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Although we cannot get access to exchange kyc and even asking would be unsavoury, we can ask exchanges to block airdrops from specific accounts, they know :)

The can then do as they please.

  • ignore us
  • send it to dao or null or wherever steemit money is going
  • keep ot for their masters or use it to onboard
  • profit

The point is we can ask for free. Also I think binance and huobi owe the community this.


If anything we can airdrop Binance 3.6M less coins and tell them Sun is canceled. They already know this, indeed.

This. Exchanges need to be excluded from the drop if they have participated in the theft of others to bolster a takeover. Let individual accounts here take a screenshot of their disabled wallets on the exchanges in question and prove they have them that way. Bypass the crooks.

Yeah I'd be much more comfortable having their agreement and trust. If they publically agree to respect our blacklist before airdrop they should get the choice.

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