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The story you are about reading is my life experience in 2012 when I got admission to the Federal University Of Technology Minna, Nigeria.

My Story

My name is Gideon Nnakude a Nigerian and an Igbo young man by tribe 😉. I got admission to the named university above in 2012 after staying at home for good two years. The admission came and I was ready for school. Before now I have been into online counselling on Facebook, and eskimi (don’t know if they still exist today). My major area of counselling was on the need of abstaining from sex and waiting until marriage. This made ladies want to be my friends because they told me I was different from other guys who were asking for sex and all what not. During this period I was able to help some ladies who were struggling to stop having sex. One was even sex with her cousin but she stopped.

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A day before I came to the university, a woman of God whom I never knew from anywhere told me to be

• Careful With Ladies
• Pray For My Result when I get on campus.
I really didn’t take the counsel serious since I already made a decision to marry as a Virgin and besides I never had a girlfriend nor had the intention of having one.
Then I met a girl online named Blessing (surname withheld) who was a student in the same state I got admission but different schools.

The Beginning Of My Fall

We got talking and chatting on Facebook and 2go 🙄, and gradually I started picking interest in the girl when she said to me

I Love You

Those words sent a fire 🔥 into my system because no one has ever told me that including my parents because I grew up with serious Christian parents who taught discipline by all means.
It got to a point that no day passes without me giving her a call or receiving a call from her. Gradually there was a strong desire for sex between both of us that we started making free night calls on MTN from 12 am to 4 am talking sexual things. One of the days in my first semester that first year I was to have a test the following morning. I forgot about reading but rather spent the whole night on phone with Blessing. Had 16/40 in the test score since I didn’t read but buckled up during the exam and got a B (62/100).
The desire grew worst and then came the big error and most dirty stuff, we started exchanging complete nude pictures of ourselves. 😭

My body enjoyed it but my conscience condemned what I was doing but I couldn’t resist the desire.

It grew worst that one of the Sunday, I and she didn’t go to church but spent the whole Sunday sex chatting and sinning against God. I felt guilty and broke up that dirty relationship with her on several occasions only to accept her back again after some days of her pleading.

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All these while we never saw each other at once then one of the days, she said she would come to my school, I accepted but told her to dress decently when coming. She finally came but was wearing tight clothes that even an impotent man may want to rape her.
We stayed alone in my room and she laid on my laps while we discussed.

My whole system was on fire. I felt like a man but never reacted like a man who was in need of sex.

I was afraid of trying anything stupid because of the fear of ending in sex. After about, four good hours we then went to a restaurant to eat. No one was there except those who were selling and they were outside. I then used my phone and typed


She replied yes and pulled down her blouse a bit right in the restaurant and I also touched her laps. We then paid and left. She went back to stay with her friend who was living in my school. Called her to come the next day because I was ready to give up my virginity for her but she never showed up again and that was how I ended with her. Then I started searching for girls online to sex chat me. I found some and even engaged in watching pornography online.
I struggled for years until I opened up to my pastor and youth leaders who assisted me in prayers and I gradually got over that dirty experience and until today I am still keeping myself and waiting to have my first sex when I get married to my wife in the nearest future.



• Always say sweet things to your children else they will get it from wrong people
• Know the sexual state of your children and talk about sex with them.
• Know their friends and who they visit.



You can not abstain from sex if you occupy yourself with the thoughts of it , the devil will always provide someone that will assist you in sinning. By the way only few youths restrains from it cuz the devil as blinded us and changed our idea of what morals is, pre marital sex has become the norm...I'm no saint, cuz I've fallen short severly, only God's Grace keeps us . Guard your heart, and think of what matters and what will benefit your spirit, soul and body.

Thanks brother for the counsel.

I admire your determination. You are one of the very few who abstain from sexual related activities. Keep it up.

I will God helping me. Thanks.

And I thought I was the only one. My kids will enjoy me sha finally

She finally came but was wearing tight clothes that even an impotent man may want to rape her.

Is it bad that I found that statement really funny?

Gideon your mind is full of unanswered questions, a whole new frontier is available to you. Pour your heart and soul out in the form of text. Dig for your truth and salvation. God will forgive you if you prescribe to his religion.

I have two beautiful children, and I've never been married. If God is real, and so is his grace and mercy, then my children are his grace. Not sinful abominations. Do you understand my meaning? You've atoned by the sounds of it, and you are staying true to yourself and your religion. Nice post Gideon.

Thanks for stopping by to read

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Wow! So much going on. You really gave us a very honest and raw picture of this experience in your life. Be careful. Sometimes it can be good to be so open... sometimes it may not. I think you did fine here. But remember, everything you write in a post is written "forever" onto the Steemit blockchain. So don't put anything that you don't want to be there in 10 years. Steemit is like a tattoo! lol

Thanks for visiting my blog, and keep growing here on Steemit, but not by chasing upvotes or resteems. Looking for good and honest friends and followers!

I will be posting a comment with my tips to another post...your introduction post if it isn't so far back. I hope it helps (though I think you may have learned most of it already!).

Take care,

Thanks i got it. That experience has refused to leave my thought because i know how terrible it was. Well let it be here so that when i get married my wife can read too to know sincerely who she is getting married to. Thanks for stopping by

Stay strong. Use your head first (the one on your shoulders)!

Thanks for visiting.