TeamAustralia Christmas party accomodation. First room up for auction. Two singles, or push them together. Ground Floor.

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Hi team. Matt Clarke here. The lovely @bearone is hosting the #teamaustralia Christmas party in Katoomba on the 15th of December.

She has limited accommodation options at home, so found this great little airbnb place approx 20-30 mins away.

The ever generous @ausbitbank and I have secured Ballerhouse between Friday 14th and Monday 17th, and I'll be auctioning off the available rooms one at a time, starting now.
All proceeds from the auctioned rooms, and all liquid rewards from posts by this account will be spent on the party, in collaboration with @bearone.

It's likely that we'll make the party a ticketed event, so please note that winning a room doesn't include entry to the party.

You're bidding for the room to use as you see fit for the entire period. I won't be doing a headcount at any point, but Arly's airbnb rep is on the line, so let's be sensible.

Full payment is due (to this account) by Halloween, which gives you plenty of time to earn it through posting.

^^ Up for auction this week is this versatile room on the ground floor in the main house.
Two singles or one double. Your call.

ABB and I will take these two singles.

And @choogirl will get this room on the second floor.

When this auction is decided a week from now, we'll move on to this Queen bedroom on the ground floor,

The self contained garage/kitchen/studio/granny flat with 3 single beds, own bathroom/laundry and kitchen.

Another room with two singles (option to push together as a double) upstairs

A double sofa bed in a common area upstairs

And finally the single sofa bed in the common area downstairs

I'm getting excited to meet you all.
This event will be an iconic, pivotal moment in the history of #teamaustralia and I'm going to be one of the early-adopting visionaries smiling back in those photos. Will you?

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Wooohooo! Here we goo peoples! Its gonna be the longest count down to Christmas ever. 200 something days to go!

I want share a room with Choogirl!


I think a chaperone would be a really wise decision tbh :)


My thoughts exactly, plus I could blog my way to Australia right?!

Interesting auction here. In sbd ?


Yes, SBD :)

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As that is the busiest time of the year for me, I cannot bid. However it sounds like a fun time to be had by all. Thanks for sharing @mattclarke

Wow, these are really excellent rooms.Excellent decoration,simply the best.Speacially the beds are too good.

What a great idea @mattclarke.......those rooms look pretty cool. Great accomodation.......but of course.....its all about the company. Nothing like being prepared as I imagine they could get booked up before too long. I look forward to hearing all about Team Australia Christmas Party.

Nice rooms, I love the third picture.
I wish you guys a successful Christmas party
What an early plan for Christmas.

Wish I could be there for the party. We’ll sort of. I’ll be in Peru so won’t be that sad not to be there. :P

Upvote and resteem, before I get Ausbitspankt.

Christmas party weekend, lucky people. You people get to enjoy the awesome party. Anyways these bed rooms are super deluxe. Love the lights in these rooms

these are amazing rooms

@mattclarke, The meeting room is very nice, successful for #teamaustralia I hope you, what about the women there, how many use steemit. Leave my regards to the great women there.

The post is very good, I really enjoy it, my room


Bid accepted! Highest bid is now @kubbyelizabeth's bid of 15.300 SBD


@kubbyelizabeth's bid of 15.300 SBD has been overbid by @o07's bid of 20.000 SBD


The bid was rejected because the amount is to low. The bid has to be higher than @o07's bid of 20.000 SBD.

Wow i love this concept. I have no doubts the party's gonna be lit

Everything is very nice. All of your pictures have become more eloquent and they have increased the beauty. I hope everyone will be more interested in purchasing products for your beautiful post.

photography is perfect, elegant colors, very beautiful sights.
It looks such a wonderful room. The all photos looks really great. Hope you will enjoy your extended day too. It will definitely be a wonderful memory.

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this is a very amazing journey.Totally creative and interesting place to visit.

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold

What a beautiful place and room?your posts are awesome, especially the Photography.Keep it up you did some really genius.


Definitely you really enjoyed it there.
have a nice day.

Just awesome.In a single word the is no alternative than this.Good to know.Thanks for your contribution to complete the job.Go ahead.And thanks a lot for sharing such kind of writing so that we can know about it.

i love this concept. I have no doubts the party's gonna be lit