TA Party Details and where's all the NSW Steemians at?

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Hey Team!

Those who aren't aware, we will be having the Team Australia Christmas Party in the Blue Mountains, NSW this year. (Yay!) We, @mattclarke and I, have been organising details for a couple of months now and thanks to his and @ausbitbank's generosity, we will have a Team Australia party house in Katoomba to accommodate all those travelling up for the event.

Baller House (the party house) sleeps up to 13 and considering this, I have been trying to find a way to transport everyone to and from Baller House to mine for the party and today, I'm happy to say I received the best quote yet.

But before I get into that here's the party details so far.

2018 Team Australia Christmas Party

December 14 to December 17 2018 | Blue Mountains, NSW


@mattclarke's Room Auctions


Hangree // Blog👉 Hangree Catering | Blue Mountains, Australia


For ages I've been trying to decide do we sit down, do we roam, what's the best option? I kept trying to visualise the flow of people and realised I was approaching this wrong. I didn't consider the weather. Summers up here can get really hot sometimes, so in the end logic won out. It doesn't make sense to have a sit down setting with hot food on a hot day so grazing table it is!

Here's what I'm thinking

From Hangree (approx. $200):-

  • (Vegan Salad) Roasted beetroot, sweet potato, orange, radish, dutch carrot, almonds, spinach and honey mustard vinaigrette
  • (Vegan Salad) Maple sweet potato, cranberry, couscous, pepitas, green bean and caramelised onion
  • (Salad) Caesar | Crispy bacon, poached chicken, parmesan, croutons, soft boiled egg and mayo
  • (Salad) Crispy pork and asian noodle w peanuts, fried onions and chilli soy dressing (GF, DF)

Others (approx. $150):-

  • Antipasto Platter + Vegan Platter
  • Fresh Fruit Platter
  • Donut Tower from Krispy Kreme
  • Assorted Vegan sweet pies/tarts from Mountain High Pies (unless I can find someone who makes a really good vegan cake.)

= $350 for 28 people not including drinks.
Drinks is for another post later down the track.


Transport has been a tricky one to sort out. I was not expecting the prices I was getting with the cheapest at $500. Luckily I received a quote from TCP Day Tours which was awesomely human of them.

$360 for mini bus transfer, return for 12 people. That's $30 per person! Only $5 more than if everyone caught a taxi in batches. And at least this way you know the mini bus will be there in time. Our taxis up here are kinda slow, one time the driver forgot we called and we were waiting at the front for an hour.

I also inquired if the price is based per head just in case we don't need 12 seats.

Now, I'm not sure how we're covering transport, I was thinking it'd come out of the entry fee, but didn't account for those coming who won't be needing transport. Id we're not including transport in the entry fee then I reckon we can allocate that $360 towards drinks/alco.

There's also the "we can have the party at Baller House" option (to be confirmed with Slav)... If it means saving a heap of money, maybe we can find another option and put that $360 towards it.


Party People

Attendance is something I need to work out too as that will determine budget for food and activities. I took the liberty of tagging a few of you that I know are either interested, may be interested, I'm hoping will be interested or generally in NSW.

Please let me know if you're in, out, undecided, bringing a plus 1 - or if you will need accommodation for the night so I can take you off/keep you on the list.

🏡 = Booked in at Baller House

2@mattclarke 🏡@o07 🏡
3@choogirl 🏡@kubbyelizabeth 🏡

There is also the the "Tent City" at my place option and I still have a spare room available.

I'm pretty sure next year's TA Christmas Party will be in Adelaide next year so all of us in NSW might want to grab this opportunity to party.

So now I'm waiting to hear from Vanessa about vegan canape options and waiting to hear about the mini bus, deposit, book by etc.

We're slowly getting there! Team Aus please share this post and get the word out. It'd be awesome to see you all at the party!

Happy Friday Steemit!

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This sounds too cool!! I'm only up the road at Bathurst!! I'll have to let hubby know... (@yeahnah) He's hopeless and gets on steemit less than me lol
We will probably have to day trip it, but would love to meet up with you guys :)

Cheers Arly,

I’m in 100% should be a ball of fun :)

I was just thinking, if we all don’t get to the airport at the same time it might be a challenge for everyone to go in the same vehicle?

Maybe time to start aligning flights over the next few weeks, if this has a green light as the best option?


Getting exciting :)
I didn't get a bid on the recent auction, so I've decided to put them on ice for a couple of months. I'd like to see a stronger STEEM price, and people may be hesitant to bid not knowing the cost of the tickets for the party.
I've been thinking re: transport, I could hire a minivan from the airport, drive it out there, and we'll have transport covered :)
Easy done.
$350 for 28 people sounds good. If we can hit that $50/head mark, I think most people would be happy with that?
Thoughts, anyone?


😢 on the recent auction but definitely a good move shelving it for now, theres heaps of time left.

If you could do that, that would be great. I suppose then we need a designated driver for the night 👍

I'm happy with $50. I'm hoping we get another cracker of a Christmas this year and Steem pumps 💪


Yeah, another hideous day on the markets; we're back under $2 AUD which I haven't seen in a long time.
I think some big money is trying to get in cheap. Manipulating the price down to shake crypto out of weak hands.
Ned's powering down, which could very well mean he expects a pump in the next few months and wants to have some liquid on hand to sell, perhaps to devote to marketing. Not sure why people are so freaked out by it.


$50 a head seems reasonable.


This is do-able. Solves a tonne of problems; getting ballers from the airport, and trips between ballerhouse and yours.


I love it!! Yes it does save a lot of headaches and THANK YOU once again for coming to the rescue. ❤

Im hoping crypto pumps soon so I can cash out my loose stock and get things done around the house.

Ive decided to stop diversifying my crypto portfolio and work on my stack instead cos that silver is solid 👌

This sounds really good. I am putting my name down as interested. I won't be bringing anyone extra.

It would help if I had a general total ballpark figure that I could money towards over the next 5 or 6 months.

30 SBD for a room is a lot more affordable than it was a few months ago.


To clarify, I am one of the Adelaide crew.


Yeh man I know youre a mallsballer ❤

The rooms, aside from the granny flat have been snapped up, and I think negotiations with current room "owners" for a room might go in your favor, or maybe speak to @mattclarke about the granny flat.

I think for the tickets, as much as we want to take SBD, in our case I think $50 in fiat is the way to go, that way were not worrying about the market and fluctuations.

What are your thoughts?


I won't need a big room or a big bed, which is why I held off on bidding on them.

And yeah, $50 in fiat is probably easier for now, but we'll see what the Steem does in the mean time. It will mean that I need refocus my attention and start earning to some Steem.

That will be a great moment of life to get it i think.