Me ,my wife , my daughter and my humble world

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Hi let me introduce myself , im called Rain Chen
Born in Sarawak (Borneo rainforest ) , Malaysia .
Im 25 years old this year , work as butcher at local hotel passionate in photography and ladies next to me is my wife well we came from same place she 27 yeas old this year and she is full time house-wife isnt that stressful .

almost 3 years been together with my dear crybaby wife , been thru bittersweet together , being a father and husband in such a young age like this teach me lots of marriage life lesson , we do argued a lots but we cuddles a lots too hehe . I believe in one thing , when things are broken don't throw it away or replace with new one , let's find the crack and fix it together . last but not least , never mentions "we are done " to you're partner, say's it to her/him lets figure out our mistakes . cheers ! 😊😊 #youngmarriage #lifetips
And after few months and this happen

Im super excited at that moment i was wondering how it feel like to become a father , but at that moment my siblings all are boys and no girl in our family tree chart yet , i really hoping for baby girl well if it a boy i still gonna try again for another year on 😜 no worries ,
#ps during scanned session we tell the doctor not to tell us about baby gender we decide its a suprise for us .

And BAAMMM come Phoebe to our life what a great gift to our wholes family !! Here it comes the first female in family , for my wife side she was the first granddaughter and first greatgrandaughter too , and for my side she was first girl grandaughter and niece to my siblings , didnt it feels so great ? LOL .
and here it is our precious lady

  • Phoebe D. Chen

Here our verifications photo !

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Your introduction now , you will need UPVOTES from
@ned @dan @dantheman
Good Luck rain

I tries my best here for you

One upvote coming up


Thank you very much mate . :)


Hey rain
You know, I supporting you n others

cool family!!!


Thank you very much mate :) thanks for the upvote too .