Introduction, Very Excited! — Steemit

Introduction, Very Excited!

Hey everyone! I'm very excited about Steemit but more importantly really looking forward to growing and learning with all you creative people out there.

I usually have 50 projects going on at one time so my brain is all over the place. Gardening, designing circuits, printing crazy things on my 3D printers, being outside, and learning new things are all just the surface of where my interest lie. Basically I love the frustration and wonder when it comes to doing something new. I'm here to learn, share, and make new connections with you crazy folks.

Thanks @jazzyfish and @winstonwolfe for showing me Steemit.

I have a few interesting things to share with you.
Follow Me, maybe...

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Welcome to Steemit @peppernickel :)

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Welcome to steemit. This place is great.

Welcome onboard @peppernickel!

Welcome to Steemit!

A fellow 3d printer enthusiast! Woot! Welcome to the platform!

Welcome to Steem @peppernickel I have sent you a tip

Welcome, @peppernickel! I can totally relate — I also generally have way too many burners going at once. I'm looking forward to seeing some of the crazy things you print on your 3D printer!


Maybe with our crazy minds blogging we'll focus a little more on the important things.

Welcome to the steemit universe!

Welcome @peppernickel^^
I'm following you and upvoted
I'm introducing korea food and culture.
If you interested in this topic, you visit my steemit :) have a good day

Welcome aboard! Follow me at

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Welcome to steemit. You are welcome to look at my post

Welcome to steemit. Get involved and get rewarded at the same time. Great concept which you'll love. Now following you.