He just want's to dump 3 million HIVE tokens on Binance, isn't that obvious?

Lol I guess I can’t blame him free money is free money

I'm sure GTG and Blocktrades are privvy to his shady moves. I would at least hope they are! The guys a snake.

Rotten to the core! Lol i wonder if he actually learned something from all this or will he just Cary on buying up projects and fudging his numbers to bag holders

Considering he's a millionaire, the latter. People like him are ruthless, only out to make money.

Well we due for an economic reset it’s time for guys like these who are glorified rent seekers to be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cruel world that we know and endure!

To be kept down with myths of opportunity just like we’ve been for so long! Power to the people

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