🌈Somewhere Over the Rainbow🌈 🎤Karaoke style🎤- Just for YOU!🎵

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow.png

Greetings, Steemland!

Has the beginning of your 2018 been fabulous?😍

Do you feel like you’ve been missing something?

Is that something me singing just for you?!

Then today is your lucky day!

No. Really. I did it. I sang you a song.😘 It’s not even my normal type of song. It’s slow. It’s kinda long. I’d venture to say boring, but it IS well known. So there’s that. 😏

I’m also entering this in the @killerwhale Karaoke Contest. And to be fair, the contest lights a little fire🔥 under me a**. 😉 They accept entries until Friday, so go record yourself singing your heart out!

This is also a popularity contest (though all are judged on other criteria, as well). If you happen to have a spare upvote lying about, I would absolutely LOVE it if you could pop over to the Karaoke Contest post and upvote my COMMENT. My video will be embedded so it will be easy to spot me. 😍

Of course, please only upvote me if you think I’m awesome. AND… it would be super nice of you to check out some of the other entries to see how I compare. You may find you like someone better, and that’s okay too. 😀

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Oh! I almost forgot! My sweet husband @chrisroberts also entered this week… and I helped.😍 It’s a duet, but more him than me. I’m gonna drop that video below too. Watch to the end. We were going to re-do it, but the cat cameo was worth all the rough notes. We hope you agree!😂

And now, finally, the moment you’ve alllll been waiting for….

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Sung by me, for you. 😍


Suddenly Seymour

A duet. Plus cat.😸

Here's the link to @chrisroberts post Suddenly Seymour - Karaoke Contest Entry feat: @carrieallen and @chrisroberts.

😀Don't forget! We NEED you.😀

If you were amused by what you just witnessed and have a spare upvote, please spend it on one (or both!) of our COMMENT ENTRIES found on THIS post.

I pay you in kisses.

I do hope (and believe) that this will make the beginnings of 2018 just that much better.😍

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If you find yourself needing help or just have a question or two, find me on Discord.😀

All images were created/taken by me, or from Bitmoji.com. Make your own today!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

Hugs & Kisses 💋carrie signature.gif

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This is the most colorful post i seen in a while.. :)

Though often wordy, my posts are full of magical ✨EYE CANDY✨!

So beautiful of you and your voice quality

Thank you so much!

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