I sold some at top,
Will see when the best time to
Buy back in will be.

                 - lordbutterfly

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hopefully Sun dumps more. Bittrex is already trading 10% higher than Binance. If Sun is afraid he won't get the airdrop he should dump all of it between now and Friday 7:00 AM PST.

From what ive heard from one of the witnesses working on HIVE, it seems they have planned for Justin doing something like this.
Dont quote me, but the vagueness over the airdrop/chain continuation suggests that they have planned to get rid of him completely.

Sounds about right, they are on top of it. They will probably force the exchanges to delete his airdrop or they won't get an airdrop and all the Steem holders with powered up stake will sue them. We have a lot of leverage.

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