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Hi! First things first, I'm gonna prove that I'm a real person even though I'm not famous in any way, just to get that out of the way, so here's me:


I'm André from Germany, go by different variations of @somegermannerd online. For now you can follow me here (I'd really appreciate it! I need to find some cool people) or over on youtube, where I have a relatively new channel about movies, TV, video games...anything media. That's over at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO2szCADTvjB-K9aV412bmA - there's not all that much on the channel right now, just a few videos and a podcast I just started, but I'm working on an extensive video series retrospective of the Pokémon franchise that will start going live soon. I'm a bit of a Nintendo fanboy.

I had to be on steemit when I heard about it, I'm in love with the idea of building a blogging/social media platform on top of a blockchain and directly integrate a cryptocurrency. I've been interested in cryptos since about 2012, but only really got into them more this year, and still have a lot to learn. Regarding steemit in particular, I just love how it's not integrated into a massive corporate system of personalized ads and extreme restrictions of speech, but rather is a free space built on an entirely new concept.

For now I'm mostly just going to look around, follow some people, leave a few comments...I'm not sure what I'll be posting here in the future. My interests range from history to pop music, across philosophy and classic TV, and as a student of Japanese a lot of what I'm interested in is related to Japan in some way. If you know who Togawa Jun is, we are already friends. I'm also trying to lose weight at the moment, so any health nuts I can admire as motivation are very welcome! And anyone who has good movies or music to recommend (any genre, any time period, any language): I'm always open! I'm also interested in human rights issues around the globe, and am gay myself thus care about LGBT issues.

I'll be posting in English just because I feel more comfortable with the language, but I do speak German as well as (broken) Japanese, so feel free to talk to me in either. :)

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wellcome : )
i will follow you and i hope you will follow me : )


Thanks! I will check out your profile in a bit :)

welcome to steemit!! follow me to see how your passion pays in steemit blogging


Thanks! I will check out your profile in a bit

Willkommen auf Steemit ;)
Grüße aus Bayern :D


Sind ja doch andere Deutsche hier! Danke :)

Hello @somegermannerd and welcome to Steemit!
Great Post!!!

This is a great place with a great community -- glad to have you around!
Please upvote if you liked my posts, im following you, so I hope you follow me back, if you wish to see more, and comment to let me know what you think!


Thanks so much! I will check out your profile in a bit :)

Welcome to steemit Andre I'm also new to steemit, it seems like a great platform with wonderful people, let's support each other I just followed you


Thank you so much! I'll check our your profile in a bit :)

Thanks for reading and I'm really excited to be part of this community now! I've already seen a lot of people be really supportive of each other on here, it's wonderful.