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I wake up to find my 11k coins is worth 40% more overnight. I was expecting the opposite... I was expecting Sun to transfer these coins and dump them.

Will he dump them?

He might just be transferring to Binance to get the airdrop. They have agreed to our demands. No "emergency hardfork" will happen. The Steem community wins.

However I have to wonder if I should dump these 11k coins now with the intention of buying at a cheaper price tomorrow. It might be foolish not too. I have no idea what to do. :(

On the bright side Binance can open withdrawals up once again.


which account is it ?

Cash is king. You only profit when you sell. Take the money. These are merely philosophical musings, and do not constitute investment advice. Don't sue me.

I did sell.

I was way overextended and +40% overnight was too good to pass up. Went from like .27 Bitcoin to .39

A little too early perhaps

The crypto community's love of airdrops blinds them to the fact that the value of both chains is going to crash lower than what they are paying for coins today.

I'm not too upset with my decision... but god damn... yeah I obviously wish I would have held a bit longer... How can people possibly buy into Steem right now when they know Justin could be about to dump 5M coins on the market? Yikes.

Unless its Justin buying.

That doesn't make any sense to me at all. If he was buying there wouldn't be a huge discount on Binance right now. It's more likely that he is actively selling right now as we speak. I just wrote a whole post on my thoughts about it.

I think he is about to dump all his coins on the market over the next 36 hours.

Why would he want HIVE though? He knows his not welcome here and we could fork any account he makes

He just want's to dump 3 million HIVE tokens on Binance, isn't that obvious?

Lol I guess I can’t blame him free money is free money

I'm sure GTG and Blocktrades are privvy to his shady moves. I would at least hope they are! The guys a snake.

Rotten to the core! Lol i wonder if he actually learned something from all this or will he just Cary on buying up projects and fudging his numbers to bag holders

Considering he's a millionaire, the latter. People like him are ruthless, only out to make money.

Well we due for an economic reset it’s time for guys like these who are glorified rent seekers to be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cruel world that we know and endure!

To be kept down with myths of opportunity just like we’ve been for so long! Power to the people

Although we cannot get access to exchange kyc and even asking would be unsavoury, we can ask exchanges to block airdrops from specific accounts, they know :)

The can then do as they please.

  • ignore us
  • send it to dao or null or wherever steemit money is going
  • keep ot for their masters or use it to onboard
  • profit

The point is we can ask for free. Also I think binance and huobi owe the community this.

If anything we can airdrop Binance 3.6M less coins and tell them Sun is canceled. They already know this, indeed.

This. Exchanges need to be excluded from the drop if they have participated in the theft of others to bolster a takeover. Let individual accounts here take a screenshot of their disabled wallets on the exchanges in question and prove they have them that way. Bypass the crooks.

Yeah I'd be much more comfortable having their agreement and trust. If they publically agree to respect our blacklist before airdrop they should get the choice.

Usually when there is a fork coming people buy to get the new coin. Is this why we got such a big surge last night?

hmmmm yep.

However it was sparked when Binance and Huobi announced they would support the airdrop.

He moved his stake because of free HIVE tokens airdrop which will be performed by Binance. Smart move, he didn't transfered to Poloniex because he knows excactly that we wouldn't airdrop this exchange with tokens.

My hope is that we can work with binance in order to exclude his stake from the airdrop from Binance.

You might consider that the airdrop will be provided to individual accounts. I reckon those undertaking this transition are informed as to which accounts the airdrop should not apply to, and will not send Hive tokens to those accounts.

I would assume that @binance-hot does not keep track of which accounts sent them money. It's not like the @hkdev404 account has a sister account on Binance. There is no account linking. This is why you send coins to @deepcrypto8 with a memo. The memo tells the money which account to send coins to on Binance.

From Binance, you can send the coins to any account on Steem. Thinking that Sun would not get the airdrop is foolish imo. There would be no way to fact check it behind Binance's centralized database. We don't have access to that, and we know that Binance is on Sun's side, tentatively, behind closed doors.

I appreciate better minds providing facts to counter my nescience, as you do here.


That would be great!

If they don't exclude Justin he will own HIVE sock puppets too

lol cmon man... 3.6M coins != 70M coins

We'll be fine.

It's the 70M coins that are locked up voting for witnesses that matter. All those coins are going to be deleted. We're fine.

My mistake... it's actually 82M coins now. At least.

164,000M Vests / 2000 = 82M coins

Yes plus remember that in Hive there will be a 30 days delay time for the witness votes. So we have time to plan and fuck him up! :)

If you bought at cheaper price, always sell when you see +40% happening with just one crypto ....sell no doubt and buy tomorrow

Great.. I need to make these decisions in crypto and fiat markets. WTF.

By keepings funds on binance he is not going get HIVE. It looks like binance will just open up withdrawals. It help community to move funds to their wallets and essentially double the money by participating in the airdrop.

Binance is doing the airdrop.
Why would you assume he won't get Hive?

Atleast we are getting exchange support which is the lifeline to any new project succeeding. 🐝🐝🐝

We should not take support from Binance!

Binance is shady but they do have some of the highest volume in trading. As long as Houbi and Bittrex is in, it doesn’t matter to me.

I sold some at top, will see when the best time to buy back in will be.

I sold some at top,
Will see when the best time to
Buy back in will be.

                 - lordbutterfly

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hopefully Sun dumps more. Bittrex is already trading 10% higher than Binance. If Sun is afraid he won't get the airdrop he should dump all of it between now and Friday 7:00 AM PST.

From what ive heard from one of the witnesses working on HIVE, it seems they have planned for Justin doing something like this.
Dont quote me, but the vagueness over the airdrop/chain continuation suggests that they have planned to get rid of him completely.

Sounds about right, they are on top of it. They will probably force the exchanges to delete his airdrop or they won't get an airdrop and all the Steem holders with powered up stake will sue them. We have a lot of leverage.

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