iTalent Round 9: “Junebug” Feb. 22, 1933 - Nov. 1, 1996

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What’s up Steemit?! Thanks for having me, iTalent! Welcome to the second portrait I’ve ever drawn. Meet Helen June aka Junebug, my buddy Thyles mother. When I entered my first portrait in the iTalent Round 8 challenge, I told you I would draw my wife next. Well... I like to say “judge my intentions” because I did intend to draw @puravidaville but even she understands why I compromised. I’ll explain in just a minute.

This is my entry for the iTalent Round 9 challenge hosted by @ivan.atman and sponsored by @curie and @gtg. Since this is my second attempt at a portrait, it only made sense to enter it into my second iTalent challenge. Thanks for extending the due date Ivan!

For this one I used only Graphite’s: HB-8B. White Gel-Pen (both iris’s & bottom lip). 8.5 x 11 sketchbook paper. Paper Stump for blending:



First I need to tell you who Junebug is and then I’ll explain exactly how this drawing ended up in a frame. Last week, my buddy @carklevicci organized a little bon voyage party for my wife and I. Only a handful of our closest friends were there - Perfect! The older I get the more introverted I’m becoming but he assured me there would not be a ‘party.’ Hey Vicci, thank you! You created a cool memory brother!

He got us all together at Mr. and Mrs. Thyle’s place. Thanks again T and C, I really appreciate the hospitality! Wherever we’re positioned on this globe, just shoot me an email or contact me on this Steemit account and I’ll meet you at the runway. 👍🏿

It was cool! A handful of my childhood friends, a few of my retired brothers and the food - Oh man!! I wish I would’ve taken pictures! Mr. Thyle ran the grill. He and another retired brother of mine, Dregor, had just landed some yellowtail five days prior and they have a gorgeous garden on their property. Fresh fish out of the ocean plus fresh vegetables right out of the dirt equals delectable!

At one point, Mrs. Thyle, a friend and retired sister of mine, told me to check out their upstairs. When I got up there, all I saw was a large (9x11), black/white photo of a woman hanging on their bedroom wall - This one:

Helen June aka Junebug. 02.22.33 - 11.01.96

I went downstairs and Mr. Thyle was in the kitchen putting cherry tomato and jalapeño pepper orderves together, I asked “who’s the woman in the picture upstairs?” He told me that’s his mom and she’s been gone for 22 years. The artist in me instinctually asked a few undetected questions.

He told me she left when she was only 63, “her heart just gave out one day.” He told me she was born on February 22, 1933, he smiled and said “same birthday as George Washington, it’s the only reason I know when George Washington’s birthday is.” She left in 1996, on November first and now here I am, dedicating a portion of the Steemit blockchain to her.

How? Now that I’ve introduced you to ‘who’ and ‘why’ let’s get to the ‘how.’ I received a lot of positive feedback on my first iTalent challenge, thank you all, immensely! One fella in particular, @gustavoadolfodca, said:


Dear Gustavoadolfodca: Deal! This is for you and anyone else interested in my advice. I’ve shown ‘steps’ before but check these out - ‘Tip-toe’ steps. If there’s something I didn’t cover, please ask me in the comments section and I’ll adjust my transparency settings. 👍🏿

It starts like this: My wife and I are big Yelawolf fans. She’s a little more into him than I am as I’ve previously mentioned. I had never drawn a portrait but I wanted to give it a shot and that’s who she wanted me to draw, she even picked out the picture. “You got it!” So I did what I’m accustomed to and asked DuckDuckGo:


I scrolled down a couple articles, clicked on this one, read through to the third page and discovered Grid Drawing. According to my search, a grid is the ‘easiest’ way to draw a portrait. “Thanks, DuckDuckGo!”

I had my iPhone 8 take me over to the App Store and I typed in “grid drawing.” This free app popped up:


I read the tutorial and it didn’t confuse me too much so I downloaded it. The app is real easy to use. As soon as I opened it, it asked permission to access my photos. I clicked ‘allow’ and I was able to view my photos. This time I clicked on Mrs. Helen June, adjusted my dimensions and Ta-da! “Grid Drawing:”

iPhone 8+, Drawing Grid app

Now just duplicate the image - Before you scroll through the progress pictures :cough: Thank you for continuing to support what I’m doing around here, really, your support means a lot to me! And thanks again for having us at your place Mr. and Mrs. Thyle, I hope I captured your mother/mother in-law properly:

A2 paper, Yellow No.2 for lines only, measuring tool and a straight-edge

HB Graphite

HB Graphite

3.0 adjustable eraser. I call it my ‘white-lead’

2B Graphite and Paper Stump

See that sheet of paper with writing on it? I used that paper to shield my hand from smearing lead on the drawing. Those are the notes I took about Helen June; her age, birthday, etc. I used that paper throughout this drawing as a reminder of who I’m attempting to portray. If I could enlist anyone’s guidance on this one, it’s Mrs. Helen June’s:

2B Graphite

2B Graphite, Paper stump

2B Graphite, Paper stump


2B, 4B Graphite, Paper stump

4B Graphite

2B, 4B Graphite*

Graphites: HB, 2B, and 4B. 6B around the eyes and many sections of her hair for depth. 8B (necklace only) and a Paper stump.

Modifying a 5x7-10x8 frame to 7n3/4 x 9n1/2


My Conclusion

I don’t like drawing portraits - They’re too critical. I can’t fudge anything or just go off on a freestyle tangent because I’m actually attempting to replicate a living/breathing thing, it’s difficult. For me anyway! I applaud all of you artists consistently drawing portraits around here, I’m in awe of your work.

On that note, I have two obligations left to fulfill. Well three counting the snail @markangeltrueman gave me the green light to draw - It’s coming Mark! While you’re here, I believe congratulations is well deserved! I still need to draw my wife and I decided to save her for last. “Save the best for last” is cliche but my wife is the best and she’s the last portrait I’m going to do so... Cliche it is! You know what that means, Ed.

@edprivat! C’mon down! You’re the next contestant on the pri.... iTalent 10
(Or 11 or 12’ish) Challenge!” I’ll try my hand at you next, deal? Do me a favor, please, shoot me the black/white image you’d like me to draw and I’ll create whatever was destined to happen. No deadlines though, cool? I suck at hard bids! Until then...


Creative Commons License 4.0

Click Here for Monday:


This is really awesome @dandays! Portraits I imagine must be very difficult to do! Besides 'your' lips being a bit fuller and eyes a big wider, the similarities are really striking!! And what do I know? I"m a master stick-man artist myself haha

Gonna send this one off to c-squared too :) I'm also curious to see what @edprivat comes up with! :)

Thank you again, a bajillion! You rock! As Mel B. would say “spot on brotha!” No, but really though.. good 👁.

The lips were the very first thing I did and I did them with a mechanical pencil. It’s the only time I used the mechanical pencil (noted!) and immediately I saw the size difference! Had I used a No.2 or a Graphite I would’ve been able to adjust them.. ‘mechanic pencil, beginning details - Bad idea!’ “Got it!” And the eye’s! Laugh out loud. I had a finish product in my hand and again, like I always do, I asked my wife to “pick it apart.” She studied it for a long time and she, too, “the lips” and at that moment “her eyes are too close together.” I had just enough eraser and room to open her eyes up and yup.. too far! Danget!

Thanks for stopping by @lynncoyle1, it’s always a pleasure hearing from you.

haha @dandays, your comments always make me laugh ... like you're sitting here with a beer in hand, telling your story!

You're welcome, but the pleasure is always mine 😎

Can’t believe this is only your 2nd portrait- truly gifted. I’d say more but you’re yelling at me to go so gotta go jack. Great job babe!

Yelling? Shooooot. Only time this voice raises an octave in your direction is if you’re on the other side of the stadium/arena/docks etc.

I’m watching you sleep right now.. I could do this all day.

Thanks for sto... making me try harder @puravidville! (Yup... still watching)

Good Job brother! I have one critic for you , this how you write "Hors-d'oeuvre", not important I know :)
A bon voyage party to where ? say hi to @carklevicci for me, would you?

have you ever done a "profile" Pic (meaning from the side)? is it even possible?
Go easy on the nose please :)
ed glow.jpg

or if too difficult

ed thumbnail.jpg

KOOP pic 01 02 2018.jpg

Horderves? <- That’s called a lazy DuckDuckGo search right there dude, seems like I punched in a lame spelling intending to get the real one and instead copied the lame one again. Hmm.. Eh but it’s really, really sticky! I mean really, really.

@carklevicci - deal! I’ll tell him. Man I saw I got a Resteem out of him but if I’m being transparent, I think his age is redefining him. Rapidly, too. If I’d like him to look at something, (PC, paper, etc) I actually need to make his phone ring these days and while he’s on the phone, guide him to ‘whatever’ it is on the PC while he’s still on the phone or else he forgets. @puravidaville attributes it to his sticky icky endeavors but I’ve known him a few decades, it’s different.

First stop - Indonesia. Just living 13 months at a time bro! Next month will be our 12th month in this Los Angeles location so we’re frikkin close now dude!! The longer I (as in me) stay away from Costa Rica, the more of the globe I’ll be able to experience, as soon as we land there, I know I’m parked for good. I do hope you’ll lay us a visit.. or vice versa.

Profile pic... Negative dude, nope! But it’s the first one you put up, I know it’s a common image for your music so it would be my pleasure to give it a shot. It’s super dark! Eh man I’m down though, let’s see what happens!

Thanks for stopping by @edprivat, a pleasure as usual!

"That’s called a lazy DuckDuckGo search" I'am just playing with you, how in hell would you have known, i mean it's not even sounding right "OEUVRES"
Anyway I am hungry now :)

"@carklevicci - deal! I’ll tell him" maybe wear a post it on your forehead next time you see him, with "Ed Privat says hi" , the power of suggestion might just be enough to rekindle his steemit fire.

"First stop - Indonesia." Omw you gonna to make some posts about all this , one for each day, while @puravidaville posts some local recipes!
I do hope I can visit, whereever the hell you'would be at that time :)

If the pic is too dark no worry i can give you another, that's a lot of pencil to use, but that's when you start getting deep with some volume

‘Make some posts about all this.’ Oh certainly! That new GoPro is gonna really come in handy. I might’ve already purchased a handle bar holder (for when we rent bikes), helmet cam holder, etc. We plan on recording/documenting a good portion of the journey, regardless of under or above water, regardless of location, etc. just sharing what we’re learning. Can you tell I’m excited? Sh, 🤫 don’t tell anyone!

Order vers, whore deserves.. whore deserves?!? Whhaaaattt! Eh, That’s funny! Ok, now I’m hungry too.

But really, the picture, let’s get real. It’s completely up to you. Know that I’m gonna give you all I got. Doesn’t matter who it is I’m drawing, I definitely want it to be their favorite image! Maybe it will be, maybe it won’t?? Only one way to find out. So with that in mind, if I had things my way, I’m gonna draw you an image that you use as a reference forever. Maybe it’ll be the ‘edprivat dot com’ image, ‘the dlive’ image, maybe neither! I really don’t know. If that’s my goal I’m trying to achieve, make sure you’re giving me the right picture. Is it dark?? Is it faint? Maybe it’s one I haven’t even seen yet?? Which one you want me to throw a grid on and we’ll talk about this again when it’s done?

Dude I’m developing a habit of writing a frikkin post even when it’s not a post! Can you tell? Laugh out loud

edit ya, me again. If we do end up in the same room, we’re gonna put a jam together, just a heads up!

WEll we can jam if we find a guitar or we will end up banging on some pots :)

Let me think of an image i will get back to ya !

So did you find out what whores deserve?

It is amazing result, really great for second try @dandays. Really close to the real portrait. i will resteem it for this great effort. Have a nice day

Thanks a lot for the Resteem, this is a really nice comment to read first thing in the morning. Since I mentioned it, “good morning!” From Los Angeles.

Thanks for showing your appreciation, it means a lot. And while I have you here.... uh, dude! The post you did right here about homestead and planting veggies I mean really?! My goodness gracious.. and I don’t type that too often. Bravo sir! I’ve seen many people, you know what! I think this needs its own parapgraph.

Great job on that post! My wife and I are actually real particular these days about foods so we pay extra attention to farming, organic, farmers market type events and/or posts. But you explained how to operate the entire farm. You’re completely self sufficient, congratulations.

Thanks for stopping by @el-nailul.

Really thank for stopping by and read my post, wish you all the best.

grid drawing generates a good portrait ! well done with the graphite representation of a beautiful woman ! i love how you did the hair especially :>

That’s what DuckDuckGo said too. But they don’t draw like you, woah dude! I just checked out your page, your pencil sketches are top shelf! Any compliment you wanna give away, I’ll take it, thank you!

Her hair.. I’m going to have to agree with you, even looking at it now, I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @veryspider!

This portrait drawing is really awesome!, I like the way you represented the highlights of the made the portrait come alive. Am an artist too so I always love it when other artist do what I do. Welldone

This whole drawing thing is new to me so to hear a professional like yourself give positive feedback means a lot!

Those of you who have not clicked on @joshemmas Introduction Post, <— give it a click! You won’t be disappointed.

Your art work is amazing @joshemmas, thanks a lot for stopping by!

Nailed it again, only your second portrait, you got to be kidding. I think you need to keep doin them. Shoot to start out as good as that and not continue?!?! You had better do a few more before you call it quits on the portraits
Great work

Man to read a vote of confidence like that I gotta be honest with you, i don’t know what to say. That sentence may read quickly but I paused for a few minutes after I typed the comma.

Help me understand what I’m trying to say. <- did you catch that?

I can reference it to tattoos I guess, although I’ve onky ever done 3 tattoos in my life.. many years ago, I’ll
Never do it again, here’s why: I didn’t like being trusted ‘that’ much! I hope that makes sense. More love to the tattoo artists, specifically all the ones on me but that’s just way too much trust dude and I didn’t like it just given to me like that with you know.. substantial consequences should something, whatever.

That said, portraits kinda remind me of tattoos. ZERO
Room for error and I suck at making mistakes! Suck, as in, it makes me crazy, keeps me awake, you name it over something stupid like forgetting to lock the car. Can you imagine what portraits do?!

Thanks a lot for stopping by @jlsplatts, see you tomorrow uh.. dude wait’ll you see what I’m throwing in the #fff kitchen tomorrow. 16 ounces and palm sized, you do not, repeat: do not want one of these upside the palette.

Dude, I’m the same way!!! Page after page crumpled up and tossed in the garbage. Well back when I drew a lot.
Maybe just mess around with portraits on the side because you do have a real gift and ability to make them come to life.
As far as tattoos go, I’m 100% with you there. I wouldn’t want to be entrusted with that tast. How about those tattoo artists that do portraits??!?!?!

Thanks @jlsplatts, really. I sense your sincerity brother and it means a lot to me. Consideration noted!

Uuuh... She's staring at me dude... it creeps me out!

Phenomenal post though man. Very well done indeed. I bet that took you day's to put together. 👍

(Its times like this i wish my votes were worth more than a mingy cent!)

Really though.. Thanks for noticing @sivehead! Would you believe I spent more time on the body of the post than I did the actual portrait? Man should I even admit that considering the link to that one image is all messed up and I misspelled “hors d’oeuvre?!” (Thanks @edprivat :knuckles:)

About the mingy cent, that has to be the coolest compliment I’ve received from you to date. Thanks man and thanks again for stopping by, I’ll see you at the #fff tomorrow. Ka’pow!

Sorry @dandays for missing this I was travelling and hadn't access to internet for 8 days, amazing post by the way :v:

I’m glad you got to see it now Ivan, thanks a lot for stopping by! I appreciate you dropping a line.

I saw a post you did awhile back about being without internet in your travels, man that looked like a whole lot of fun.

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@c-squared is awesome! I’ve been meaning to tell you, by the way, I really dig the C2 logo!

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