How and Why I use Kryptonia Review after One Month

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I got a link to Kryptonia a few weeks ago and I have been very happy using it so far. I see a good boost in my steemit post upvotes and interactions. And I’m earning Superior Coin at the same time. If you already know about @kyrptonia and are just looking for a link to join it with, here is my link.

What is Kryptonia?

Kryptonia is a site where people set up tasks for others to complete. If you do the task, you get paid in Superior Coin (SUP). You can cash out the coins; or you can use them to set up your own tasks for people to complete. So far, I am only setting up tasks; and not taking the money. At some point, I will make a withdrawal so I know I can do it, but for now I have not reached that step.

If you are a regular visitor to @sydesjokes steemit blog like I am, you will see he is involved with and promoting Superior Coin. I finally slowed down on his awesome posts enough to figure out how to get in on this, and I am so glad I did. Like steemit, kryptonia offers a way to get in on a crypto coin without investing fiat money - this a a key benefit for me.

What are Kryptonia tasks?

Tasks in Kryptonia can be anything. Examples of tasks are:

  • tweeting a blog page to your followers
  • registering for a crypto coin drop
  • liking a fb page
  • liking and commenting on a You Tube video

I will do and have done all of those tasks, but the most common task I have found in Kryptonia is interacting on steemit posts so that is right up my alley these days. People will post a task and ask you to:

  • upvote
  • comment
  • follow the steemer’s blog
  • retsteem
    I am not resteeming for the most part, but I will complete the task for any/all of the other chores.

UPDATE! Here is a post I wrote about Sunday resteeming I am now doing. I think this is another win:

How do you use Kryptonia?

Here is what I do:

  • go into the interface daily - or usually more often
  • complete a few tasks
  • check on my old tasks
  • If my last task is completed – I set up a new task. Like steemit, @kryptonia moves fast.

What are your results with Kryptonia?

My results have been great! I have over 1400 SUP coins now after one month. It takes 14 days for your coins to be available. Once I got through that period, I always have more than enough coins to offer my tasks now.

Currently I have 513 coins available out of 1468 total I have earned. Since I do tasks daily and offer tasks daily, these numbers change constantly but have been pretty stable and mostly grow over time.

Sometimes people offer a lot of coins for a simple task but most of the time I am doing steemit tasks requiring an upvote and comment in return for 3-10 SUP coins. I’m also sure to do at least a few steemit tasks for steemers offering only 1 coin – those are new people, so I try to support where I can.

What problems are in Kryptonia?

Like anywhere on the internet, some scammers are in Kryptonia. They click to complete the task, but then they do not complete the task. Fortunately Kyptonia makes it easy to find these people.

You can see who completed your past tasks at the bottom of each task screen. Then you can check your steemit post to see if the people did what you asked. Since I am asking only for a comment with the kyrptonia user name included and an upvote, this is very simple and quick to check.

I also use steemnow and can see steemit upvotes coming in through that wonderful service - sometimes very quickly. When I see the alloted number of votes come in on the post I have in the task – I can check the comments and then I’m done with that task and ready to post the next. I am normally using older posts in Kyptonia; so I do not have confusion with non-kryptonians upvoting the same post at the same time.

If I find anyone scamming, I can revoke the SUP coins they received and block them from seeing and completing my tasks in the future. Over time, blocking people means that most - if not all - of the people who say they completed my task actually did so. After I started checking and blocking, my Kyrptonia experience got much better.

What are best practices with Kyrptonia?

  • Complete tasks daily. Things move fast in @kryptonia. Good, new tasks pop up any time of day. You snooze – you lose.
  • Do not offer tasks to 20 people unless you rarely have any to offer – they will take too long to get completed. My sweet spot has been offering the task to 5-7 people and paying 7 SUP for each one.
  • Offer your tasks to followers only – the person on Kyptonia then needs to follow your account there before they can do your task. This way your Kyptonia network will grow with good people.
  • Do not offer two tasks at one time. The first one will only be linked to the second one. Many people will not notice the linked post, and so it will not get done.
  • Keep an active task going each day you can.
  • Do not offer the same task twice unless people can do it twice. They can only upvote a steemit post once, for example. You are wasting the task if you show the same steemit post more than once. If you want something tweeted often - you could keep posting it as a new task because people can tweet the same thing more than once.
  • When completing tasks, check links you are not sure of before you accept the task. I have only had two posts I did not want to upvote. One was NSFW and the other was a topic and viewpoint I disagree with strongly. Otherwise – the posts have been high quality I am happy to support.
  • DO check your posts and revoke and block those who do not complete your task properly. This makes the community better for everyone, and you will get better results.

I have not done this next step yet, but I am going to add it - require the upvoter to have 50%+ power. I am getting minnows voting on my posts at 15% power sometimes and I do not think that is a good idea for them or for me. Read this older post to read my thoughts about keeping your power level up at steemit.

What is Your Steemit Voting Power and Why Does it Matter?

How can I get started with Kyptonia?

Please use my Kryptonia referral link to enter the interface. After you sign up - you will get your own link to share

  • Set up your username and password - you get points for this.
  • Set up your profile.
  • Link your social media accounts - You get 100 points for each of them.
  • Set up your first task - This first one is a freebie so you will see how it goes.
  • Begin completing other people's tasks daily - you will have lots of points to use after 14 days of this action.
  • In 14 days, your Kyptonia SUP coins will start becoming available to spend – set up tasks daily and have success like me!

fitinfun before and after sitting difference.jpg

When I got over my excuses and took action daily - the weight was gone and my life was new. You can do this too. Just ask me and I will help you.


thanks for information on kryptonia sharing like your post ☺

Thank you so much. Are you on there or going to join now?

Great informative post about Kryptonia! I really enjoyed reading. What are your plans about your Kryptonia coins? Do you want to trade them on an exchange? On which exchange are these available for trading? Can you trade them for Steem?

Thank you very much - one day soon I will need this. I should know to ask you this type of question!

Thank you! Superior Coins are listed on some exchanges but you cannot directly trade for steem as far as I know. I am really new at crypto in general, so I have the blinders on about trading them since I probably won't even try to for a couple of months at least. @sydesjokes has posts on his feed about it, but I have not even looked :)

I sell SUP for SBD/Steem and buy SUP for SBD so people don't need to mess about with Exchanges. The prices are updated daily because coin prices change often

I also do pending payments as SBD or SUP

Oh! You are a great help to us all @sydesjokes.

Neat stuff man.

Great post. Resteemed and Upvoted.

Connnect your Steemit account to your Kryptonia profile.


Ah! Thank you - I did know that was there now and I am on it! Thanks so much for your support. I'm loving kryptonia :)

New changes have been added to Tasks today. Now you can request photo proof that someone has completely your Task which is useful for high payout Tasks. Also there is now the Connection feature where only people who you follow and who follow you can do the Task. If you unfollow someone who follows you then they can't do your Tasks.

Those are all good changes. I saw that it had changed today and planned to look further. Thank you for helping me out :) And I did link my steemit account over there now!

This is a very good post about @SuperiorCoin and @Kryptonia. Having been with Superior Coin since the beginning I like to see new people liking and using the platform as it is meant to be used. As you can see our Kryptonia community tries to support and promote each other as much as possible. @SydesJokes and Ms. @JoanStewart are probably the best at promoting the community and the people in the community. I got here from Ms. Joan's Tweet. I used to make and do more Tasks on but haven't been that active as of late. Since I am one of the minnows that don't have a lot of voting power here on @Steemit and because I like your post I am going to be gifting you some Superior Coin on Kryptonia which is something you didn't mention in this post. Also, Superior Coin is the Official Cryptocurrency Citizens Action Network ( which is a worldwide all volunteer network of citizens sharing news, ideas and events along with a common cryptocurrency. Also, check out The Superior Coin Daily which todays edition has this post in it.

Wow! I just went to my Kryptonia and account and had a big surprise there! I am so grateful to you. Thank you very much. I do not know how to answer there since as you see, I am new to it and still learning.

This is such a boost for me. I will check your links and thank you for the post. You have really made my day today! All the best to you and be sure to post tasks at kyrptonia. I'm sure you will not be a tiny minnow here for long.

I am glad you are doing well and having fun friend.

IDK what you did for her, but clearly, it was encouraging... good for you.

Hey dear :-) i googled for kryptonia and i found now your post. So what would you say after 5 more month? You are still using it? Is it worth ?thank you in advance for your response .

Yes - I am still using it and yes it is still worth it. Now they vote the posts you put in for tasks which makes it even better. It's still one of my best strategies here :)

Okay great! Thanks for your reply. I will check it soon out :-)

Really enjoyed reading how you have set yourself up to help others @fitinfun

@kryptonia is a wonderful place to meet people all over the world, working together really does make life more fun.

I so agree. Thank you for the compliments and the tweet. I really appreciate that.

Thanks for sharing this. It's an interesting service which I hadn't ever heard of before. Going to have to check it out when I have some free time.

I have not done this next step yet, but I am going to add it - require the upvoter to have 50%+ power. I am getting minnows voting on my posts at 15% power sometimes and I do not think that is a good idea for them or for me.

Honestly I think you should require 70%+ as a minimum. Going below this just kills the vote value so much and worse most of the time people go this low they had very very little vote value to start with.

Yes, I agree - the post I link above to recommends 85%+ but I'm going with baby steps :)

85% is much better, but I really think 70% should be a floor if you want a vote that matter unless you are a whale.

You look very happy. Im glad that taking action has changrd ypur life and you are able to prosper for many years to come.

nice one. im trying to make some coins on kryptonia too

I think it is a good place to do just that!

I love kryltonia too :)

this article is well written and I'm glad that you are impressed with the hard work from our team. DISCLOSURE: I am project manager for Kryptonia and superior coin(SUP)

Thank you very much! I'm glad for you to chime in from your position :)

Very informative post. Just curious to know that is this platform based on pyramid model?

I have no idea what the pyramid model is, so I do not know :)

you may search it as ponzi scheme steemit.

Well, I do not need to search ponzi scheme. If that is what you think steemit is - why are you here?

i dint mean to object your views. I am just giving info which i know :(

Well, this post is not about steemit - but kryptopia. I am not giving my views about steemit here.

my apologies if you find it irrelevant. Blessings.....!

Thanks for kryptonia sharing......i appreciate your post

Thank you - have you signed up?

Ive been looking a post like this about Kryptonia. This is much very easy to understand. Thank you for sharing @fitinfun 😍

Thank you - I'm glad the post is helpful, and I hope you have good success over there too :)

Finally found your page again! Whew. Okay, I thought it was Joan but it's actually you who I signed up under- not sure how that happened. So I'm one of your underlings. Lol. Thanks for the referral.

lol - That is an interesting way to put it! Be sure to do tasks each day as you get started so you have enough to offer your own and good luck!

I got here finally, this is a really good post.

I would say nice post but I do not want to get flagged LOL

I might look into this.

Thanks for stopping by the Steemu post as always.

wow this most awesome! gonna set up an account today! thanks so much for sharing this. i am following you here on steemit and will use your referral link too!

Thank you so much! i was already following you here and will look for you over there :)

Hopefully you are still on there. I just started there not but 8 days ago, enjoying it sofar, but there are many issues like the scam thing you mentioned above, also their messenger doesn't work at all, and social profile links to your fb are broken. If you are still on their, please fallow me if you would like to:

I do still use kryptonia, but I do not blog there. I just use it for upvotes and interaction on steem posts.