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COVID-19 = 1984. Global 9/11. We are in world war four not just with a virus but more so with government. FEMA may be going door to door to steal excessive foods from house to house. Therefore, grow potatoes. Hide your food in the ground. Hide your food. Join Hive.blog or PeakD.com. I prefer the Hive.blog user interface (UI) but the PeakD UI does have many interesting options.

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2020-03-20 - Friday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-03-20 - Friday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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02:42 AM - Steemit

Bill Gates didn't hide COVID during Event 201 in 2019.

Steem Hive

02:51 AM - Steemit

I will be on Steem to share some of my Hive posts but my heart and soul will be focused mostly on Hive. One of my concerns is all the links I have on my blog that links back to posts I wrote on Steemit, including future posts I have not written yet.


02:56 AM - Steemit

Keep in mind that this could be a temporary setback as Hive could have so much potential which could make up for deflation, devaluation.

Mario Sun

02:58 AM - Steemit

Like the Angry Sun in those Super Mario Bros 3 levels where the sun follows Mario and attacks. We are Mario. We are leaving the desert level and moving onto the Hive planet.

Justin Sun Tyranny

03:03 AM - Steemit

But do you really want to stop the Corona Virus or 1984 tyranny which uses pandemics in order to hostile takeover humanity like Tron Overlord Justin Sun did to Steem but in real-life in countries around the world?

Not Financial Advice

03:10 AM - Steemit

If you don't say "Not Financial Advice," will a piano fall on your head? People everywhere say in their YouTube videos that they are not doctors, not this, not that. People are always saying that something is not advice. I find it very sad that people do this. I guess people are scared of getting taken to court, sued, or who knows what. But people will take you to court no matter what you say or not say. Some people can try to lay low and play it safe. It's trying to not offend people, etc.

Confused? You? No way. Just kidding. Sounds just about right. Just kidding. Stay safe.

Hospital Church

03:19 AM - Steemit

I used to work with The Salvation Army and their ministry is like a hospital for many people indeed, a heart to God and a hand to man.

I watched bits and pieces of The Letter For The King 101.


2020-06-20 - Friday - 03:45 AM - 04:31 AM - Vikings 103

Where is your dad?

Oh, I was talking to your son. Where is your husband?

The man asks and wondered when he might be back. The man was a servant of the king. The man called over a different boy, said something to him to get him to go with him as an insurance policy. The wife said he gone fishing but the king kind of knew he was going on a ship to find new lands.

Monks brought back and called slaves to be sold.

He takes the monk home

They asked the monk if he wanted a threesome and he was like no

Who would know? God would know. The girl asked the monk was his favorite. He said but there is only one God.

They bury treasure and a boy in the ground as something for the king after he dies and goes to like an Egyptian Heaven or afterlife.

The monk says Catholics give away their gold and stuff to the churches to save their souls. A work based salvation which is not found in the Bible.

New place, new raid. Trade. Traders. Translators. Fight.


04:35 AM - COVID19 Shows Us Tech Firms Should Be Prevented from Banning Users For Legal Behavior


2020-06-20 - Friday - 04:41 AM - 05:25 AM - Vikings 104

This other king.

Raid on Sunday as the church bells rung

Climb walls

They at church and they left their swords at the door

She looks like Scarlett Johansson

The monk says to God that he is questioning God's will and wonders why God let his pals die. But it is simple, God gives us freewill which means bad things happen. The son talked about sacrificing the monk.

Fought with Saxons

Murder trial. Brother said the murder was in self defense or in a fashion of stopping a rape

Earl or like prince or something



10:51 AM - 3/20/20 alex jones newswars

We are in world war four not just with a virus but more so with government.


11:06 AM - Steemit

Did you get twelve random words for your passphrase? Not key or password but passphrase.

Government is ok with child porn, child rape, child sex, on Porn Hub, a double standard as they take down other websites but allow Porn Hub to do anything they want.

With entertainers making videos at home because of COVID, it reminds me of like the second episode of Black Mirror where people were all locked up like Wall-E and they had to listen to ads to get points and everything they did in their prisons or prison planet was for earning points, like a social credit score.

Do you have mold inside your body?

About six weeks ago, back in February of 2020, the wife of ALex Jones started having dreams or visions of people not having enough toilet paper and Alex kind of thought that was crazy.

Shemane Nugent, the wife of Ted Nugent said great things on the show about responsibility.

Flower Power

12:48 PM - Steemit

Flower Power Event. This is the 6th Annual Flower Power at Kneeland Park come and enjoy all the festivites from 12‑6 pm on April 1st, 2020 !! Proud American BBQ and Amazing Bands and Vendors Shop all Day and Enjoy the atmosphere !!

COVID is 1984.

COVID-19 = 1984. Global 9/11.

It is not COVID-19. It is COVID-1984.

Banned From Naomi Brockwell

01:32 PM - Steemit | Telegram | Twitter

I was banned from Naomi Brockwell's Telegram.

Screenshot at 2020-03-20 13:34:10 Naomi Brockwell Telegram Banned.png

Medical Tyranny

I tell people I was banned.

A guys said he is not an admin and can't do nothing.

Sounds like pacifism.

Another person said Naomi didn't want negative comments, posts.

But I talk about POSITIVE action we can do.

Are you shooting the messenger? I am simply telling people how yummy garlic is. Also, I talk about books people can read. I believe in doing things to help our children.

Uvas responded: "well good luck with your efforts."

Was that sarcastic?


I don't know.

taxes started going up in the 1930's especially

what is happening right now is similar to the 1920's and 1930's

I am actually the love child, the bastard, of Austin Powers, Napoleon Dynamite, and Harry Potter, as they had a threesome to produce me without the help of women or wine, ironically enough, I think I came out of a toaster.

Who's alt is Oatmeal?

You are right and I was banned off Naomi Brockwell for being boring.

I had an Oak Tree.

Or a Maple Tree.

Perfect for Oatmeal.

Oatmeal has too much HYPE, just like COVID.



I am JO, Joey Oatmeal.

I am JOO, Joey Original Oatmeal.

Spain oh no


02:37 PM - Steemit

FEMA may be going door to door to steal excessive foods from your house. Therefore, grow potatoes. Hide your food in the ground. Hide your food.

Nap for two hours. Weird crazy dreams just like last night. Kind of hard to explain. Involves being PDX. Walking around. Uniting with family. Learning to appreciate the ups and downs in life. Last night, it involved trying to get off the bus at FG. Where I grew up. Trying to get back home to see dad and others. Getting lost walking in the dark. I must have missed my bus stop and had to walk back from Hillsboro and towards Forest Grove.

Mark, I was not specifically told why I was banned from Naomi Brockwell. But Naomi did say something to Luttrel that perhaps was applied to me.

Some people probably saw what I wrote as too negative, too crazy, too bad, etc.

I actually was planning on writing less in the future but wanted to say a bunch around this time in world history.

I did not ask her but she did say something about it but she didn't address it directly to me.

She might have thought that I said that the Beer Bug is fake.

Some people got mad at me and she probably doesn't want me to scare people away with conspiracy theories that I hear from Alex Jones.

There are different admins, so it is possible Naomi didn't do it herself.

I said COVID is an excuse for globalists to take us over more.

If you scroll up on her channel, you can see all that I wrote and it is a lot.

But some might have thought that I was saying nobody is dying. But people are dying. And I'm not trying to say people are not dying.

I said COVID is a bio-weapon.

Shelton Talks Ban

04:46 PM - Steemit | Shelton Talks - Facebook Group

Why are you not approving my posts in Shelton Talks?

I sent this to all five admins of Shelton Talks as they have not been approving my posts while approving the posts of others and I mean similar posts and sometimes idenitcal posts.

Shelton Talks Admins

They have the following five admins

Sarah Meyer
Jessica Renecker
Ashley Maestas
Kevin Richard
Ashley Nichole

This post from my other account was accepted on Shelton Talks. But from my main account, nope.

Naomi Brockwell

05:01 PM - Snowden: Bill to Ban Encryption a "DISGRACE”

She might say that I was too negative, aggressive, too many messages, too long, too crazy, too negative, too off-topic, too much spam, etc.

Stefan Molyneux

05:17 PM - STEFAN MOLYNEUX vs JF GARIEPY! Universal Ethics vs Moral Nihilism!

Is JF taking it personally?

Is JF acting too defensive?

JF is on the defense and not on the offense.

JF believes in subjectivity?

JF can say that there are no absolutes and still be absolutely wrong about that.

JF believes your floor can be my ceiling.

Does JF believe that we live in a simulation?

@Vivian Richardson Oh no. You are cooler.

I am Alex Jones.

Yes, God would be objective.

What is JF defending?

@SpiderEternal And Twitter and Facebook and YouTube and others have had porn, etc.

Supernatural dimensions, you can feel it.

If JF is a nihilist, then why does it matter to JF?

JF said he does not know everything but then says that it does not matter if he know everything or not.

Didn't JF say God does not exist?

Didn't JF say OBJECTIVITY does not exist?

God does not not exist?


JF is saying he is happy being ignorant.

@Kurt Rustled if so, then there is no debate here.

A square circle cannot exist outside of redefining those terms.

Other universes?

So, no God but other universes ok?

JF is ok with other UNIVERSES but REJECTS GOD.

Numbers are concepts.

If 2+2=5, it would only be if 5 represented 4.

Numbers are simply place holders.

Numbers are not really numbers but concepts.

In actuality, the number 1 does not really exist in a specific sense to be exact to another 1.

JF believes in some objectivity it seems.

JF is trying to call his objective statements as not objective.

JF is trying to redefine some terms in order to say things.....

AKA String Theory?

Principles do not exist in the mind of a fool.

Numbers are theories.

Parallel Universes = The GOD OF JF

JF believes in certain things that he calls not OBJECTIVE but which are in fact OBJECTIVE

JF said he believes Stefan must..... OBJECTIVELY SPEAKING...... that Stefan must........

I was in QUEBEC

Double Standard

Bait & Switch

How can a statement not be OBJECTIVE?

Oatmeal Philosophy

Universal Preferable Behavior (UPB)

Contradictions only exist within OBJECTIVITY



Contradictions are not relevant if there is no right and wrong






Taxi Cab Geometry is silly

GOD exists in a PARALLEL UNIVERSE, right?

How does JF KNOW that if if if if if if if if JF DOES NOT KNOW everything?


2+2=4 in our world and in all worlds.

2 + 2 can only equal 4 in all universes, both real and not real, both in reality and in anything that could be imagined.

How can there be a debate if both men are right?

Quantum Physics

Rape occurs at sense data, in our world and not in the micro world or other places.

Beer Bug did NOT Create Itself

JF believes in contradictions but not his contradictions.


JF lives in DENIAL

What is the OBJECTIVE to a OBJECTION-less-NIST?


Rape is not wanted

Murder is not wanted

Assault is not wanted

Theft is not wanted

JF said he is not right. Then how can he be right if he said he is not right?

JF gets lost in other worlds


Globally Preferably Behavior

What If

JF is not on the SAME PAGE


BUT JF is talking about the RAPIST

JF is defending the RAPIST

But it is about RAPE and NOT THE RAPIST

JF is talking about the DOER of the ACTION and not the people the actions are done to





No source of morality means no morality.


2 + P = 5

If this, then that.

JF = Jesus Freak

Axioms is his Jesus


new math?

2+2=5 means 2+2=4


JF is DEEP inside his OWN RELIGION

Meaning to life is love.

What is JF arguing for?

if you like rape, then it is not rape


rape is always rape

genocide is still murder

cannibalism = body theft

rape = sexual theft

murder = body theft

lying = truth theft

assault = body theft

JF is Epstein

Theft is theft, even if everybody is doing it.

How is RAPE respect?

Water under the bridge

Beer Bug

Human Malware

Steem Leo

07:03 PM - Hive Blockchain Guide: How to Login and Use Hive, See Your Balances and More - The LEO Show #26

Hive IO

To login into PeakD, there are three options? Hive Keychain, Peak Lock, and Hive Signer? Just those three? And some of them may not work on all the browsers? I have Firefox and Dissenter.

Hivesigner works on Firefox, it appears. I will try that.

Does Hivesigner work on many different web browsers?

Three options.

I logged onto Peakd.com via Peak Lock on Dissenter but was not able to login via Hive Signer.

So, you don't like Dissenter, then, I take it.

Depends on how you define fringe.

Tricky word.

I used to watch a show on Fox called FRINGE.

I love that show.

Dissenter is a web browser which comes from Gab.com

It began as just an add-on for Firefox and then became a web browser, like a fork of the Brave browser.

Dissenter lets you comment on any web page on the Internet, well indirectly speaking.

So, when they turn off YouTube comments, just use Dissenter and click to share it to Gab.

I have been using Steem, Gab, and Minds.

@Jaguar.Force#7300 oh, that would be nice if I could get paid to talk lol.

Oh wait, I did that already, it was called English Teacher in Vietnam, 2012-2017 lol.

I love greed.

I am not against greed to the extent it is probably not theft.

Can I turn the PIN thing off on Peakd?


08:00 PM - 09:30 PM

Hive on Discord

09:51 PM - Discord

@Jaguar.Force#7300 if PeakD focuses on Brave, then why not the son of Brave, Dissenter, and therefore Dissenter is not really FRINGE if it is within the family of Brave which PeakD has focused on, right?

I told Satish that things can be complex and then I tried giving people hope in that we can do many things to help each other out. You can see it. You just have to scroll up on her channel.


10:07 PM - Steemit

When I say peak, I mean like the leader. I was replying to what you said about your feelings about the Hive name on Discord. I guess what I was trying to say was partly a joke.

Star Wars The Clone Wars

2020-03-20 - Friday - 10:14 PM - 10:36 AM - Clone Wars 705

Ahsoka crashes into the underworld

Her bike broke

She makes a friend

Drones are in our real world trying to boss us around

Geeks + Gamers

10:38 PM - SJWs Try To Cancel Rosario Dawson After Ahsoka Tano Casting Announcement

UnXplained 101

2020-03-20 - Friday - 11:02 PM - 11:47 PM - The UnXplained 101

Suicide Forest in Japan

West Virginia


Russia mountain called Don't Go There

Was also sleeping or laying down while watching for that last hour of the day.


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