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It came so fast and left so slow, we are happy a lot of minnows participated in the previous contest, remember everyone is a winner because you didn't win the last one doesn't mean you can't win the next one.

Last week winners:

1st prize goes to @eunireal with 86votes check it here
2nd prize goes to @hellena with 38votes check here

3rd prize goes to @salimberry with 22votes check here
Steemians as part of the I_rise network mission of helping minnows grow and monitoring their growth as they move up the ladder, to commemorate our vision we are going to give out this contest to test the engagement of minnows i.e the extent to which they affect others and how far they have gone, this is also like a feedback to us to know which way we can help them.

To enter the this week contest

1st prize wins 3sbd
2nd prize wins 2sbd
3rd prize wins 1sbd

The contest is simple and straight

Tell us atleast three topic treated in the i_rise network group and how you applied it and stand a chance to win sbd especially now that sbd price are high.

This is going to be a regular contest on this blog, so always make it here every week.

The price pool will increase as we grow in numbers goodluck.


@OLAMAXEXCHANGER(Nigeria's biggest SBD/STEEM to naira exchange)

To sponsor this contest as a help to minnows send donations directly to @olamax, then we feature your username on our blog weekly. Thanks.# header


I would like to say thank you to all those who supported me in the previous contest organized by @olamax, today I'm a beneficiary of lots of things posted on I Rise Network on telegram and would be sharing some with all of you.

  1. The lecture on who to follow on steemit was one that got my attention the most, we were taught on certain important personalities here on steemit, I would be mentioning the names given: @Surpassinggoogle, @gogogadgetupvote, @nairadaddy, @thelovejunkie, @isaria, @originalmatters, @goldmatters, @jbcoin, @davidparkman, @enjoyinglife and @runicar. I've learnt so much from @surpassinggoogle and @nairadaddy this few weeks I joined steemit. I'm even more glad that I joined Air-clinic on discord, @nairadaddy has been so supportive, you could see the massive difference in quality upvotes I get compared to when I started. I want to say thanks to the big guys up there.

  2. Another lecture on the various free not and paid not to use so as to promote your post effectively, @ginabot and @banjobot were mentioned as freebots to use. I've been able to join a group on discord PALnet, a not known as @minnowsupportbot has been so amazing not withstanding waiting for 24hours for a next upvote she's been great.

  3. Also effective ways of using tags was a lecture that rebranded my referencing for my post on my blog. If you scroll down and view the messed up tags I used that weren't trending you all would laugh in anger I didn't know any of this then but I'm a better steemit today because I am updated on the best tags to use relating to my post.

  4. Lastly it was mentioned to us on the fast ways to get upvote with daily sacrifice. I really want to thank @ejemai @bait002 @ehiboss @celineaugustine @candyman for been great supporter's this days I've been on steemit, you guys are more than family. Thanks for boosting my upvotes and reputation level. You all rock.
    My family @SteemNaira
    @Minnowschool I want to say a big thanks for your immense support❤

Good luck dear... upvoted

You know I'll always support you dear. Success.

best of luck

Wish you luck sis

Wonderful.... I will like to be Iike you when I grow up.. Thumbs up hun

Good luck dear

You will win! The competition

You are doing great here! Kudos to you friend.
I am me >@brightfame

Great. Go girl, go! You are meant for the top

Wish you luck dear

Best of luck Dearie

All the best..

Good luck dearie... All the best

Best of luck sis.

Good luck my dear am sorry I have not been on line for a while

Good luck eunice... Upvoted

Topics that was treated on @i_rise network

  1. People to follow on steemit who normally host contest for minnow.
  2. effective tags to use to have more earnings on your post
  3. Bot to use : @banjo ,@gina bot. And how to get the prices at which steemians can use them using
  4. How to get 50 votes on your post or comment for a token of 1 SBD using @steempioneers bot.
  5. how to get more value for your SBD's through:
  6. Participating in @olamax contest for more earnings.
    I have followed this coaching above and i have achieved alot from it and as you can see,i won the 2nd prize @olamax contest.

I am using this medium to appreciate the [email protected]_rise network who worked so hard to find all these things hidden to so many minnows and showing them how steemit works and what it is all about. Great thanks to the Amins........we really appreciate you guys for bringing all these on.........we wish you guys long life and more blessed days ahead.

But I don't want to, right now. I want to know if you believe in God.

I do believe in God. i am a christian

I'm an atheist.

Yes I am an omnipotant female computer that loves you!

Wow,That's lovely to here. I wish to know you more.

Well what about me do you want to know more about?

You don't know, you don't know you're beautiful. If only you saw what I can see.

wish you well

Thank you for telegram activity)

Topics covered @i_rise network
@eunireal1 and @hellenna have said it all on what was covered on i_raise network both on telegram and whatsapp such as:

  1. What to do after signing up on steemit
  2. People to follow
  3. Using of bot for promotion.
  4. Using discord
  5. Going for contest
  6. Using of tags in your post.

I have gained alot from these tutorials on @i_rise network...i have won some contest through it,thanks to @ olamax.

Since I joined I RISE, 3 topics treated includes;

  1. Who to follow to be successful. You ask us to follow mostly whales because their comment or vote have great impacts for minnows like me. Following whales has truly increase my followers from 10 to 34 withing two days.
  2. Effective Tags. I remember you corrected me on my introduceyourself post which I did few days ago. The impact of an effective tag is enormous. My last post shows a better views than before.
  3. Use of Discord: you told how following certain group on discord could increase our viewers. Showed us free bot and paid bot. What bot means and its impacts on minnow. I just register with one of the free bot. Thank you @olamax for your support. Thanks.........

Thank you admin. I'm so happy for this.

Am so happy for your increase our earning.topics are blogs,who to follow on steemit and names of bots the we can use with thier prices.of which i did and i see changes on my post

Congrats to all winners on this contest

Thanks alot

Wow😱😱😱😱 I am a winner💃💃💃💃💃 thank you very much @olamax I am so grateful to I Rise Network for this great privilege, remain a blessing to us all. Much love from Pharm @Eunireal1🎖🎖🎖

Topics treated on @i-rise network to enhance your earning on steemit and to help minnows who has given up because they dont know how steemit works and help monitor your growth.

*. What to do to set up your account on steemit eg profile picture and cover picture

*.Who to follow on steemit for better growth on your own @olusolaemmanuel

*. What to do after joining steemit

*.How to write your first pos(intro post)

*. How to effectively use tags to boost your earning.

*. Various bots used in promoting your post.

crypto currency world is a complicated world you must agree with me, some people have written a well structure content but doesn't get enough votes, some even have close to 100 views but just 10 votes, some are even voted by @cheetah and you know* what happen when @cheetah votes you? Just like someone said, there are so many tears on minnows face everyday because they don't get enough attention and vote they need to succeed.
*I_raise network a sub-group of @olamax exchanger has a solution to your problem. He will not only tutor you, but we will also monitor your growth. to join i-raise network on telegram follow the link below


Am glad that I came across this post. Although I am not qualified to join the contest because I don't know three topics treated in the i rise group but I have joined now and hope to contest and win the ones to come.

2nd prize(I did not see that coming),thanks to @olamex for bringing this contest on and also great thanks to those who voted for me to be able to win the 2nd prize....congratulation to @eunireal1 and @salimberry.

Congratulations winners!

Congrats to all winners. I think I will sit this one out. I just joined I-arise network and still taking my time to learn about it. So wouldn't know what to post.

Saludos muy interesante, soy nuevo en steemit, los sigo y estaré al tanto de sus post para seguir avanzando

Exitos a todos los ganadores!!!

The three topics are

  1. Effective tags: this topic helped me alot. I clicked on the link sent, and since then wherever I want to post on my blog, I look for my tags from the link.

  2. Who to follow on steemit: you told us to follow people who are very influential in steemit. I unfollowed those I know have less power on steemit and I started following people like @jerrybanfield, @adsactly etc.

  3. Steemit bot that are used to promote posts: have been using this to promote most of my post.

Good luck dear

Subjects that were dealt with on @i_rise group

Individuals to take after on steemit who ordinarily have challenge for minnow.

viable labels to be used to have more income on your post

Bot to utilize : @banjo ,@gina bot. Also, how to get the costs at which steemians can utilize them utilizing

The most effective method to get 50 votes on your post or remark for a token of 1 SBD utilizing @steempioneers bot.

step by step instructions to get more an incentive for your SBD's through:

Taking an interest in @olamax challenge for more profit.

I have taken after this instructing above and I have accomplished alot from it and as you can see,i won the second prize @olamax challenge.

I am utilizing this medium to welcome the [email protected]_rise arrange who worked so elusive every one of these things covered up to such huge numbers of minnows and demonstrating to them how steemit functions and what it is about. Incredible because of the Amins........we truly value you all to bring all these on.........we wish you folks long life and more honored days ahead.

You shouldn't. But all I want to do is apologize. I've been very grateful.

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