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RE: Spaminator Needs Your Help

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Thank you @teamsteem & everyone who's commented. I've responded to a few of the comments here but spammers never sleep it seems. I really do appreciate all the support the community has given me over the past months.

Every delegation or donation adds up!


Hello and thanks for your noble work! I have noticed some people will quickly reply to a post, and then instantly they will have their reply to the post upvoted by a ton of accounts. It isn't people doing it either. They are using some sort of bot or service. Has this issue been addressed too? It's another problem I see with the platform, and I'm hoping we can resolve it. Again, thanks!

I have delegated 1,000 SP to @spaminator to help the cause too.

Awesome! Thanks @finnian! I'm not sure I understood what you meant. If I understand you correctly what you describe is part of what @spaminator is fighting.

If you think there's another issue just let us know here or in private. @spaminator is always improving.

It may be the same thing. Your posts are a good example. You'll have a trending popular post, and some random person will reply quickly with a short reply. Then as soon as they post that reply, they will get 10-15 upvotes to their reply. It is automated though, not real people upvoting. I've had this happen on my posts before. When I ask the person about the auto upvotes their reply got, they will always feign ignorance too.

I've noticed some short comments getting lots of votes too. I've even had some meaningless comment get upvoted more than the I did for the artilce I wrote!!
I agree that this needs addressing and is probably harder to notice and monitor than posts, as comments can appear anywhere.
Great project, I'm going to follow and upvote @patrice and @spaminator. Wishing you luck and success with it all.

Thank you for your work Patricia! This is only the beginning!

I know I came across this post a little too late and I don't have enough SP to delegate but I appreciate what you're doing here. Let me know if you need an extra hand to flagging down spams, not only in english but other languages as well LOL... @patrice... keep up the good stuff :)

Thank you! I'll keep you in mind if I do.

i dont know the rule of witness please tell me,,,,,....


You're worried about the $220 that this comment farm has been exploiting. What about the thousands that the whales rape out of the reward pool each day? What about the whales that bully, censor and threaten on this platform? Do you have the guts to take a stand against them as well and do what's right or will your hammer of justice just fall upon the weaker guys?

It's not just 220$. The amount overtime was so large that I preferred not to mention it.

People can't allocate the part of the reward pool they don't control or own, then can only allocate the part they control or own. If someone would be able to control part of the reward pool that isn't their, that would be akin to thief or communism and that's not what Steem is about, it is in some sense the exact opposite.

Things can't be censored on Steem. As for bullying or any undesirable behavior, we should entertain the opposite behavior and try to cultivate the environment that facilitate the behaviors we want for ourselves and others. I'm working on setting up those environment but this isn't a one day deal. Patience is required for some goals to be achieve.

Whoever feels like they have been unjustly flag by Spaminator can appeal to them.

I am seething about a post which I found 'hidden'. There is no such thing as hidden, as You Tube and Google have taught us. If it is hidden, it is as good as censored, when in social media.

The person did nothing wrong, no plagiarising and nothing else bad that I can see. He posts his own material and in this post of 9 days ago, he has some upvotes, even if they are not worth any money, he has had 30 visitors, but his post gets hidden for being of low interest? Surely that should disqualify at least 90% of all posts? Why is he being picked on?

((I see he is from Nigeria and when he saw my comment addresed to Steemit, he sent me a message, telling me he is thinking of withdrawing from Steemit. I've asked him not to do so. ))

Then, once I have clicked on unhide and enter his post, now I find his images are hidden, as a separate hide function. Then all his comments are hidden as a separate function, again!

The reason, for low interest in his post! So what, is that now a crime here?

I am preparing to make a post protesting this very strongly. If you feel I am wrong, please go to my blog and check under my comments what I intend posting, or else ask me to give you his url, and I will hold off so as to give you a chance to advise me where I am wrong - if you think I am.

If I have not heard from you, or someone, within 24 hours, I will then post, as I think it is only fair that as many Steemitians know about these systematic forms of bullying and censorship.

Hope to hear from you and thanks for reading my comment.

I just saw the post that you mentioned. I'm unsure why that account has started randomly downvoting. I don't have the SP to personally combat their downvotes on posts that do not contain any abuse. I urge anyone who is downvoted by @triplej to visit #steemitabuse and ask for help. There are volunteers that stop in and will help upvote posts that are flagged maliciously.

Censorship is when something is made unavailable. Hidden is not censorship.

You should provide me with the url. If you feel prefer doing it privately you can too, through the

Let me add that we are not in control of other people's actions. We can disagree and can make our disagreement public.

Thanks for responding, as I can see from just this page how busy you are.

This is not the time to debate whether it is censorship or not, let us just say we agree to disagree and if you have some free time one day, we can discuss it. Anyway, my comments were based on a misunderstanding (I confess I did not think it through, as I should have) but I thought this had been done by whatever passes for a monitor or Admin here. I'm glad it is not so.

I am more concerned by something I perceived to be an injustice.
This is his link:

There is another post, about gaming, not much further down, which has also been affected. I did not check any further down.

I look forward to hearing you have dealt with the matter and he is free to continue posting.

Btw, I should mention, I only first visited his site now and did not know him, so I am solely upset by what felt like an injustice to me.

It happens sometimes on Steem. The best thing to do is asking the person why they down voted and try to understand them and try to see if we can change their mind if we disagree with them. Also, the reward has been return to the reward pool.

How do I find out who did it?

As for comment about being returned to the reward pool, are you saying the victim, if he truly was blameless, loses his money, or that it is given back to him?

Sorry, but I think you were presuming I would understand more than I do.

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