Hello! We Are STEEMSQUAD And We Are Here to Support The Minnows. Read On.

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We are STEEMSQUAD, a Steemit inititative to promote diversity and quality of content by featuring authors from the school of minnows.


WHAT is #steemsquad?

Steemsquad is an initiative of multiple minnows whose objective is to promote diverse and quality content and their work which may not have a chance to get noticed when published in the main streem. STEEMSQUAD initiative will try to tweak the game to equally distribute the wealth among its members. 

STEEMSQUAD is a community-backed account responsible for posting blogs of qualified authors and at the same time upvotes quality blog posts of its members.

Members of STEEMSQUAD are from across multiple timelines to ensure a 24/7 support and active participation in Steemit.

The Issue at Hand

For quite some time, there has been a noticeable trend as to who gets rewards. Those favored are the whales themselves, members with high reputation levels, incoming popular personalities and celebrities either from the cryptocurrency world or the entertainment world. A number of people from the finance institutions have joined as well and have garnered huge rewards on their “introductory” posts.

And what happens to those who are not celebrities, unknown personalities from not-so-popular backgrounds? Their posts get dumped, thrown into oblivion. Then all the sweat and blood poured spilled into writing the blog just go to waste. This is where #steemsquad comes in.

WHY We Do It?

Steemit is a social media platform where **EVERYONE** gets paid for creating and curating content, as promised if and when you decide to dive into the Steemit Ocean. 

It leverages a robust digital points system, called Steem, that supports real value for digital rewards through market price discovery and liquidity.

We aim to give EVERYONE a chance to get noticed, earn rewards, and be a part of a community of people helping people.

You Can Succeed

All HOPE is NOT LOST. We have seen minnows rise to the occasion. With a positive attitude, an unwavering determination, lots and lots of good quality posts (one is enough though to get you 15k, if you hit the nail on the head), there is no reason why you can’t be successful here in Steemit.

#steemsquad will support you along the way.


  1. We give priority to quality contents from low-powered profiles (minnows).
  2. The published author gets 100% of SBD. However, 50% of which goes to the author’s SP to allow the author to power-up leveraging his/her SP to upvote other writers.
  3. Any SP earned by STEEMSQUAD remains in the STEEMSQUAD account to gain more voting power for the benefit of its members.
  4. Pay-it-forward. The powered-up author commits to help other writers by upvoting and commenting to blog post to increase the post’s value.


PHOTO CREDIT: Anna Frajtova / shutterstock.com

  1. FOLLOW the account STEEMSQUAD and be a member of the initiative.
  2. You have to signify your willingness to join by coming to our official chatroom in https://steemit.chat/channel/steemsquad. Introduce yourself and state your intention to join the initiative. Include a link to your Steemit profile.
  3. Submit your article in plain text format and links to images. Send your entry to @steemit.asia or @sebastien or @jaycobbell as a PM.
  4. Article must be at least 300 words with at least 1 image.
  5. Give credit to the images you use.
  6. If you quote someone, give credit as well.
  7. At least 80% of the article must be your own.
  8. You will get feedback after 24 hours and a schedule will be provided when your work will be published.
  9. Once it is published, it will be promoted to the chatroom by either @steemit.asia or @sebastien or @jaycobbell in https://steemit.chat/channel/steemsquadpromotional for all members to see. This is where all promotions are done.


PHOTO CREDIT: Clipartix.com

  1. To get a chance to be upvoted by STEEMSQUAD, you must have a QUALITY blog post.
  2. Use the tag #steemsquad in your blog post.
  3. Our curators will browse through all blog posts using our official #steemsquad tag name and choose will notify the author by commenting that the post has been chosen as a featured post/author. It will be promoted in our chat channel https://steemit.chat/channel/steemsquadpromotional.


The Posting Key (The posting key is used for posting and voting. It should be different from the active and owner keys) will be given to at least 3 members of STEEMSQUAD responsible for posting blog posts in 24 hour cycle.

The Active Key (The active key is used to make transfers and place orders in the internal market) will be given to 2 members of STEEMSQUAD. One member will act as auditor/backup in case the primary member is not available.

The Owner Key (The owner key is the master key for the account and is required to change the other keys) is given to one Whale sponsor and 2 other members of STEEMSQUAD.

A member responsible for the account security may hold more than one (1) key as shown above.


There are people we consider as examples on the platform. Inspiration, mentors.



Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Thanks to everyone who has upvoted this content. We will have future updates soon. We are still the in early stages of development, if you believe you can contribute to the group please talk to us in the chat channel.

Thanks for doing this for us newbie minnows.

Now, I have a newbie question:
"Submit your article in plain text format and links to images. Send your entry to @steemit.asia or @sebastien or @jaycobbell as a PM."
How would I send an article to one of you folks? I've posted already with steemsquad tag. Is that enough?

Welcome to Steemit! If you would like to see statistics of any post on Steemit, you can use Steemd.com. I have made a bookmark for your convenience in accessing Steemd. https://steemit.com/steemd/@craigwilliamz/steemd-statistics-bookmark-for-easy-access-to-steemd

I am having issues with not enough voting power
I signed up last nite
Thanks For The Mention


You may have to publish some blogs to build up your steempower, it takes a few hundred SteemPower to get a 1 cent vote. If you can create good content then come chat to us https://steemit.chat/channel/steemsquad

that is great idea , I will follow


Anything that helps minnows I'm for!
Check out my post doing the same thing!


thanks for the support, you can tag us with #steemsquad to gain extra support from us.


i just realized your the guy the created steemithelp?


I have the forum SteemItForum. I do @asksteem also and a few other things!

Hey @kyle what your input on this?

Another great initiative, thankyou to all involved :)
Will be following the project - I'm building a vote bot on the side and have been considering proxying votes for a few users like @robinhoodwhale , I'll see how this goes and will consider adding steemsquad to the watchlist too :)


if you can log onto streemian.com, u can auto follow the robinhood whale votes. streemain is still in beta though and is not 100% yet. I believe this is the future of the robin hood whale when streemian is back to 100%

Sounds like a brilliant idea. I will follow too.

Hi @steemsquad, just stopping back to let you know that I included you as one of my favourite reads on my ramble today. You can see what I had to say here.

This is awesome! Coming from a minnow, thank you so much.

I am very interested in this initiative. Its a good one...