Announcing STEEMS biggest push yet to Grow a Middle Class - Let's Make 250 New Minnows in a Month

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Steemcommunity, as a witness, have been passionate about powering up and growing a middle class on STEEM for a long time.  To promote this to STEEM users we have been running both the Redfish Power UP league and Minnow Power Up leagues for some time.  During this time, we have seen 52 redfish grow into minnows and 20 minnows grow into Dolphins.

@steevc has started a campaign to make #TenKMinnows  by the end of the year.  @pennsif hosted a forum on the topic and this inspired us to reach out and work together to run a month-long campaign.  Reaching for the stars we have put a team together and we will be making 250 new minnows in a month.

The Problem

- The initial distribution of STEEM did the blockchain no favours.

- SteemPower remains unequally distributed between the classes

- Lack of an active middle class leads to reliance on larger accounts to distribute new STEEM

- STEEM has too many Redfish and not enough minnows.

- Projects such as @hitmeasap Makeaminnow and @steevc #TenKMinnows  are going unnoticed

The Solution

Kickstart a wave of new minnows by making 250 new minnows in a month. We currently have 9223 redfish on STEEM, buy boosting this by 250 in one month will hopefully kickstart a new push towards growth and holding SP.

By doing this we will provide motivation and spread good will, positive vibes and abundance that will have a lasting and possibly snowball effect.  We will be encouraging our new minnows to pay on the favour by supporting longer term projects such as @hitmeasap #makeaminnow and @steevc #tenkminnows and @paulag Redfish power up league.

We know this will not solve all the problems, but it will go a long way to help.

@theycallmedan recently pointed out that we only need 300,000 people holding 1000 STEEM under the current supply for no one else to be able to get their hands on it.  Lets kickstart the ball rolling.

The Project Team

@paulag, @steevc @hitmeasap, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy, @pennsif and maybe you?

Target Accounts

250 is an ambitious target.  We ran a data query and already pulled the starting list. To find these accounts we added some criteria to filter to the database.

Criteria used 

• Posted a root post in 2019

• Have SP of 425 or more

• Have an account balance of the equivalent of 500 SP or less.  This is calculated as SP+ liquid funds + (pending payouts  *.75) + savings balance

This leaves us with 192 accounts requiring an addational 5751 SP in total to become minnows. In vote value to include curation rewards this is gross vote value of 7667 SP.  This would require the equivalent of 1.25M SP voting at full power 10 times a day.

There are a further 170 accounts with SP of less than 500 but enough in liquid or savings to become a minnow.  A campaign will be set up to try and contact as many of these as possible and encourage them to become minnows.

Between both list we have a total of 362 accounts that we will make minnows before the end of the month. Target 250.

Am I on the list? What should I do?

Team members working on this project will be publishing details of accounts that are on the target lists.  Keep an eye on your mentions to see if you have been called.  Just in case you miss the post, the team members will also be doing an outreach to encourage as many on the list as possible to join in.

If you are on our list, you will be asked to write a post on a certain topic.  That post will be used for voting. For some accounts it may take 3-4 posts to get the accounts over the line to minnowhood.  The team members will let you know what you must do, so do stay in touch with them.

The biggest requirement is that you will power up.  The aim of this project is to make minnows and we are seeking funding and support to make this happen.  We don’t want to waste voting power on those that do not want to reach and hold minnow status.  the team are still ironing out the final operational details and they will be published shortly.

How you can help and get involved

With such an ambitious target, we need all your help and your support. This project will be running for the next month. Our team members will be actively contacting people to vote for posts and support the push on these accounts in whatever way possible.

You can help by resteeming this post and mention it to anyone you think could help. Tweet it and share it whatever way you can.

To support the accounts with votes please contact paulag (steemcommunity witness)#0515 on discord or leave a comment on, this or any of the posts of our team members relating to this project.  Votes will need coordination to make sure we get everyone over the line.  

You can also follow the posts from our team @paulag, @pennsif @steevc @hitmeasap, @niallon11, @slobberchops, @cryptoandcoffee, @blanchy as you will find regular updates and the next accounts on the list in need of support

Join our project team.  250 accounts is quite a lot.  If you would like to join our team and help us achieve this target, please do contact any of the team members or leave a comment below this post.

Find out more

@pennsif is holding 60 Minutes of Steem this Thursday evening. @paulag will be discussing this project live.  We hope to see you all there. 

 Shameless Promotion

Like what we are doing?  Dont forget to vote for @steemcommunity as your steem witness.  You can vote for our witness using SteemConnect here:



How much SP should someone get to become a minnow? Dolphin?

I'm kinda new here...

500sp for a minnow
5000 sp for a dolphin

Oh boy. I thought much less.

Thought the same when I was starting out. It was much easier to become a Dolphin then than it is now because there were a lot fewer people make then, but now, with more people coming in almost everyday, the total reward pool is widely distributed making it harder for the new folks to grow faster.

That's why getting involved in projects like the one mentioned in this post is one of the best ways to speed up your growth on Steemit. Good luck with the platform, buddy.

500 for minnow and 5000+ for Dolphin, good luck :D

500 for minnow, 5000 for dolphin. It's not that expensive to buy your way to minnow, depending on your local economy. There should be far more of them anyway.

So, 2 grand for a ticket to dolphin-land. I guess at this point we need to provide a certain arguments for such an investment from an average-joe. And even $200 for a minnow is a lot for the most parts in the world.

It is a lot for many people, but it could be a good investment. I have been lucky to earn most of my Steem, but it's not so easy now. You can exploit competitions and dapp generosity to gain some extra

On the other side these prices are the very low compared to a couple of years ago. It could be a great investment as the chain is currently getting a lot of development and new apps. If those prices break over the dollar again everybody will wish that they had bought some.

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That sounds like an awesome project to close the gab between small and some rather big accounts. Now, I wonder, what I would have to do to make it on that list and become a middelclass-member as well. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

P.S.: I started with follow, upvote and resteeming this post.

the list has already been pulled, 425+ sp, not powering down and doesnt hold enough liquid to get them over the line, we are vetting all of these manually and when we complete this target list, we will run a new one if we have not yet reached our target numbers.
but whos to say after this month, at the end of next quarter we could do it again if we are successfull, giving others plenty of time to grow and make it to a new list .... now theres a thought :-)

ok, thannks...I'm looking forward to!

I would say to follow along the project anyway as there will be some helpful posts to show you how to get the most from you work. There are plenty simple changes in your habits that will help you to grow faster.

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You are already just over the minnow threshold, but once we get our 10k minnows we may support others too. There's the Minnow Power Up League also from @steemcommunity that may help you.

I am a redfish, I have bought also steem whenever I have some extra cash, but still it is too small for me to buy the level of minnow, not a good writer too, not to mention lack of time to write good stuff, but I interact more with the community lately.

All my steem earnings went to powerup.

I will support your project to the simplest I can.

you have an amazing attitued. engaging on steem is the way for long term success. keep doing what you are doing and thank you for all the support. Please do keep an eye out for post with details of accounts to support

Thank, it needs passion to really be satisfied in what endeavor you are in.

When many leave because of the bear market, me, as a red fish, have continually sleeping with the bear.

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You can make use of the dapps that give votes, e.g. Actifit, Busy, eSteem. Enter contests too. It takes some effort, but then I don't think it should be too easy. We want people who are committed to Steem, but it has to be fun too.

What have I started? Actually I am happy to be part of this and I want the whole community to help out. Every vote counts and we can make a lot more minnows if people send their votes to those who really need it and not just those on trending (who really does that?). Let's make Steem great (again?).

This is reassuring to see. I'm far from meeting the criteria for this operation but will be cheering from the sidelines. I'm roughly 330 sp from minnow life, which would require over 30 sp a month or 1.11 sp avg gain daily to make it into the 10k school class of 2019.

All I can do is continue to be engaging or annoying depending on your perspective and make my contributions. Organic growth is my goal, buying my way in is something I could consider after a year of being here.. For purposes of pride and using myself as a measuring stick I intend to just keep redfishing my way through the steem seas..

Around one Steem per day could well be possible. It looks like you can make a couple of Steem on each post, so just keep doing what works. I see you use @Partiko and @Actifit who may give you some votes. Did you see that you can buy extra Actifit votes using their tokens? I would say exploit these offers, but I would not resort to voting bots too much. Some are more ethical than others, so it is your choice. I hope to see you get to minnow well before the end of the year.

Thanks for the info and well wishes. I was unaware I could utilise actifit tokens. I can't see myself doing actifit more than once a week, and i can't help but be satirical on the days I don't actifat..

Personally I'm anti voting bots, I desire a real audience that will say "right on" or "go to hell" more than I do the upvotes or status labels.

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Just keep working away and interacting where you can. We all started at the bottom and once you start to grow it gets easier. It's all about being consistant and being smart with your work. Using the apps and partiko can also get you a few higher votes.

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Thx @niallon11 I can bide my time at the bottom.. The interactions I'm getting are great distractions from the existence of factions and fractions that can ignite my explosive reactions.. 🤑

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Keep an eye on it going forward anyway. I know that you are a long way off minnow at the moment but i would hope to get all of the active accounts there before the end of the year. I will probably put together some helpful posts to show where you can grow your account faster and where you can earn more SP as we move forward with tenkminnows. You might only be starting off but it is very manageable within the year.

I like your attitude :)

I love your attitued too

Hahaha I think people send votes to trending posts hoping for a return of the favor.....which, Im guessing, never comes.

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Exactly! People should really ignore the trending page and find stuff that really interests them. Build communities around what you are into and Steem will be more fun. You will get more responses from people who are not just into the money aspect.

Maybe another reason behind this could be that the default view is the trending page.
You click on a tag, and Steemit automatically takes you to the trending page of the tag.
But to be honest, most of the people are interested in money.
Probably almost no one would use Steemit and the Steem blockchain without the money earning opportunity. People are ignoring the posts of accounts with low amount of Steem Power. Like my (and many other people's) account.
Just like I said in this comment: "The dropping number of the active users is like an avalanche, and to be honest, I am not surprised.
Why would anyone want to be active on a platform, where their content is getting ignored?
A lot of people's content are ignored, and the real, human comments are rare.
The problem with the Steem blockchain (or at least with Steemit) is the fact that most of the people are posting blog posts, but only a few of them are care about other people's posts.
This leads to a lot of (thousands of) (or even hundreds of thousands of) disappointed and eventually inactive users."

People are ignoring the posts of accounts with low amount of Steem Power. Like my (and many other people's) account.
Just like I said in this comment: "The dropping number of the active users is like an avalanche, and to be honest, I am not surprised.
Why would anyone want to be active on a platform, where their content is getting ignored?

I wouldn't say that it is ignored but I would agree that it might not be seen. There is still an issue on the chain with getting the best content seen by the most people. A few of the interfaces are working on a fix for that problem as we speak and i'm sure that they will have a better system going forward to get your posts noticed.

Everything here is under development so there are still a lot of things that need improvement. What I would say is that a lot of the users here are very active on the site and if you put in the effort to connect with them and get involved it will help you a lot in the long run. I found that the best way to get noticed was by engaging with more people and growing my circle. If you can grow your active followers and post good content then the votes will follow.

Of course we all like to earn money and i love to grow my SP but for me that is an extra benefit from enjoying what i do on here. If I don't enjoy it then there is no point in spending my time on the blockchain. I already have one job to make me miserable so my activities outside that need to be fun.

Did you ever written an article where you have invested more than one hour of writing?

This is the problem people write no articles at all. They make posts but no articles.

lol I have to laugh, I tend to do analysis posts, these could take 8-12 hours, sometimes I have spent a few days lol. we do have posts, they are just hard to find, thats why is not the best interface, there are others that are more focused.

as @steevc said some are not bothered about curation rewards at all...and this is great that you put in more, than you get out. Know that feeling, Steemit is a net-loss when you write scientific posts. Even though #steemstem is doing a great job.

But what I addressed with my reply was @xplosive

People are ignoring the posts of accounts with low amount of Steem Power. Like my (and many other people's) account.

maybe he/she should consider that it is not enaugh effort and as you both have proven...maybe steemians should consider that it is not about the curation at all. At least not now. Well, obviously it is not. Only a masochist puts in hours for a few dollars.

"Only a masochist puts in hours for a few dollars."
Then I am certainly/definitely a masochist.
A very big masochist.
There were times in the past (months ago), when I put hours of work and effort into my blog posts, but I earned only a few cents. Not a few dollars, but a few cents.
Nowadays I don't write articles, because I realised/realized that it is not worth it.
Almost no one cares about my Steemit/Busy posts, no matter what I write about.
Nowadays I put up polls with dPoll (poll dApp on the Steem blockchain).
I am still earning a few cents (not a few dollars), but at least I don't put hours of work and effort into the posts.

Some of mine take a while and I see plenty that took some serious effort. People need to be giving rewards where they are earned. Some of us are not bothered about curation rewards.

I've long thought that having trending as the default was a bad idea. A lot of people are here for the long term and they want to make it work. Those are the people I'm interested in. If we can build it up enough so that it has the same level of engagement as other platforms then it will be attractive as a social site, but with the added attraction of earning something. Some people also like the freedom they have here. I think it's worth trying to make it better.

human comments are rare beacause we have more creators then consumers. we need a big drive to get consumers. lets get this project over the line first :-)

I am really happy to be working as a team together on this, I hope it really kickstarts what you have started and leave a long lasting result. this is going to be amazing, the good will alone will spread such positivity.

It's already spreading. I think we can do this between us.

As most of my followers already knows, I've been struggling with personal stuff for a rather long period of time, but I've always been keen to improve the overall experience on Steem. To create something that resemblance a middle class has been one of my biggest dreams on Steem, and with this, we will have all the necessary tools we need.

Previously, I ran the "push people"-initiative and I co-launched the @asapers project, both of them successful initiatives. However, due to various reasons both of these were cancelled. With this, I am filled with motivation and I am confident that we will reach our goals.

I am honored to be part of this team and I will make sure to put in the necessary effort that's required to make this happen. We might have different approaches and/or styles, we might have done things differently in the past and we might do things different from each other going forward too, but we all are working towards the same goals here, which is the most important part. I invite all my followers to be part of this awesome initiative. All of us matter.

  • Let's Make Steem Great.

(Find me on Discord: EviLDoLLTV#9035)

We are so lucky to have you on this project team. Yes we all have our own ways but you are so right, we are working towards common goals. Lets smash this target and make 250 new minnows in a month.

Great to see you involved here!

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I will be happy to support this with my own voting power and also with SteemPress for users looking to grow their STEEM holdings and use it to boost their own blogs!

It will be key for Steems growth for there to be a closer correlation between the number of votes, followers and active engagers one has on their posts. Having more minnows and better distributed stake is the only way to accomplish that.

Thank you so much @fredrikka and @steempress, this is a wonderful addation to the support we are raising. 250 accounts may not sound like that many to everyone but the cordination of it is crazy, its a big task and you just made it easier

Thanks for your support. The project is looking good so far. I just hope we will see the number of minnows climb steadily now.

@awesomianist @jongolson @steemitmamas @khimgoh @steemxp @bitrocker2020 check this out... Make 250 minnows every month... 💪

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I have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday votes available to help out. My votes on Sunday, Monday's, Wednesday, and Friday I already expend in support of my favorite tags. So on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, I can dedicate 5 50% votes for the boost over the line to minnowhood.

While my vote at 50% may not be a lot, over time the small votes do help, after all that is how I have been moving up, one small vote at a time. So a future, here are a few to vote on this week list would be a nice thing to make it easier on me, and maybe on others that can support through their small votes.

We all need to try and rely on each others small votes and not hope and pray so much for that curie or whale vote so often.

high five - thats the support we want to see. you are amazing. every single vote will count in this, no matter how big or small. they will all be valued. I have added you to a list of supporters. the redfish that we will be pushing will be writing specific posts to be voted on and we will notify you when we have some ready for voting. Thank you so much

Following bashadow's lead I'll commit to 5 x 50% votes on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. My vote's not big, 4 cents at 100% but as you said, every little helps.

awesome, fantastic, this is amazing. thank you so so much for this support. we will be in touch with more details. the steem community rocks

That's brilliant. At the end of the day all votes count no matter how small. Just the fact that so many established accounts are willing to get behind this project says a lot.

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This sounds like a great project, focusing steem power on those that are on the cusp of minnowhood and need that bit of extra help.

Is there a curation trail? List or some other way to keep track? If you have posts from vetted redfish steemians, happy to vote on those.

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you could follow the votes of @steemcommunity as they will be voting exclusivelly on this for the next month. Also we will have posts from the team leaders with details of all the posts that need upvoting. the accounts we hope to boost will have to opt in with a post so we have something to vote on. I could partner you up with one of the team leaders as we are all managing a set of accounts to get them over the line, that would help a lot?

If somebody can take on the task of adding/removing user accounts, I could setup a community using my @we-are bot system and that'd autovote the target accounts. I'd suggest making a specific voting account that could be an SP delegation target for those wanting to help.

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Sounds good!

Is there script potential to check powerdown status for example? Not a suggestion it would be used for this initiative but just an idea.

I guess administration of the votes list would take a little time each day. Would that be via steemauto or something else?


I could make a script to check such things. Though StermBI people can probably use their existing tools and then they can evolve their criteria as they like.
My @we-are bot takes care of voting content based on membership of a community. It'd take a little bit of time to add/remove people from the community, but otherwise everything is is automated. I don't have much written about it, but maybe you can check it's blog on @we-are-one

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Thanks for the information here and the work with the 'we-are' accounts. I have noticed them passing by my posts :)

Hopefully Paula got in touch with you on Discord.

we are manually vetting all the accounts as we have other supporters too that are willing to do the same. I will send you a dm on discord

Excellent. I hope I can be of help.

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Awesome, I will have to login via steemauto and follow that vote trail.

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Oh, how do you follow the votes? I can't find a @steemcommunity voting trail on steem auto

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Great Initiative. I too agree that for the successful running of steem platform we need a strong middle class.

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fantastic, I hope you will keep your eye out for the posts and support them, this is a massive undertaking, 250 new minnows in a month is huge.

Thank you very much for your sharing, we support for the point, per account hold 1000 SP x 300.000 accnt

Hope as soon realize👌

I hope so too

Great initiative giving folks a boost to get to minnowhood, I know it was a big milestone to me!

Resteemed (which I don’t do often) and anxious to support with upvotes for those that participate! I would love to help so just let me how! How about I sponsor some SBI? Let’s work out the details!

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Absolutly. Everything is still in the planning stage just right now but all help is appreciated. Keep watching this space and there will be a few more details soon.

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high five and thank you

its nice project for small sp users as like me .. bt know could i know i am on the list ?

people on the list will be vetted and contacted, the first list has been made up of accounts with 425+sp

oh. than i will try to increase my sp. maybe i am in the next list. thank you

that would be amazing :-)

Dear greetings steemcommunit, I am a redfish and I would love to be a minnow fish, unfortunately the economy in my country has not allowed me to buy Steem to increase my SP, so I do it trying to create good content and I try to interact with the community as much as I can.
I like the project, how can I participate if I'm not on the list?

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Can I join?

This is a wonderful initiative; love what you're doing here... in general, I think the rising movement to build an active and engaging "middle class" here is quite brilliant!

I'm pretty far "below the limit" here, but I'll be happy to follow the "key" supporters, resteem and dispense some of my small votes as part of a support effort... 1000x 2c votes go a long way, too!


Best of luck with this, and all other initiatives to help make Steemit a better place, along with adding value to Steem.

Hello. I would like to join the group and participate in the project. Could you explain to me what would be the next step I should take? Thank you.

Hi! I received a comment on one of my recent posts about this initiative. Sounds really fun!

I was wondering if there's a way to know how many people have been selected so far, and also what kind of post(s) will we be asked to write for the voting purpose.

Thanks for this great initiative. Really admire the idea :)

hi @steemcommunity I still don't understand, if I join here, I have to give sp or what ??

What about us plankton that would like to become redfish. What level of SP do I need to hold to make the transition?

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I do believe it is 50 sp for redfish, but I might be wrong...

I see this as pretty much solid gold awesomeness @steemcommunity!

I believe that simply the presence of an initiative like this — particularly if it gets distributed widely through re-steems and people writing their own blogs about it — will encourage more engagement. And hence, help build new "schools" of minnows.

And with an effort to also target "Senior Minnows" (folks with around 4500SP) as helpers in pushing the initiative forward... they can get to Dolphin status through the benefits and visibility generated by their involvement.

And then — OF COURSE! — everyone who "gets active" with this can be funneled into the Curation and Engagement Leagues... and it becomes a giant self-perpetuating community builder!

Hi @steemcommunity, Can you tell me the levels that apply in STEEM from Plankton to the Pope or maybe there is something bigger than that and the details of the SP needed to achieve it ...
I'm dreaming of becoming a pope..😁

Thank you very much for your sharing
I want to join

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Awesome initiative. You can count me in, for sure.
I'll be DM'ing @paulag in a second.

Great initiative
My voting power not much still will support the project

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Hi @cryptoandcoffee!

  • you have 175 units and 0 bonus units
  • your rshares balance is 279583615777 or 0.209 $
  • your next SBI upvote is predicted to be 0.042 $

    Did you know Steem Basic Income has a Quality Policy?

Hello, @steemcommunity. Sorry for disturbing, I still can't understand, hot to know am I on whitelist or not. I might miss mention, that's true. I joined a discord channel BuildTeam Public, but it seems to be for Minnowbooster, as I know it is a different project.

Thank you in advance for your reply

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