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He moved his stake because of free HIVE tokens airdrop which will be performed by Binance. Smart move, he didn't transfered to Poloniex because he knows excactly that we wouldn't airdrop this exchange with tokens.

My hope is that we can work with binance in order to exclude his stake from the airdrop from Binance.


You might consider that the airdrop will be provided to individual accounts. I reckon those undertaking this transition are informed as to which accounts the airdrop should not apply to, and will not send Hive tokens to those accounts.

I would assume that @binance-hot does not keep track of which accounts sent them money. It's not like the @hkdev404 account has a sister account on Binance. There is no account linking. This is why you send coins to @deepcrypto8 with a memo. The memo tells the money which account to send coins to on Binance.

From Binance, you can send the coins to any account on Steem. Thinking that Sun would not get the airdrop is foolish imo. There would be no way to fact check it behind Binance's centralized database. We don't have access to that, and we know that Binance is on Sun's side, tentatively, behind closed doors.

I appreciate better minds providing facts to counter my nescience, as you do here.


That would be great!

If they don't exclude Justin he will own HIVE sock puppets too

lol cmon man... 3.6M coins != 70M coins

We'll be fine.

It's the 70M coins that are locked up voting for witnesses that matter. All those coins are going to be deleted. We're fine.

My mistake... it's actually 82M coins now. At least.

164,000M Vests / 2000 = 82M coins

Yes plus remember that in Hive there will be a 30 days delay time for the witness votes. So we have time to plan and fuck him up! :)

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