Journal of an eXstatic Life #2- StarTribe 2 (and a review of some Manitou Mineral Springs)

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These are raw excerpts and not necessarily in exact order or dated. I'll include as much of what I've written as my ego will allow. I will usually avoid interpersonal entries that contain names, however, when I feel it may be potent to include someone, I will replace the name with an animal or fruit. You may not understand all of the references I make, but perhaps you will find it part of the poetry. Thank you for respecting these vulnerable shares. May they bring you inspirations.

1.feeling or expressing overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement.
synonyms: enraptured, elated, in raptures, euphoric, rapturous, joyful, overjoyed, blissful
2.involving an experience of mystic self-transcendence.
"an ecstatic vision"
1.a person subject to mystical experiences.

~Where we left off~

Moving on ~~

*Moonday, January 18th, 2016
Feeling sooo Full. The heaviness is melting, yet I still feel the weight. Collective and personal... it's coming to the surface, becoming re~revealed. It beckons to our empowering features, asks them to step forward in their activations. We are given the opportunity to approach everything with newly acquired guidance, perception, and _________.
Cards for Humanity
we play out
and we stayed out
of it for too long
This is a song of redemption
we play out
and We move
Cuz we prove
that love will overcome

We wait 'til we get sleepy~~~
Moving moments into nothing
Heavy eyelid dreams
Soften speeches on raspy tongues
Gliding past provocations of masterful seductions ignored
These sexual labotomies performed in spiritual reverence.

*January 20th
Keep swallowing my tears
In the wake of fears
They won't be received
Maybe they're just for me
Maybe they're just for me

*January 23rd
What's more expansive than connection?
What's greater than lust?
What's deeper than love?
What's beyond trust?
The synapses leave space~ Opening
Intentions fill~ Opening
Coalescing connectivate~ Opening
Moving and still

Current Reflections April 5, 2018

Settling in to the Tava Kiva Sancturay (translation: Sun Mountain Sanctuary. Tava Kiva is the Indigenous name for the 14,000' mountain that is now heinously referred to as "Pikes Peak" by the masses. Named so after Zebulon Pike, who led the first colonizer-populated expedition to the top, but never made it.)

img src

It was my second full day back in Old Colorado City. As I felt into this space again, I reaffirmed the notion that it feels like a noman's land set perfectly between Manitou Springs, nestled against Tava Kiva in the West, and Colorado Springs in the East. Colorado Springs probably being one of the most conservative cities in the nation, serving as home-base for such establishments as Focus on the Family, New Life Church, NORAD, Fort Carson Army Base, and the Airforce Academy... to name a few of the biggies. Manitou is the polar opposite in many ways. It is a magickal vortex surrounded by many wonderous displays of nature's exquisite creations that calls in many intriguing artists, musicians, travelers, and free-thinkers. Yet gentrification and tourism-baiting still make themselves very known.
They are the yin and yang, and OCC is the wavy line between them. They are both very intense places to be in or near. They are also... the same place. Only imaginary borders make it seem otherwise.
But what do they all have in common? Springs. Water. Flow~~
Feeling quite thirsty, @lallyiam and I set out on the mission to gather our sacred water supply. My car is broken again! So he drove. Our daydream visions as we moved west mirrored the spring shoots and emerging buds. We were popping with ideas! Everything looks just a little bit brighter and greener today. When we pulled in at Salute Health and Wellness Center to receive their generous offer of alkalized Kangen water by donation, we noticed that about 5 other people simultaneously had the same idea and were walking across the parking lot with their containers.
We decided to head to Manitou because... Springs! <(there's actually 9) Easy peasy~ Flow. We'd put Manitou in his vessel and come back around when they weren't so busy to fill mine with Kangen. Perfect!
@lallyiam likes to collect from multiple springs to make a blend and receive the healing benefits of all the mineral mixtures and their synergy. Alchemizing! Our first stop, after doing his best at dodging the major construction happening on most of the main backroads aside from "the ave", was the eastern-most spring called 7-Minute Spring. To me it is the most "water-tasting" of the waters. Perhaps it has a lower mineral content. It's also less carbonated than most of the others. It's delicious and feels like the most simply hydrating one.
Next we went up Ruxton Ave. to gather from what most people will tell you, and I agree, is their favorite, Twin Springs. It is the most carbonated and high in lithium. I find it most refreshing. Across the street, @lallyiam pointed out that some of our Manitou Tribe had just procured a second hubspace in addition to their healing foods shop a few doors down. It was in the place that I have been keeping my eyes on for possibilities for many years.
No one was in, but we peeked inside to see the progress. It looked cozy, and there was a stage set up with a PA. We skimmed the calendars of upcoming events and welcoming messages. They had painted the window with their name, tAv or the Takes a Village. And I committed their website to my memory.

img src
I'm so excited to reach out and host some Gaia Experiment @gaiaexperiment open jams there and foster collaborations with the StarTribe Alliance So much synchronicity! So many alignments!
The first seven years of my Colorado life were mostly spent in Manitou Springs, the intense vortex sometimes feeling like it was holding me hostage, and other times spitting me out into new adventures. Back in those days, on this very street, I would come visit the Yellow House aka "the anarchy house".
During the time of these journal entries, I was renting a room here at the Tava Kiva Sanctuary, in the middle of "noman's land", but barely had time to be grounded in the visions of what could be. I would run all around on various missions in Denver, Boulder, and beyond attempting to activate the activators (and myself) to strengthen the healing powers of our expanding commUnity. I mainly just came here to rest and recuperate. Which was nice... but what I failed to achieve was real and potent activations in this area. And the possibilities for this place are immense. If one fraction of what @lallyiam and I were visioning today happens, then I feel confident the ripple effect will be wonderous~~~
Before we went on our holiest of missions for the day, I attempted to assess the situation with my car. I realized that just down the street, and close to where my car had come to rest after a friend drove it to me from Denver yesterday, was a mechanic shop. I was about to go on a dual mission for clutch fluid and water, but I thought perhaps I could knock one out. This is when the feeling of how important and ripe with potential the kind of community stimulus we imagine in this area would be, really coalesced.
I was letting Bhokta roam a bit off leash. He usually stays close enough and listens well, unless there are other dogs, and then I don't exist. Across the street barking at him from behind a screen door, were too little yappers. He bolted over to try and make friends. I retrieved him quickly and drug him over to the car to apply the leash before walking to the mechanic. As I headed over, I heard a man's voice through the window of the yapper house making exclamations something like, "...had half a brain, dog would be on a leash!..."
I stopped and said politely, "Sir I apologize that this dog upset you. He is a puppy, and I'm still training him. As you can see I went and got a leash. You can also come out and talk to me face to face and meet him." He did not reply.
I entered the shop, slightly frazzled, to be greeted by a very friendly man behind the desk(MBTD). A woman came out of the office excited to see Bhokta, as she believed she recognized him from her walk with her dogs the previous night. She couldn't be sure it was him, but a dog just like him was roaming around saying hello to the dogs behind fences. We got to connect about the various temperaments and behaviors of our beloved furries, and it felt like a good genuine community connection. (Later @lallyiam helped me deduce that this was the owner's wife) The MBTD said he would help me check the fluid and procured a bottle from their stash.
As I walked outside, I was greeted by a smiling, waving man on his porch holding back another excited dog, who he proceeded to make clear was friendly. As I was following my knight, MBTD, I did not have a chance to introduce them. However, on my way back the second time, I got to walk across the road and shake hands without the dogs' presence.
The car appears to need more than just some additional fluid, unfortunately, but MBTD agreed to trade some massage for helping me do some more initial assessment. He's all about barter. Yes. He's coming to look at it before work tomorrow. Otherwise the shop charges $150 just for a diagnosis!! Send prayers~~~
I spent another part of the day leveling mulch to prepare a nice cozy spot for Thora the Explora. Bhokta helped too. Here is a before shot. Though they don't look like much now, the plants growing along the fence are goji berries!

So here we are... in noman's land, the center of the yinyang, and I'm feeling it! Perfectly positioned, just on the edge of the center of the vortex, far enough out to balance, flow, and play within its amazing power. It is grounding into this kind of places where I believe I can have the greatest impact on commUnity. Denver and Boulder can often feel like "preaching to the choir" and it can be difficult to harness the spread-out tribe power. I still have a lot of collaborations to venture to up north, but here is an opportunity to really engage and ignite local interconnectedness.
I know so much is on the precipice of manifestation... all over Gaia's wonderland. And if we're onto it, and we're willing, and our egos are aligned, we just may create all that we imagine for a better world...and more! But it takes a village. The village is here. Now we just need to show up. Thank you for all the ways you have shown up. Thank you in advance for all the ways you will show up. We are opening. I am OPEN.
And, inconceivably patient, Tava Kiva watches over us in the distance.

(Please come visit us at the Sanctuary {get in touch first} and look out for action days and events that may just incite your traveling urge. Enjoy a spa day at Sunwater, drink healing waters, get a massage from me, visit the local farmer's markets, @gaiaexperiment, see a show, be a show, play music on the streets, tend the gardens, potluck, build earth structures, and vision with us! Can you see it?)

Infinite Love,
Alexis aka @alexstacy

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