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This week's KillerPix contest is looking for photos from bees. I went through my photo archives and found dozens of photos of insects looking like bees, hornets, wasps or bumblebees, but I found it not easy to determine which one of these insects is actually a bee. Maybe this one that I captured in a park in Barcelona in 2014:


I am not sure if this is actually a bee either, but I love this shot that I captured when experimenting with an inverted wide-angle lens, so I chose it as my second entry:

Camera Gear

The camera I used to capture this photo is a Sony A37 (APS-C).

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Yes i think its a bee :)
The second pic looks amazing.. Which lens did you use for this shot?

@psywalker I don't have a macro lens, so I used an old manual pentax lens from the 70s and an inverter 😀

Congratz, your post has been resteemed and, who knows, will maybe appear in the next edition of the #dailyspotlights (Click on my face if you want to know more about me...)
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