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Dear Steemians,

We listened to the Steem community, and we always will. While we do not agree, nor obviously support the recent hardfork, we continue to find ways to show our commitment to developing our Steem ecosystem with the support of our great community. We love Steem and we are always supporting a united community since we believe that united we stand, divided we fall.

Steemit will always stay.

And yes, we did add the ability to hide posts that violated the terms of condition of steemit.com, those posts are still existing in the blockchain but not showing in steemit.com website, as we need to support our content and the community's content. Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one? No. That would not be in the best interest of the community and the Steem ecosystem.

All this being said, we are fully committed to supporting witnesses that vow to protect all Steemians’ stake. We will support any witnesses who publicly announce their promise to secure accounts, as well as update to SF 22.5.

Examples of these actions include the following community members which we have already voted for.




@zzan.witness: https://steemit.com/witness-category/@zzan.witnesses/make-an-entrance-steemzzan-witness

@Future.witness: https://steemit.com/delegations/@steemba/open-letter-from-dapps-to-justinsuntron

@steemhunt: https://steemit.com/delegations/@steemba/open-letter-from-dapps-to-justinsuntron

We also withdrew some of the vote of 11 temporary witnesses out of 20 and power downed @happylife123 and @onestepaday and will continue to do so with all temporary witnesses. Eventually we will put governance back in the hands of the community as soon as possible.

We will also be delegating Steem Power back to some of the projects decided on by the Delegation Committee and we will have a more frequent and transparent process of delegation. We would like to reassure you that we are committed to Steem for the long-term and plan to bring more value to Steem than even before. Behind the scenes, please be assured that we are working around the clock to make this a success, and create a path forward by returning governance back to normal within the next two weeks. We have a plethora of resources and a world class team that is dedicated to working on Steem and making it become the best decentralized social network we all envision.

The Steemit Team


Congratulations. You just permanently deleted the main value proposition Steemit has promoted for years. What happened to proof of brain?! Since the beginning, you've promoted the idea of allowing community and stakeholders to collectively judge what content should be Trending and receive attention. The accounts and posts you've now blocked received overwhelming support from the community, and you just made the decision to ignore community consensus and remove it. Thus deleting everything Steemit has worked to promote and found its future ideas for SMTs on.

And what's the idea of pointing to what a commercial website would do? The whole point of Steem/Steemit has always been to provide something different. It's funny to see the new owners themselves state what others have said as a joke, that you may as well not use a blockchain at all and just run a normal database if you're just going to ignore what's on the blockchain whenever it suits you.

it's always been proof of money-for brain ... if i have 20k sp and you get 1000 votes by people with a brain and 15 sp each

then my vote counts, dont be naive

I actually agree with that. But it's Steemit Inc themselves that defined the term proof of brain and made it the centerpiece of their product and the foundation for SMTs which was supposed to be their main focus.

So they're still undermining everything they've claimed to believe is a good product.

Communist Chinese bought it. Bye bye freedom of speech.

Hope they can make thing differently from now..wait and see for now..


Interesting... Facebook does not hide posts about it's competitors.
many other important and relevant social media do not hide form competition.

Sorry, but CENSORSHIP is not Decentralized.

Can you show me where in the TERMS hide posts that violated the terms of condition of steemit.com

it's in term 14.b.a where it says "you shall not compete with Steemit or we will block you and hate you forever and delete your posts"

Such drama, you've earned a DRAMA!

To view or trade DRAMA go to steem-engine.com.

Censorship is now happening on Steemit.com
To all community members: to see all the posts uncensored, use Steempeak.com. Here's the details of the censorship: https://steempeak.com/steem/@themarkymark/steemit-inc-now-censors-posts-from-the-ui

검열은 Steemit 또는 다른 분산 플랫폼에서 작동하지 않습니다.
이것은 가장 큰 실수입니다. 우리는 중국이 아닙니다. 우리는 반대 생각을 검열하지 않을 것입니다. 넌 길을 잃었 어
Tron의 검열 된 게시물을 보려면 steempeak.com을 사용하십시오.


I tender my resignation from the delegation committee. I don't support the censorship, nor the sock puppets, nor the human puppets, nor the steemit stake voting, nor the name calling, nor the lies to exchanges, nor the lies from the exchanges, nor really any action taken by steemit/justin/tron since Feb 14. Another sad day for Steem. Your only courses of action seem to be bribes, insults, censorship, and failure.

Not to change the subject, nor diminish respect for your action demonstrating your adherence to sound and necessary principle by your resignation, but I have yet to see what Steem-Engine must do, or stakeholders must, to migrate to Hive. Could you please address this matter in a timely way?


Censorship is now happening on Steemit.com
To all community members: to see all the posts uncensored, use Steempeak.com. Here's the details of the censorship: https://steempeak.com/steem/@themarkymark/steemit-inc-now-censors-posts-from-the-ui

검열은 Steemit 또는 다른 분산 플랫폼에서 작동하지 않습니다.
이것은 가장 큰 실수입니다. 우리는 중국이 아닙니다. 우리는 반대 생각을 검열하지 않을 것입니다. 넌 길을 잃었 어
Tron의 검열 된 게시물을 보려면 steempeak.com을 사용하십시오.


Nice, this should be the top comment.

Please remove free downvotes, I want to turn on my bidbot and get back to vote selling business. Let's make Steem great again!

Don't forget about instant power downs to make all that cash flow straight into your pocket. ;)

I’m on board with instant power downs now... Gotta trade for Hive!

That's great idea!

Yes, why not! Let’s have at least some fun on this wastedump!

Think your comment may have been ironic. I had intended to downvote it otherwise but @ngc is making it difficult to view the nuance in your responses to know either way. If it was indeed or ironic, I'll gladly remove if I had flagged (not sure as I see the upvote visible on esteem. Things are all kinds of wonky).

But yeah this place is going to shit quickly if vote selling resurfaces. Nothing says race to the bottom faster than collusive voting IMHO.

Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one? No.

Yes, lots of websites have allowed this. Digg.com. Reddit.com. Myspace.com. Friendster, among many others.

This. Hiding such posts is only a sign of real weakness. Steemians who still care about what have been the core values of Steem for ages should 1. Do their own posts to highlight what's going on, and 2. make sure it gets seen.

It's not just about censorship resistance. It's about community and user co-ownership and proof of brain as the source for content discovery and ranking...

Probably any respectable website.

Dude thought all sites are like those censored Chinese sites lol

Fuck off with your ass kissing/sockpuppet witnesses and censorship of Steemit.


Your words are worth nothing.

I feel so safe knowing that commander Sun Yuchen is censoring Steemit rivals.


In two weeks time there will be no community left... let alone still willing to support your new puppet government, it is no improvement over the sock puppets and shows your continued ignorance of what decentralisation means.

Hiding the posts on steemit.com cracks most steemians up, as hardly anyone uses your shitty front end - it just confirms yet another massive issue - censorship is now endorsed by steemit on the steem blockchain, that goes against the fundamental principals most if not all steemians hold dear.... lmao you just encouraged those still holding out hope to jump ship with the rest of us, not to mention the free publicity you're sending our way.

The secret soft fork was not voted on fully and was against the DPOS consensus model full-stop. Stop Dev worshipping, as freezing someone's stake is a disgrace. The only thing they were protecting was there ego's and pockets.
The old witnesses have let us all down, not to mention they seem to lie quite alot as well.
I'm glad they are out the way so Steemit can maybe move on and improve. Peace!

you do realize that censoring what appears on steemit.com first guarantees those who remain will STOP using steemit.com and second will in fact MOVE to the other chain exclusively

NOT A GOOD MOVE for the community. For any community.

That's their intention. If they censor someone, you can be sure that they don't want them to continue using the site.

Mainly the content has been to shill and promote Steem Classic | HIVE. I'm sure they would have let that happen if the shoes were on the other foot? The high-ground (I know what is best because I say so) police bot would have been straight on it, especially if it even gets a chance to hit the trending page. Hippocrates.

Double speak authoritarian centralist bullshit.

I honestly thought 1984 didn't apply in the online world, then you took over Steem. What a total fuck up you've made of it.

Best of luck censoring these comments.

Something else for you to react to in a knee-jerk way.

Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one?

Yes, it's normal for social media platforms to allow competitors to create accounts and advertise their services, and actively censoring these posts is antithetical to the value proposition of this blockchain.

Remember this Tron team comes from an AUTHORITARIAN government. Censorship is normal to them.

We don't know who made this change or who authorized it.

Stake freezing and secret hard forks is normal to them.

So you admit your censorship. So much for freedom on the Steem blockchain. If you could make a good case for people to stay you would not need to do this, but Justin has shown his contempt for Steemians. I have no wish to 'fuck him'. Your witnesses are not supported by the community. Prepare for a great exodus and for the Steem token to tank. I do not even care that my Steem will lose value.


Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one? No.

If you want users to stay you need to convince them by being better than the others. Censorship is a sign of weakness, desperation.

It's over, Justin. You just don't want to accept it yet.

What do mean? I seem to be replying fine. Even after the hackers tried to pull a fast one. You just don't want to accept that the HIVE consensus fiddle (secret Soft Fork) is a sign of weakness and desperation.
It is now over for the HIVE hackers and a new beginning for everyone else that play within the rules.


Fuck you and fuck everyone that is still at SteemitInc. All of those with backbones have left. Justin Sun has come in and singlehandedly screwed over an entire community and all that everyone has worked for. He has turned the greatest decentralized blockchain into nothing more than a centralized piece of shit that is following in the footsteps of Tron. The community is excited for Hive and you want to censor the community for that. This isn't China where you can dictate what people say and do. So fuck you Justin Sun. Eat a bag of dicks.

On a decentralized blockchain, you most certainly allow for posts urging folks to migrate somewhere else. Good ideas don't have to be enforced.

ETA: If you don't want people to leave, build a better blockchain. Newsflash: Centralized blockchain is not better. Tron is also not better.

"Good ideas don't have to be enforced." Exactly.
Remember this Tron team comes from a country where censorship on WeChat and Weibo is standard practice. But even I thought this would never happen to a "decentralized blogging platform"
When the press, @coindesk finds out about this, TRON and Justin Sun WILL BE TOAST. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the entire reason crypto was invented. Satoshi would be ROLLING OVER IN HIS GRAVE.
Shame on you justin.


"We'll allow the community to rule themselves as long as they rule in accordance with our wishes."

You can vote for any president you want as long as his name starts with Xi and ends with Jinping. Thank you very much for understanding.

Good job with that quick condenser update. You can now censorship any uncomfortable post.

Eventually we will put governance back in the hands of the community as soon as possible.

... until that community says something they arent supposed to say.

You are fucking despicable. I thought calling you guys communists and CCP was a "edgy burn" but you are the crypto embodiment of the CCP and everything all of us here wanted to escape...

You disgust me.

Wow @steemhunt, didnt expect you guys to be traitors... where can i dump my tokens???

We are Making Good Progress 😂



Fake Hollywood BS: Steam dies not burn from the steem exit pipe.


Stop wasting our time and yours. This is pathetic.

when it comes to business, I try to never burn bridges.

I obviously support Hive but I have not abandoned steem

I might power down 10% of my stack but that has nothing to do with Hive, Steemit, or Justin...

I hope Justin will now, without being held back, focus on growing steem and maybe in the future steem and hive can do some good together

Well that's probably not even a joke. He's indeed very pro censorship.

100%, none of these MEMEs are meant as joke

Then why was censored WORSE before Sun entered the shit show?

At least I can post again.


You could always post. Maybe you'd get downvotes, but the posts would still be there. With Justin Sun, there are plenty of posts that are simply not visible on steemit.com.

Rubbish...you are part of the crew who went around downvoting people like me and @bifilarcoil because of our opinions (and you still are with your shitty 15sp troll accounts). We were proven right of course, because we know this game inside out. We even tried to fucking help you, and then you all thought it would be a good idea to try and scam us...Remember that? Or have you got amnesia suddenly? Of course you have amnesia, because now I don't hear any of you screaming and shouting against your DICTATOR, because it all went to shit and that buffoon puppet of yours has been caught with his pants down (literally). Your game has been exposed as deep state propaganda to fuck over your own people. Aren't you pieces of shit even ashamed of yourselves? Of course not. You and your crew are deep state shills. Upper class fuckers who want to see starving people exterminated and then blame it on everyone else but yourselves.

You have openly called for other peoples posts to be downvoted/censored also based on your opinions. I thought you don't like Communists? Isn't that supposed to be what Communists do? You sure do act like a Communist yourself. You also seem to know the tactics they employ, like your reading it from some kind of a manual. Funny how fucking hypocritical actors like you are. You and your so-called "Venezuelan" friends. Where did they all go? Did the deep state Washington funding run out? Now you have lowered your standards to sucking up to whales for pennies...Ha! I've seen you doing it and it's pathetic lol.

I don't downvote anyone lol.

Good answer deceiver. All of your 'friends' and their scam alt accounts is not "you"....so go sell your bullshit story somewhere else. To another moron who you think you can fool.

Talking about deceivers, you wrote a stupid post complaining about
"Gendered search results". Of course you deliberately separated the two words from each other to manipulate the search results. Besides, I thought talking about SJW shit was only for Communists? I guess you are a Communist then :P

Your distorted results. #Communist #SJW


The real results.



I didn't know they're one word. I'm not a native english speaker. I thought it was "fire man" and "fire woman". Using an orthography mistake I made to call me Communist? Lmao.

Anyway, you've proven to be an incurable 2-neuron cretin.

I hate communists and would execute every one of them if I could, and you with them for your insult.

the point was that i could NOT post before Sun.

A platform like this should never intervene with users.

'the internet' does not block anything it is just a network. and thats how a monetary system should work as well

but with bullshit like downvoting that all destroyed

and this makes it evil / corrupted / tyranny .. something in that area.

You could post... you'd get downvoted but the post would still be there.

you are talking in circles out of your ass?


"i can't say anything so i'll just try to tell a bad joke and see if i win the argument"

This is simply unfortunate confirmation that our once-beloved decentralized blockchain has been overtaken by privatized interests (perhaps it always was.) To be clear – there is absolutely nothing 'decentralized' about censorship. PERIOD.

I had admittedly been undecided about how I might proceed after tomorrow's HF, but this post has made my choice for me. I've given much to this chain, but...it's time to accept my losses and move on. How very disappointing.

actually, it won't be a loss to move to HIVE. We will have total freedom on HIVE. All your posts and everything will be saved on HIVE. There will be no censorship on HIVE, so you will be free. And your steem balance will be transferred to HIVE balance, so you won't be losing anything, but you will be gaining your freedom.

"We will have total freedom on HIVE."

This is certainly my hope, but not my expectation. Perhaps passion is necessary to paradigm shifts, but abandoning our grasp of reality in our passion is not. Let's keep it real so that we can functionally undertake actions necessary to make our freedom.

No matter who is offering to provide you freedom, they cannot. That free people must do themselves, and doing so begins with understanding the obstacles that always have, and always will, be in the way.


Same shit, honey flava, just 'fishy' in a nu-style.

I'm very curious how this place will transform. As long as I get ~1 down vote per hour then I know nothing improved yet. :-D

It's THAT simple.

Thank you – I didn't mean to insinuate that a move to HIVE represents a loss of all previous efforts. It's more akin to, say...leaving a home you'd felt comfortable in, moving on to occupy some new, as yet unknown space.

In fact, I'm quite excited about Hive's potential. Right out the gate – from branding to UI – I think HIVE is better set for global adoption; it's clean, simple, attractive and easy to spell. ;)

See you over there, miss Stellebelle. <3

hopefully both steem and hive will work in parallel and give fierce competition which will drive productivity. Good for both communities.

Will you be putting unfavourable comments in our censorship blocked list on Steemit? Fortunately I'm writing this from hive.blog right now.

I totally disagree with the statement "Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one? No. " thats your bias opinion it happens on other CENTRALIZED platforms all the time. The fact thats concerning you proves CENTRALIZATION

Keeping things at ease is the best thing to do. I understand there will be no handover support from Steem Classic/Hive so it will take your team time.

I am willing to give Steemit Inc the time needed and see what they can do for the Steemit platform going forward.

It's funny that the same people trolling are also still cross-posting on Steemit gaming the Blockchain. Irony.


"While we do not agree, nor obviously support the recent hardfork..."

I think you mean the HF about to be undertaken.

"...we did add the ability to hide posts..."

You have deprecated the purpose of Steem by this action, and proved your hostility to freedom and the decentralization of governance that belies the words of this OP, and every assertion of support for freedom you have ever made in the past. Your rhetoric clearly is nothing of relevance, except as an attempt to fool anyone stupid enough to believe what you say, as your actions directly impose censorship and complete centralization of governance imposed on your hapless subjects.

Tomorrow I will be free of you, and your base aggrandizement of wealth and power that degrades society for your personal benefit. I could not more aptly state my personal sovereign rights and freedom than by moving to Hive. May you enjoy complete ownership of every Steem that exists, or ever will - because without a market besides yourself, it will have no value at all.

Just like your words.


You, young man, give the entire Cryptosphere a bad name! Your actions have caused more FUD concerning the adoption of cryptocurrency by the mainstream populace than any other thing, ever.

I hope you are proud of yourself! The Rebel Alliance (AKA Hive) are off to our new base.


I like your kind of humor.

DPoS is something you can not centralize, and it shows. Good luck with your steem bag

there is almost zero point in responding to Justin Sun at this point
Steem will go to zero. He just put the nail in the coffin.

You're working so hard and yet all you manage to do is push us farther and farther into pro-Hive because of how vacuous this all is. You'll put the governance in the hands of people who are letting you pay them off to agree with this bullshit.


Steemit is part of the Hive marketing team. This post is just part of the campaign to push users away. They're like the wind that blows the ships away to new lands.

Dear Steemit

By the time you read this, I will be dead.

You said words again today better left unsaid.
How can I ever believe you after being misled?

You have hearts made of lead.
Your witnesses ass cheeks are spread.

You lost a good one today because of this thread.
I had to die, because you're fucked in the head.

Suck a dick

I assume Steemit Inc. and Tron will cease promoting their ecosystems on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, and the rest of the internet as you operate competing products and obviously feel it would be unethical to promote there.

Steem will die under your leadership. Long live Hive!

The terms of service also states that ownership of Steemit will not interfere with governance.. But here we are.

Some of us who are seen as the little fishes on steemit have stayed here for the glory days of steemit and also for the bad times, relentlessly writing posts without receiving any form of attention from the big fishes on the platform.

As much as I will not take sides over this issue, I hope that power does not remain centralized on some specific individuals and group, but everyone is given adequate opportunities.
I wish everyone all the best.


Suck my dick.

ps Learn what blockchain is.

Let's go HIVE!

Great job! Sensor the competitor!

Next you'll be censoring busy.org & steampeak.com.

After all they are competitors for ad revenue!

In the meantime... Spammers & Scammers... Have fun!


Guess steemit will need to find a way to censor the comments, now.
Good ideas should win. Trying to keep your user base ignorant because you have an inferior product is no way to compete. You should be embarrassed

You’re supposed to decline payout.

And a header pic wouldn’t hurt.

They have no idea what that is 😪

More money to vote for witnesses that will overthrow community governance! It's within the plans.


Justin Sun can Gargle my Mayonnaise. I'm powering down for good and you can take your authoritarian hostile takeover excuse of a community and shove it.

We have our own blockchain now, with blackjack and hookers. I'm headed to where the Sun doesn't shine, sellouts.

Steem is on its way to $0.00.. @justinsunsteemit has already proved that he is a liar as well as a chameleon. We don't believe in you. Hive on!

Can someone explain to me why the same posts are stuck on 'trending' permanently?
Is no one posting?

It’s good to know people who know nothing about steemit are in charge!

our commitment to developing our Steem ecosystem

Something doesn't sound right.

Never fear! Funds are #SNAFU!

Would any commercial website support a post that encourages all users to migrate to another one?

Yes, I've made posts to that effect on Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, 4chan and Github without being censored. And I still use those sites occasionally because others do and the companies operating them are professional enough to allow some level of dissent.

You are making a fool of yourself by pinning six posts on the trending page and banning the posts that are actually trending.

We listened to the Steem community, and we always will.

The community told you to tread lightly, respect the established witness structure, and keep prior promises regarding Steemit's stake. What you did was not that. Your actions drove people to choose between your coup and finding an alternative. Welcome to the internet. Alternatives are available.

Eventually we will put governance back in the hands of the community as soon as possible.

How benevolent. You do know that kind of power grab is why the legitimate witnesses wanted to freeze those Steemit assets temporarily during the surprise transition, right? And your actions proved ther concerns were valid.

...the best decentralized social network we all envision.

Except it's centralized under your thumb with a mystery blacklist to be updated at whose whim? Yours? Chinese government censors? @justinsunsteemit, you have allowed your wealth to deprive you of humility and humanity. Your arrogance will be your downfall, and unfortunately, you may take Steemit, and perhaps even STEEM, with it.


As your Steem Pope, I can only continue to advise repentance, and should you seek absolution, you must make amends to those you have harmed by your actions here since. You must stop giving people cause for leaving. Until them, your excommunication remains.

Sadly Hive has a mystery blacklist as well. In that respect Hive isn't any better.

That isn't a mystery blacklist, it's a public list created by strict definitions due to the actions of the new Steemit team and their supporters who staged a coup to undermine the community. Don't lie.

strict definitions

Read this posting:


Those strict definitions didn't quite work out:

And no one had a say until it was too late. The proper announcement has yet to come and if there is a vote I'll vote to take anybody off the list who was no an actual @justinsunsteemit sock-puppet.

And you see what the Hive team did? Openness and opportunity for remedy. Y'know, shit the Tron team wouldn't dream of. No, they have a literal secret blacklist that points to a Chinese mystery server. Stop the rhetorical games.

Stop the rhetorical games.

I'm a free speech absolutist. Sentences like this only make me double down.

strict definitions

Read this posting:


Those strict definitions didn't quite work out:

And no one had a say until it was too late. The proper announcement has yet to come and if there is a vote I'll vote to take anybody off the list who was no an actual @justinsunsteemit sock-puppet.

Seems you changed the TOS without notice, as a matter of fact you changed TOS after you blacklisted people for violating the part of the TOS that didn't exist.

Good progress centralizing a decentralized project good job!

Omg.... you are such assholes. Plenty of people have posted about moving to other sites before... narrative, whaleshares... trybe... voice...

But only Hive is censored but Justin Sun’s steemit.


Look at the payout to their post, now they're using @ steemit account to upvote themselves and their ass-kissers for $350 per post

Justin can now be king of a deserted kingdom. Congrats!!

Why wouldn't you support an alternative view?
You have the Steemit blockchain with the Ninjamined stake now being Venture Capitalist fodder.
Hive provides a decentralised platform without the blurred lines of a master hand behind it.

I think you can have your reservations and also support the blockchain.

This real scenario provides insight into where Cryptos can head, how issues & disagreements can be resolved by creating new tribes.

Both scenarios have potential in my opinion. A merger with Tron, a focused centralised mind to add a marketing spin, a platform people can get behind, it could work or it could die.

The same for hive, can they create good governance, continue the commitment of developers, will new tyrants arise?

I'm looking forward to seeing how the far the "fork" in the roads split.

Making Good Progress?
More like more of the same.

A wise band once said...

Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss

It will be beautiful to see Steem and its price sink.

Imagine knowing you have 13 weeks left to live

(Just over 12 at this point lol)

I am actually quite glad all this happened, steemit hadn't changed for YEARS other than a new average looking logo. Tbh hive is already better and maybe now Justin will improve steemit. I think sometimes a little competition is good for motivation to improve and make things better. It wouldn't surprise me if we ended up with two decent platforms instead of one half assed one no-one rly bothered doing anything with cause it had no competition. Thats my view anyways. I am excited to see how they both evolve. I already think HIVE is looking so much better than steemit had since I joined in 2017.

Too little, toooooo late.
You had 4 years...
now, I'm sorry to say: Suck it up.

Lol, whoever edited this needs spanked.
Eventually, and, as soon as possible, do not belong in the same sentence.
Its just bad for hiding the lying when you expose the lie in the same sentence that you lied in.

Which is it?
Eventually, or asap?
Because those imply very different timelines.

Pathetic try to cover up what you did.

As soon as the community witnesses kill their witness server on steem and move to HIVE, Jsun will hardfork an instant powerdown for himself and the exchanges only, so he can dump the ninja mine for as much money as possible. He will run, get his money back and never look back.

If he doesn't, the SEC will deem steem a security, which will make it worthless. So either way, it will be worthless.

By the way, everyone will be dumping STEEM to buy more HIVE. Only noobs sell HIVE when it first enters the exchanges.

And if we needed just one more reason to leave you guys just gave it to us.

Steemit is decaying and the stench is beginning to taint Steem

We are doing the right thing.


we did add the ability to hide posts that violated the terms of condition of steemit.com

9.4. Transactions. All proposed Steem blockchain transactions must be confirmed and recorded in the Steem blockchain via the Steem distributed consensus network (a peer-to-peer network), which is not owned, controlled, or operated by us. The Steem blockchain is operated by a decentralized network of independent third parties.

It is too late. Don't you get it? You had a chance to do right by the community. You were given many opportunities to explain yourself with townhalls and discussions with witnesses and the community. Nobody wanted a hard fork, nobody wanted it to end this way. But, you gave the community no choice. Now, you have to live with your own actions.

Sure, some will stay. Many are leaving. Your reputation and brand is tainted, Steem is a dead project walking. This post is 12 days too late.

I really don't like the way this is worded...

"We will support any witnesses who publicly announce their promise to secure accounts, as well as update to SF 22.5."

So, you'll support any witnesses that fall in line? Steemit as an entity was always meant to remain an unbiased third party when it came to witnesses. Using the platforms stake to push your own agenda goes completely against what Steemit was always meant to be.

"Eventually we will put governance back in the hands of the community as soon as possible."

So you're admitting that you came here like a big bad government to tell us all that the way we were conducting ourselves was wrong and needed to be forcefully changed?

It's truly no wonder why the most influential people are fleeing the ship you blew a gaping hole in, and in case you didn't already know, without good people, this social experiment was always going to fail. You've created a toxic environment that no fan of decentralization wants anything to do with. You're a shining example of why as much as we'd all like to hope, Blockchains are not immune to the corruption that money can cause...

You should truly be ashamed of yourself, but with all the money you stand to make from this, I doubt you give a shit.

What a child!! OMG!👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻👻

I just want to be the first here to thank you @justinsunsteemit. Thank you for fucking up so bad, that a fork was not only viable, it has the chance to do better than the original.

indeed, unless the same shit keeps happening. I hope not!

yet. I have seen drivers make worse accidents in their new used sportscars.

The guy has a different culture, a different perspective. Not that I trust it, but I'm having some curiosity.
I don't have a whales wallet I'm not having whale panic. And from my perspective steemit was not all that fair as it was. At least not to me... it's all good to see some real competition. Let's see who comes out on top in 2021.

Ah, this feels so much like democracy. Just like in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Love it. So sad I'll be migrating to HIVE.

Oh, hey a small list of people who aren't getting any Hive tokens... Bahahahaha

They are on our side now, helping us improve our Hive experience even before the launch!

so why can I not sell my steem on blocktrades?

Wow. After reading some of the comments, it seems the lines have been drawn. I was looking at this as those who go and those who stay can still be in good standings. I hope that will be the outcome. I would only wish HIVE the best of luck and I will follow all my fav people who go there. Maybe ya'll can return the favor for some of us who will play the band on the titanic role here.

Can I have some SP to continue my dream here despite the bleak outlook most have decided to go with? #SteemOn

You guys are blocked heads, you know nothing even whaleshares never censored posts. Damn.. You went so low.. Dirty low with this move...

You're completely a joke.

Well the good news is that no one has a problem with you turning STEEM into a TRC20 now... ;)

So you are not planning to dump millions of Steem to the market?

Proof of NO brain.