Hello Beautiful Steemit's - Looking for great content to upvote!

in introduceyourself •  2 years ago

I got onto Steemit more for the investment side of it, rather then the writing side of it. So I'm looking around for interesting articles that grab my attention, give me a laugh or make me think! I'm into cryptocurrency's and fitness, surfing and vegan food, Star seeds and light beings, crystals and sacred geometry, or just simple ways to become a better being on this planet.

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And welcome to you too @alona

Yes Steem looks to be a great investment . It seems to be win win.
I also have a stimulating photo post that could be worthy of attention ;D.


In the area of world betterment, I recommend checking anything at @dana-edwards . Just top notch reading.

There's also been some utopia concept discussion at furthering-the-utopia-discussion .


Will do, thank you!