KillerPix📷Contest #38 - 20 SBD In Prizes!🏆- Submissions Post 🌐 (Plus Winners From Last Week👀)

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Hello Steempeeps!

Welcome to #thealliance's

#KillerPix Photography Contest!

This is a weekly contest with a randomly themed attitude.
This contest is open to the entire Steemit community!
This week, the theme will be BEES!!
Photographs will be judged on just a couple things:
How Close do you Dare Get?! :)


  1. Create a post with your OWN ORIGINAL photo with the first tag being #killerpix
  2. Your photo must contain a description - where and when at the least
  3. The link to your entry must be in the comments of this thread, post the pic if you like
  4. All entries must be submitted by the Monday following this post
  5. You may submit no more than TWO (2) entries per week
  6. You must upvote this post (please resteem for more exposure & to support good initiatives)


  1. Our first judge is an officer in #thealliance and one of the founders of #steemusa, please tip your hats to the beautiful voice of @topkpop!
  2. Winning photographer of the very first #Killerpix Contest, the honorable General, @tattoodjay, is lending his assistance. His keen eye will deliver valued insight.
  3. Fellow ally, former #KillerPix winner and spectacular photographer that has been a cornerstone of our Latino community, @oscarps, has agreed to lend us his accurate vision.
  4. Finally, we have #thealliance witness, @enginewitty. He just loves cute little bunnies and snakes...especially when snakes are eating cute little bunnies.


  • 1st place is awarded 10 SBD.
  • 2nd place gets 7 SBD.
  • 3rd place gets 3 SBD.
  • All the winners and honorable mentions also get their entries NOMMED on and resteemed by @killerwhale. I suggest to wait a day before entering so any winners can be voted on. Can't wait to see all the great photos!

Aren't caterpillars an easy target? Slowly creeping across the terrain... You guys are all amazing! Spectacular photographs this week, all of you! Except the plagiarists. Naughty. Use your OWN pictures next time. But, as usual, was hard to pick the winners. Here they are, go support their fantastic work by following the links or clicking on the pictures NOM NOM

1st Place - Dr. Evil - @mweich

2nd Place - Papilio in Caripe - @sejo

Third Place - Big Brown - @chaidir082


We also award an honorable mentions to @psywalker
for Camera Dance and to @wnfdiary for Sunflower by Inches.
Thank you for all the marvelous #photography!
Jeepers was hard to decide this week!
To all the winners,
your prizes will be sent out soon.
Happy snapping people!
Now, show us some killer BEES pix ;)!

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Before you go, @juliank, @bluefinstudios
@axeman, @derekkind, @claudiaz, @rimicane
are cordially inviting you to
check out more @photocontests and
join us on Discord!


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Here is my frist entry:

original post

And here is a second:

original post

Congratulations to all winners.
There were a few interesting pics here.
And thank you also for mentioning my last contribution!
My new entry for the next challenge comes here

(K)lick it!


My entry for this amazing contest you are hosting. Good luck to all!


Congratulations winners!!
Here's my first entry for this week...


You mean, I am competing agains the beekeepers? You guys are awesome! I remember this shot. This is amazing.


LOL, thank you! Well we're only new to beekeeping... and very much learning along the way... does that help? Does that make it any better? ; ) Other than the fact I could go and lift the lid to photograph one, I think I could find better photo ops in my MIL's garden, lol. I think where the advantage is that I'm not so scared of getting really close to them now.

7 months ago I would only look through the glass at them. Then I started going outside but would run around the backyard screaming like the girl I am :D but now... I'm getting more and more confident. They don't want to get me as much as I don't want them to get me. We have this mutual understanding : )


I'm not scared of bees either. I like taking the macro shots with extension tubes on them so I get within an inch or two of them. I have even laid under a yellow jacket nest and gotten some shots. I have found as long as you don't make crazy movements or bother them, they usually leave you alone.


I remember you talking about these extension tubes, I think I looked it up then, I'm going to have to do it again and I can't remember them! I am getting that close now with just my macro on and they're not too concerned by me. Occasionally I might get a bump or three... which is them telling me to back off! : ) And when they're telling me, I listen! :D

Oh I just looked yellow jackets up... they look amazing, a little scarier looking but GREAT colours!!!

Here is my first entry for the first time in your contest :

I hope there will be many more in the futur !

You have been defended with a 51.62% upvote!
I was summoned by @killerwhale.

A pleasure to be one of the winners, thank you! Congratulations to the other two winners. 👍

Here is my post:

And this pic (the LAST one on my post) is my entry:


man, i tried taking a picture of one of those. It was hell, they never stop moving. Very good job! hope you win after probably spending hours getting this shot :)


that is a hover fly not a bee :)

So glad you picked this theme, we were just looking at some old pics and I really like this shot. The camera was brand new then and this kind of close up was something our old camera would never have done.

My post:

Thanks for hosting this!

This is my entry for KillerPix 📷 #Contest #38 hosted by @killerwhale with the theme is Bees. hope you guys like this post. thanks.

20160817_103111 (2).jpg

20160817_102846 (2).jpg


I sat watching a bee in my MIL's garden through the lens of my camera for about 10 minutes the other week, it was the most amazing thing. See how there is pollen all over your bee? The bee I was watching was covered in pollen also, it then sat on the petal of a cosmo flower and it started preening itself with it's little arms, rubbing the full length of it's body and gathering up all the pollen that was all over it's body. It even rolled over onto its back to do its tummy. Never have I seen a bee do this... the things you get to see when you take the time! : ) Your photo reminded me on this...

hello @killerwhale and all participants here is my entry for killerpix photo contest this week



feel free to check full content here!

Oh Bees dam im too afriad to get close to one to take a pick so i guess i will watch from the bench :D!

congratulations to the winners excellent images

Congratulations to the winners! Great shots!
These are my two entries for this week:



Very inspiring post.Thanks for sharing.

This is my entry for Bee themed #KillerPix #Photocontest 🐝🐝🐝


Please, Bee kind, Bee-cause I Bee-lated noticed that this is wasp 😮
But I ensure you, it is as cute as it can Bee 😉


Oh wow! 1st! I'm honoured. There were a great deal of wonderful photos this round!


My congratulations, @mweich! 8))
I will try to beat you with a bee 8)))))


Best of luck! I know you do have some very nice bee photos!


Congratulations my friend, in what I saw that photo I knew I would be the winner, no other was compared. 👏


Thank you, you did indeed call it correctly!


Yes, from the moment I saw the photo I knew it would be the winner😄. Regards!

Fabulous caterpillar images. Congratulations @mweich @sejo and @chaidir082
Here is my first entry for this weeks contest.
Playing with petals.jpg

Entry 1 for Bees!

Link to entry post!

Congratulations to the winners!

Entry 2! Bombus ignitus! Love these big bees and their name is awesome too!
Entry Post

Release the Kraken! You got a 58.99% upvote from @seakraken courtesy of @killerwhale!

great results for this contest , time to contribute myself ;)

here is my contribution :

And here is my second entry, this time in flight and with extended tongue:

Greetings friends of KillerPix📷Contest Here I leave my entries. I hope you like them

Lonely worker

In the middle of the sun

I've shared a single post with two photos.
Here is my first entry:

And here is my second entry:

My Original Post