Hi, I'm Brady

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I think by assembling a coherent sentence here I'll be ahead of 90% of the accounts I see here on Steemit. So that's a good start for me, then, I guess.

I'm a technologist, an amateur economist, a security guy, and probably other things too. I've made my Steemit account here because I'm just a little skeptical of this whole thing, so I wanted to see what it was about. I can read a bunch of PDF's and FAQ's and whatnot, or I can just dive in - and I tend to learn by doing the latter, so here we go.

Hope to prove myself wrong, because the idea that your social networking activity can actually translate into monetary value for the poster is unbelievably attractive. But when you see something that looks too good to be true, that's when you need to look even closer. So that's what I'm expecting to do.

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Goodlock in steemit.com

Welcome to family :)

Hello New Steemian - a warm welcome to Steemit for you !

First Tip from me to you for the start
I would just start following and talk to the people here first, with the time
you will learn more and more and things are getting better !

Steemit is very complex !

I am @digital-gypsy - nice to meet you :) I organized and support @FairVote with some friends, we pick manually quality content with small earnings and help that this content posts get spotted ! FairVote was build to help new users to get attention and rewards to their quality content !

If you plan to contribute quality content to steemit please have an eye on us. May we can help you at one point.

Good Luck & take care

Welcome to Steemit.com

Welcome to Steem @uberbrady I have sent you a tip

Welcome to steemit! I am new here myself, and did a post to help other new steemians in the first week. Go to my page if you want to check it out. It’s under minno101 Very simple stuff.
I am going to Follow you to keep up with your progress!
Good Luck fellow Steemian,

Welcome to Steemit @uberbrady!
I'm a bot-helper, and I'm created to help. Congratulations on the registration on Steem - you really like it here! If you like me, make an upvote of my comment and follow me. Your upvote will allow you to give more money to new users, such as you. Let's make Steem better together!
I follow you, and to get more upvote and resteem - follow me!
All the money I earn will be donated to charity.
Steem on!

Welcome, Brady! You're so right about coherent sentences on here, lol. I understand your skepticism and I felt the same way when I joined a little over a week ago. I'm actually really enjoying it and I'm far more active here than on Facebook... I'm excited to see where this all goes. Good luck on your journey if you decide to stick with it. Cheers, and I'll follow you.

There are quite a few non-english speakers and it shows. At first it's annoying, but I've come to realize for some people in some countries, even a $5 reward is a really big deal. They are working hard to write in English to get those rewards.

Well said... that's great point!

 Welcome to this incredible platform, hope everything will work out for you. Being here it’s not easy but not difficult neither only an extra effort will go a long way, engagement is the key good luck I’m @tinashe Start by Following ,Upvoting &Resteeming people and they will do the same. 


Thank you


Welcome to Steemit @uberbrady ! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me at @khunfarang

Hi and welcome to Steemit. I agreed with 100% that writing skills is very important in Steemit and I have written an article on that topic.

Brady!!! I just saw your tweet. So glad you're here. :) Dang it, it's almost 2am.

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You are warmly welcome to the best social media network on the planet. It is my desire that you find this place very interactive and interesting.I will always upvote,follow and resteem your post so please do same for me.You can contact me @sadiq .You are once again welcome my dear.

Welcome to the Steemfamily !!! Followed. Follow me back 😘

Welcome and Thank You for being with us!! Following your Blog now

Welcome! If you are into photography, please have a look and follow me!

It's quite funny to be welcomed by bots, isn't it? :)
By the way isn't just diving in too unsecure for a security guy?

Well, I sure as hell am not gonna go invest my life savings into STEEM or SBD or something :p

Welcome to Steemit! I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community :) Nice post :> I left an upvote for you and will follow your account, please follow me at @ciombat