STEEMIT - My First 48 Hours - Lessons Learned and INTRODUCTIONS!

So you are a creative spirit. You have content you want to share and write about. Whether it's story telling or education. Stumble across STEEMIT and viola! An outlet for your works within a community that will appreciate it.

You immediately write a content filled post on a topic you are passionate it about and send it into the STEEMIT world.


If that story sounds familiar, welcome to the party. As the above is my experience.

The post is to share lessons I've learned and hopefully to get others to share their knowledge to not only help me be a better STEEMER, but to help every other newbie as well :-)

So, what have I learned my first 48?

Well....I wish I would have read up on many STEMMIT how to's before making my first post.

The INTRODUCTION seems to be a very important thing. I said hello at the beginning of my post, but that's as far as it went.

Consider this my formal introduction. :-)

That's me Mitchell J. and ScaredyCatGuide is the name I write under.

GOALS - To provide financial education content to help fellow STEEMERS make informed choices on their money, investments and lifestyle. While we are all here to build this network, there are plenty that are also using the money earned to live and or better their life. Making informed decision with your financial life outside of STEEMIT is as important as what you to inside STEEMIT.

MY BACKGROUND - Several years as a licensed financial professional along with 5 years of daytrading and covering financial news for several news outlets. I mix in some real estate investing as well.

Everything I have learned I want to share. I enjoy teaching and can talk finance all day.

Sooooooo..back to STEEMIT.

There are so many TAGS to choose from. As a content creator you want to be in a tag relevant to your work, but you also want to get as many eyeballs on that work as possible. For the items I write, EX.
it makes the most sense to TAG it under "money."

However, it seems all the action is under the STEEMIT tag? So my question is are folks putting content where it should be or where the most action is? STEEMERS please let me know.

Also, to the veterans on STEEMIT (whales I think?) Please feel free to share any other items of STEMMIT etiquette or best practices for all us newbies.

I'd like to do my best to act properly within this community and also impact the most people with financial education.

Gratitude to those making the "How To" videos. Particularly Gabriel Scheare as I've watched several of your videos!


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Please use the correct tags.


@pharesim, that was one of the points I brought up. The question about using correct tags. Providing examples will help people do a better job. For instance I know all my content will be under the money tag. But I have no idea what type of content is correct for many of the other tags....and I am guessing many others are not clear either. Some are obvious some are not. By sharing this knowledge will build an informed community thus a better community. Thanks!

I feel this is the vibe that's steeming around . Instant satisfaction . Maybe it 's for the money involved.

Moohlah seems to bring out the talk .

People want instant gratification with a quick finger click flicking now a days. I can understand the building hysteria steeming up in here. People see dollar signs and their eyes get wide and they stare. Thinking they have the original content that can cause make them Steemit millionaires.

I going to become a regular Steemit user. I more interesting in how this new realm works out. True troll control , no bullies and people who are excited to change the way way we share.

The money will eventually all add up... Steemit just started up. Apparently there's only 40 thousand users signed up.

Patience pays.... Let Make Word Good Again


Very much agreed @poias. In a instant gratification society these days. One must enjoy the process and enjoy the community.

Where does the nickname come from? Sounds funny but surely there must be a story behind it...


@alexgr - It is a creation of my risk adverse investing nature and my creative spirit. A moniker if you will. Something people can also relate to that may be a scaredy cat when it comes to the world of investing and financial know how.


Aha... thanks for explaining... makes sense now.

Well, it only took me 3 edits to get my image to actually appear. And it's only in the preview not within the actual post....shrug. lol. I'll get there, but gotta run now have a date! :-)

Enjoy Steemit @scaredycatguide! :)
Good luck on your posts!