250 New Minnows Event Update and List of Accounts to Support

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Making 250 New Minnows in a month has been underway a week now and what a busy week it has been.  If you missed this announcement post, please do catch up here.  In effect we want to get 250 redfsih accounts to become minnows within a month by helping and supporting them so we can strenghten STEEMs middle class.

In this time our team have reviewed and contacted, directly on and off the block, 219 unique accounts.  It is non-profit for the team and each of us involved are dedicating our time as we believe making a stronger middle class is for the benefit of STEEM as a whole.  In the first week, we have already spent countless man-hours on this project. This is a massive outreach, something I don’t think we have seen on STEEM before to such scale. 

Some of the accounts we reviewed and contacted need a boost in votes to get them over the line and some of them have the liquid funds available and need encouragement to power up.

Of the accounts that need a boost in votes, we are asking them to do an opt-in post.  Opt-in posts are by invite only.  We have been taking nominations and vetting all the accounts that we invite.  The general criteria are 425+ SP ( and less than 500 as its Minnows we want to make), are not powering down and want to hold and sustain minnow status.

Current Accounts to Support

The following accounts have opted in and I hope that you can show them some support.  There are 20 accounts below.  If you could give each of them a 25% strength vote today, you will only use the equivalent of 5 full votes.





















Results and Findings after week 1

We started with 9224 Minnows.  There are now 9226 Minnows.  Since we started this a week ago 30 redfish have now powered up to minnow status.  We have 30 new minnows, only 220 left to go.


We can not take credit for all 30 of these and we are expecting our curve to be left tailed (unlike the rest of steems curves which all seem to be right-tailed).  Many of the accounts we are boosting need 50 or so SP to become minnows and this won't happen in a week.  But we are building momentum and when payouts are claimed for last weeks posts, we should start to see some changes.

A very interesting observation is the minnows powering down to redfish.  To reach a target of 10K minnows by the end of the year, we need to be making more new minnows than minnows powering down.  We understand people need to eat and many want to use their fund, however for the steem blockchain to grow and have time to flourish, we need more people powering up than down.  

We hope our new minnows have a long term goal and wish to sustain a status of Minnow moving forward, breaking part of the power down cycle.  However, the impact of this will not be seen for some time and only time will tell if it worked.

The Team.

A big shout out and massive thank you to all of the team that has given up their time for this.   @paulag, @steevc @hitmeasap, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy, @pennsif  @erika and @melinda010100

How you can support.

  • Keep an eye for our updated list of supported accounts and send votes where you can.
  • Follow @tenkminnows trail on steemauto
  • Follow @tenkminnows guild on steemvoter
  • Delegate to @tenkminnows

This is a month long event that will end on the 5th April.  We are looking for support for 1 month only.  Lets make 250 New Minnows in a month. 

 Shameless Promotion

Like what we are doing?  Dont forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here: https://steemconnect.com/sign/account-witness-vote?witness=steemcommunity&approve=1


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Thank for the mention :)
I'm trying to do my best to get there ;)

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you are so welcome, keep trying, I know you will be successful


Thanks for the support :)

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It just seems crazy how many accounts are actually powering down. I am hoping that the new minnows have a different mindset to the ones that are powering down and by replacing them will make this place stronger.


But in most of the cases, we dont know, whats the reason of powering down. I also made my power down, coz not the steem is my only one crypto, and i had to rebalancing my assets. Even if my assets are very small ones :) I cant risk, to hold all my eggs in one basket ;)


Personally I think Steem is a safe bet. All crypto is risky but Steem comes out in all the lists of coins to must have. Look at where teem was in the Chinese and Japanese crypto surveys last year and this year.


Yes, we agree. This is one reason, why im here :) But still, doesnt matter, how tiny is the risk, its risk. So need the diversification, what is also funny, coz we can change a risky crypto to another risky crypto :D

And the rebalancing is a two way thing. When my steem will be the less amount, i will deposit to here more :)

The roi of steem is one of the bests in cryptoverse, or maybe the best. I dont want to quit :)

Thanks for the repeated support @steemcommunity! Feels good to see my name in that list, haha! :D


you are most welcome

I received an invitation to this project from @paulag. I appreciate that my account has been selected. I certainly do not intend to cancel my account. By moving higher, I can help with other accounts around the #cesky tag. We are few but we are trying ;-)


we are few, you are right, but together we have a lot of weight and can help more. Keep doing what you are doing and I look forward to watching you grow


If it's just about money, it's hard. I do it because I enjoy it. Fun is always better ;-)

I am so grateful, thank you so much for your help, time and effort 😊


lets hope we can get you over the line, just keep posting and keep engaging


Yes I will for sure 😊

Thanks so much for the mention and support. I’m giving it my best shot. 🐟

Thank you so much for this great initiative ant he mention! Only 8 SP short now, will help and vote on the future minnows too!

A big thank you for your support! Very soon I will be minnow and will keep on building up reputation and power.

please what group can I join to power up till I get 10k sp?
Love you guys


10K, nice target. Stick with us and we will get you there :-)


I totally commit.

Thank you "TenKMinnows Team" for all you are doing! I am following the curation trail of @tenkminnows to do my small part to help you with success.

"... than minnows powering down. We understand people need to eat ..."

May I please make an appeal on behalf of our fellow Steemians who are in this category? My heart is heavy this morning reading about the trials and tribulations of our fellow Steemians who live in Venezuela. I know of some in particular who are in this category. And I have just "spoken" to one of them this morning on Discord ...

They are literally now going through extended periods without power. All of them are hard hit, particularly those requiring medical care and that are in hospitals ..

They are doing all they can to add value to our Steem blockchain. But they are also taking some of their income to survive. I'm sure we who are outside of this humanitarian disaster are supportive of them doing whatever they need to do.

I for one am grateful that the Steem blockchain gives people such as these an alternative means of generating an income for themselves and their families.


the situation in Venezuela is crazy. I cant even begin to imagine living in such difficult times.


Nor can I @paulag. But ... It is not just in a fictional story book somewhere. It is happening. Right now ...

Especially hard to imagine how evil the tyrannical rulers are in these situations. How can they cling to power, when they have obviously failed so miserably in their responsibilities to their people ...

Good job to everyone pioneering this initiative and all those who support it! As I mentioned on a separate comment, I delegated to tenkminnows and also followed the trail to help in my own little way. I would just like to echo out something that @roleerob already commented on and elaborated an example.

We understand people need to eat and many want to use their fund

The statement says it all. I think there is no "however" to this when we speak about the literal need to eat.

We all want Steem price to go to the moon. We wish for everyone not to power down and help them with as much as we can. Along with this, we may also look at the broader picture of attracting big fishes to invest into the Steem blockchain like what @nathanmars is doing with the Twitter hustle. I see that @steemgigs / @surpassinggoogle is also on Twitter promoting Steem. I would take this opportunity to invite everyone to join too. 😊

Either way, may all our efforts serve the purpose for everyone's good. And thanks to Steem blockchain for all the opportunities specially for those who need a means to earn and eat.


Awesome initiative @steemcommunity! 👍
Just made minnow hood myself!

Helping support @deerjay, @redheadpei, @nelinoeva
and more when I can :-)

Many thanks to the minnow team! 🐟


Thank you @shasta!


Thank you @shasta!


Good job reaching minnowhood @shasta. Great to see you supporting others in their efforts to achieve the same objective!


well cowabunga - another minnow - how cool. welcome to the gang and thank you so much for supoprting these accounts. all support counts in this event

Even though I'm not on that list the tenkminnow initiative already helped out a bunch with upvotes and SBI, and I think that with the current payouts I might very well go past 500SP tomorrow (even though I already am past the 500SP through delegations also given by one of the good people in the tenkminnow initiave)

People powering down to minnows and redfishes are the ones that will sell their STEEM and I'll scoop it up once we reverse ahahha keep doing that, the strong survive and the weak leave the battlefield in tears and won't be here to enjoy the spoils of the bearmarket war!

If I indeed powerup to 500SP tomorrow, I'll aim for my next target 1000SP by Q3 .


Oh, well done! Less than 15 steem to go already. Looking forward to seeing where you're at when the month is up!

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Me too! Hopefully, I'll be close to 600SP, that would be a great help towards my 1000SP by Q3 2019.

Great stuff team!

I'm trailing the @tenkminnow's account (VP permitting), and hope that the accounts above (and more) can quickly progress to Minnows.

Thank you for the delegations and work!

I hope that word is spreading about this project and more larger accounts will help us out. We also have dapps wanting to assist. It's still very early and we may not see the numbers shift for a week or two.

Happy to throw some support votes out there; it all adds up! Also resteeming this post for more visibility.

Great start! Look forward to the progress! Have been enjoying some the engagement of these users!

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@steemcommunity or @paulag - - the name @dronrgraphica comes up with a page not found.


Cheers dude, corrected now :) 'dronegraphica'


nice find thanks @dronegraphica is the account

It's tough to see that so many are powering down out of minnowhood (I prefer the ones powering up out of it). It's going be a hard slog to get to 10k if it only goes up by 2 for every getting past the 500 mark. Its a shame it won't be as simple as just powering up a thousand redfish.

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This is not spam, this is a really interesting post, we would be glad if such content creators used Snax.


You guys had similar conversations about this around a month ago.

It also started off with Snax seemed a bit spammy.


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Great project @paulag and the crew, thanks for your sustained service to steem. Glad to be a part of it.