😎Am I cool or what? 我够“酷”吗😎? (by @ace108)

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Today, I saw a post by @brianphobos He’s a cool guy.
How cool? What cool? Why cool?
He blogs in the pool.
Now, show me some cooler way of blogging if you think that’s not cool.
Now, cool people don’t mention uncool people. I know you know that.
I, me, moi, of all people (OK, one of the people) was mentioned by the guy blogging in the cool pool.
So, I am certified cool. Read his this post for evidence:
挺酷的? 好酷吗?怎么酷?
Why Your Facebook Friends Probably Won't Join Steemit And Why You Shouldn't Care

Speak of cool, I have to share the 2 relevant memes I made recently that are relevant to cool blogging ICYMI.
Meme challenge # 23 - The evidence do not lie (@ace108)
Meme challenge # 23 - Who need shades when…. (@ace108)

At the same time, might as well share the same song I found I youtube which I included with the 2nd meme above.

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Plus you have Channel WestCoast in the screenshot of that video. Certified cool! :D

Thanks and thank you for your comment

I think u are cool and hot. U know what that mean, hot guy;)

Oh, thanks. Thank you for your comment.

You are really cool

haha interesting !! I think you are cool too :) Cheers !

Heheh... you are cool too.
Come visit our #laodr-teahouse for chat if you have time.

For sure! Thank you for inviting me to visit it :))) You're really coooool !

You're welcome.
We wellcool you to the teahouse.


Thank you and thanks for your comment

Thank you and thanks for your comment

Of course you are cool! No one else can post a better looking Bird of Paradise!

Haha.. Thanks for the kind words.

Mmmm I think you are cool. Do I qualify as cool now too? :P
Thanks for sharing @brianphobos pool blog. He has some really good points there. Also @sweetsssj added some great value to the post on some comments.

Thanks for sharing man!

You're welcome. Mr Cool too. Glad you like it.
Thanks for your comment

I will be scared to drop my laptop into the pool, then all is ruined!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I would also fear that but I think it's the camera we have to worry about and it should be quite safe.
I think the memory card survives an accidental flood.
Besides, some of the phone with camera nowadays are waterproof.
Maybe, that's an idea. :-)

You are cool too my buddy @ace108 keep steeming

Thanks and thank you for your comment


u r so cool 😎

heheh... thank you and thanks for your comment

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Hahahah, Man I just saw this now! I'm just catching up on everyone's blogs.
Thanks for mentioning me!

And yeah man! Your Cool! Hahahah

You're welcome. Of course I was mentioned first. :-)