corruption.

I guess there are always the inevitable cheats and schemers that are trying to manipulate the system. An awful lot of my followers are bots which is annoying. I don't follow or upvote any of them.

Is there a way of cleaning up the trash? I guess downvotes/flags, ignoring bots and sifting through the junk to get to quality content.

Hey @mindszai

I think that's the key. Focusing on producing and commenting on quality will eventually bring it's rewards. Whether that be Rep, followers, upvotes, Steem or pride in building something.

I do wonder if there is a kind of initiation or test to see if you will stay the course by monitoring you but not replying just yet. I can imagine that some of the older Steemians see a lot of people come and go so choose to wait a while. Just a theory!

Cheers, Gaz.

Yes, I've had those same thoughts myself. This is a platform with opportunity if you stay the course and put in the work. Too many people get into things with the mindset of instant gratification and those burn out quickly

It's funny really but I joined Steemit because my dad bought some Steem and we needed the wallet. My expectations were low but my enthusiasm has rapidly increased.

I guess some/a lot of people join Steemit with high expectations for the finances and see posts making a huge amount of money and see $$$ signs! Then proceed to post something of dubious quality and receive little to no cash, then quit!

Oh well. :L

I can happily confirm that I am a real person, not a bot. 😊 I resonate with a lot of what you've said here. It is disheartening to witness all the corruption that goes on ...
Personally, the best thing I ever did here was to join a number of Discord groups - @teamgirlpowa is an amazing one that aims to support female contributors here on Steemit. I also highly recommend following the work of @curie, a wonderful account run by a number of different people. Curie prides itself on curating content that is of a genuinely high quality. There is hope for this platform yet! ❤

I saw you upvote this post first. (Yay a real person!!) So happy you found this! I instantly followed you and began reading about @curie. I love your post as well https://steemit.com/mycuriestory/@aislingcronin/my-curie-story !
It also inspired me to edit this post and ask others to share the solutions they are finding. <3

I'm so glad my comment helped. There really are some fantastic groups here on Steemit. It's just a matter of wading through the nonsense to find them, I guess 😂

Hey, I've found your content using GINAbot. Are you using it to better engage the people interested in the same objectives? It is very powerful. I recommend everyone use it.

Ignore trending and bot abuse. It doesn't have to affect us. Steemit is a place for voluntary charity, and some rich people decide to donate to certain people, who are furthering the same causes as them. It's their money, so I don't care how they spend it.

I'm not here to make money either, but the little money I am making certainly is nice. I'm definitely not going to turn it down. Aggroed's smartsteem bot returns 20% annually for example for my delegated SP. That's better than some of the peer to peer lending sites I was invested in, so I decided to do the bot here instead.

Is that bad? I don't think it is. As long as the bot is legit and not scamming people, I have no problem with it.

As others have said, you are doing well. The main problem people have here is they come to the platform without the ability to write reasonably well about something that interests a lot of other people. It's not a magical thing in other words.

People need to know how to write well. Check! You do. Then people need to write about things other people find interesting. You are doing that too from what I can tell. Just engage in replies and find friends using GINAbot, and ignore the drama. It's not worth our time, right? :)

Inspiring! Thank you for the supportive words. I am here. I still dig it, and yes you're right... I don't need to use any more energy concerning myself with what's wrong it I just do it the way I feel right.

How do I find GINAbot to check it out?

Here's part of my promising new account reply information:

There's one good bot worth mentioning for new users. It is called GINAbot, and you can use it to keep track of things the makerwannabe site above cannot easily do. For example, GINAbot will tell you when a key phrase is used, when you or someone else is mentioned by account name, or even if someone deletes a comment. The bot is extremely powerful and free. Simply add the following Discord server:


When you connect to it, it will ask you to register and verify your account with a .0001 SBD or STEEM transfer. Then you will get a direct message from the bot with a private link to your configuration page. Go there to setup your options. The entire process takes 5 minutes, and it will be up and running. You can tweak the settings as you go too. I highly recommend people use it for networking purposes.

I have mine set to look for phrases like "residential security" and "private investigator" as two examples. Then I never miss out on content related to those, and it makes going there to engage in those conversations much easier. Without GINAbot, I would never have had the opportunity either! Check it out, and ask if you have any questions.

Super cool. Thanks Finnian!

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