Basic Knitting Patterns #3: How to knit the MOSS STITCH / SEED STITCH – DIY Tutorial – Beginner Friendly!

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Hi Steemian Knitters,

Today I want to show you how to knit the MOSS STITCH / SEED STITCH.

This knit stitch is very important and a basic pattern which every knitter should know. Don't worry, it's very easy and even beginners can knit this stitch easily. All you need to know is how to knit and purl.

This pattern will prevent the knit from rolling. So, it's perfect for edges, a scarf or other pieces you want to be flattened. Often it is used in combination with cables. After knitting the Moss Stitch the knit fabric looks like little pearls.

There are 2 different moss stitches existing, the single and the double one. First, we begin with the single one. I will explain the double moss stitch in my next tutorial. So, let’s get started



  1. cast on an even number of stitches
  2. knit the following pattern: k1, p1
  3. turn the work piece and knit the following pattern: p1, k1
  4. repeat both rows as much as needed

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