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I'd like to begin by wishing everyone a happy 🍀 St Patrick's Day 🍀

I work as the Cook at an After School Hours Care facility and we decided to celebrate St Patrick's day early so the kids could do something fun after school on Friday.

My contribution to the festivities involved cooking a green shepherds pie to serve at afternoon tea time (I don't even know if shepherds pie is actually traditional Irish fare but it was requested by a co worker so of course I obliged).

Green mashed potato was a slightly befudling first for me so I thought I would share and see if anyone else wanted to share any wacky or amusing St Patrick's Day stories 😊

Thanks for reading.

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Thanks for reminding me its St Patricks

happy to help

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what did you use to make it green? it looks like mushypeas ??? lol. was it nice?
Hope you enjoyed the celebrations - have a great day

Just green food coloring, I put it in with the milk and as you can see the colour turned put nice and smooth with no streaks 😊

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